Sid (Main Character)


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    Sid (Main Character)

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    Sid started his journey from Mahogony Town, leaving with his Gible in order to achieve his goal to become a Pokémon trainer. However, during his first year as a trainer he wasn’t able to acquire enough badges to enter the Pokémon league. He took this opportunity to get some experience before he once again tried to achieve success in the Johto league and ventured off to Sinnoh, leaving his partner Pokemon behind in Mt. Silver. There he met two new trainers, Mika and Patrick, and the trio headed through the region together. As time progressed Sid developed feelings for his friend Mika, however, the group slowly drifted apart until Sid, Patrick and Mika were on completely different paths. Sid began to travel with an ever expanding group and continued on his quest. However, he received word that his Garchomp was stolen and was being used to cause harm, so he charged forward to save his friend. After rescuing his Garchomp, and having lost contact with his previous group, he met Dan and co. and tagged along with them. While travelling with Dan and co. Sid once again met his friend Mika, who he found out the hard way that he still had feelings for her, but based on the situation, he kept these feelings buried up inside. However, at a certain point, the feelings became too much for him and he let them out, to be reminded that she was with someone else and it couldn’t work. After the league, he returned to Johto to give the league a second shot, with the rest of the gang, and the gang’s new member, Mika. As time progressed, his feelings were returned and the two became inseparable, however this didn’t sit well with everyone as this relationship caused a jealous filled rivalry with their friend Patrick. After that, the gang was off to the OI, and after that Unova.
    Top 8 – Sinnoh League
    Top 8 – Johto League
    Pummelo Island Champion

    Woobat - Sid's first Pokemon caught in the Unova region, and since the fall of Skarmory, Sid's new main Pokemon. It is the embodiment of Sid's Coperative nature, as it is always willing to lend a hand, even originally helping out a gang of Woobat's before it's capture. It is always the cheery member of Sid's team, and seems to lift their spirits

    Snivy - The embodiment of Sid's protectiveness, while on their journey, the gang came across a very untrusting Snivy, who seemed to make it's duty to protect all grass Pokemon from trainers, so when the gang arrived, it along with it's band of Pokemon kidnapped Turtwig and tried to keep them away from it's trainers. However, when Turtwig disagreed with their way of life it made Snivy angry and the Pokemon lashed out, trying to force him to stay. A challenge was issued by Snivy, who stated that the winner of the battle would decide both of their fates, and after a victory on Turtwig's part, Turtwig decided Snivy would go with Sid. Since being introduced into Sid's team, it has become a very powerful and trusted memeber of his team

    At the Lab:
    Skarmory –
    Sid’s second Pokemon, caught on the outskirts of Blackthorn city. He is the embodiment of Sid’s willpower, and will give anything his all, however, he is still level headed, and acts as the leader of all of Sid’s Pokemon. He is the closest Pokemon to Sid, understanding him the best, having been with him the longest, and since the departure of Sid’s Garchomp, has replaced him as Sid’s partner Pokemon

    Feraligatr –
    The embodiment of Sid’s naïve and jealousy, and is as such, one of Sid’s most easily confused Pokemon. Overall, a powerful battler, he was always jealous of the power Magmortor had and has trained his heart out to come close to his fellow Pokemon’s power. Still, despite this, and Magmortor’s constant belittling of Feraligatr, the two Pokemon are fairly good friends, despite Feraligatr’s denial of such. Was caught in Jotho, and brought with Sid to Sinnoh, he became a core member of that team. His time as a Totidile was short lived though, as in Oreburgh, when Mika’s Grotle was stolen he evolved into Croconaw. Later, during Sid’s training session with Ivan to prepare for Garchomp, Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr
    Magmortor –
    The embodiment of Sid’s passion and aggression, and as such is Sid’s most aggressive Pokemon. Caught is Johto, he was brought to Sinnoh to help Sid compete in the league. It had rivalry with Feraligatr, however, this has died down over time, as with Magby’s Power Lens training began to prove very successful, even causing it to evolve into Magmar causing the even power struggle to diminsh. During times of anger and aggression though, Magmortor seems to be able to draw on more power than he normally does, as after being temporarily traded to evolve, this bond was proven where it took out three of Volkner’s team, while three Pokemon of his only managed to take on 1. Magmortor has evolved over time into a powerhouse of Sid’s team, it is even questionable, and plausible, that he is actually as strong as Sid’s partner, Skarmory
    Roserade –
    The embodiment of Sid’s romantic and caring side, and it’s battle style is that more of elegance than that of power, like others. Roserade was caught as a Budew in Sinnoh, right before meeting Mika and Patrick. She sort of acts as the second in command of Sid’s Sinnoh Pokemon, because she is the calm one, who will try to calm Magmortor and Feraligatr when the two of them are in a fight. She is also the most friendly of Sid’s Pokemon. During Sid’s battle with Roark, Budew evolved into Roselia. Sid also brought her along to the Orange Islands, where she still acted as the calm one, and took the reins of leadership, when her, Froslass and Nidoking were separated from Sid, and during this separation, she evolved into Roserade to protect those two from the attack of Team Rocket
    Sandslash –
    The embodiment of Sid’s knowledge. Caught on the outskirts of Jublife city, he travelled from Johto’s Mt. Silver, and went to be a part of his sensei’s old team. His trait sometimes causes him to sometimes look down on the other members of Sid’s team when they don’t understand the situation, but will grudgingly explain it to them. During the Sinnoh league, he evolved in a battle against a trainer and his Lairon, and still displays his knowledge. Sandslash and Skarmory have also been working together for the use of a sandstorm based battle strategy, and out of all of Sid’s Pokemon, Skarmory seems to be the only one he doesn’t look down to
    Sneasel –
    The embodiment of Sid’s cunning and wit, Sneasel uses it’s speed, and a tactic of trickery and agility to defeat it’s enemies. During Sid’s training session with Ivan, Sneasel appeared and used its speed and trickery to take out their Pokemon. However, Sid still managed to catch it, and it joined Sid’s team for the remainder of the region. However, it’s wit causes it to sometimes alter Sid’s battle tactics to it’s own enjoyment.
    Electivire -
    The embodiment of Sid’s Competitive drive, and love for a challenge, and because of these traits was one of his most used Pokemon in Johto. Originally given to him as an egg by Mika, Sid treasured it dearly. During his Time at the league, it hatched from it’s egg and started a sort of friendship/rivalary with Lucas’ Magby. As time progressed, it continued to look for a challenge, and when the opportunity for it arouse when he, Magby and Mika’s Smoochum were taken away from the gang, he stood up and fought with his friends, evolving into Electabuzz in the process. As an Electabuzz, he continued to be a key member of Sid’s team, however, when Sid’s greatest challenge, Patrick, came around, Electabuzz and Sid decided they needed to take things to the next level, and so Electabuzz evolved for said battle, however, even with this extra power it wasn’t enough and it fell to the hands of Patrick’s Shedinja. In The Orange Island, Electivire accompanied Sid, where, it learned to overcome his weakness to Shedinja and learned fire punch
    Nidoking -
    The embodiment of Sid’s companionship. Originally found in Violet City stealing food out of a necessity to feed itself, Sid caught it and it became a loyal member of his team. During his battle with Morty, Nidoran evolved into Nidorino. After this, on their way to Olivine, A wild Nidorina was instantly smitten by him, and was shortly after captured by Mika. After that, while in danger, he was saved by Nidorina and returned her feelings. During Sid’s battle with Jasmine, Nidorino found a Moon Stone and evolved to overcome the power of Jasmine’s Steelix, and proved to be a powerful member of Sid’s team
    Exploud -
    The embodiment of Sid's spontinuity, as originally, it was a quite and reserved Pokemon, upon it's evolution into Loudred it became more outgoing and spontanious. Constantly popping out of it's Pokeball and constantly making it's loud noise, it proved to be a problem at times, however, it also was quite powerful, willing to help, and very outgoing. During the league, Sid used Loudred and it made it's way to Exploud, becoming even louder and more talkative than before, but this itself has proven to be a powerful offence on it's own, thanks to hyper voice
    Hitmontop –
    The embodiment of Sid’s Discipline, Hitmontop was caught as a Tyrouge on the outskirts of Mahogany town, Sid’s home town, while he was travelling through with the gang. Although a very disciplined Pokemon it didn’t have much of a bite. However, that changed, as it quickly evolved into Hitmontop and proved to be a powerful team member, especially with it’s twister attack. However, Hitmontop can’t battle without spinning, so although very disciplined, it often seems like it’s goofing around with it’s constant motions
    Shuckle -
    Shuckle is the embodiment of Sid’s quite side. Shuckle often stayed off by himself and overall was a very stern Pokemon. Given to Sid to prevent Sammy from stealing it, it even kept itself from Sid, however, eventually he opened up enough and has assisted Sid and his team on many occasions
    Froslass -
    Froslass hatched from an egg that Sid received on Christmas Island, as a Froslass It is the embodiment of Sid’s shy side, as it hardly ever speaks and is easily frightened by social interactions, for the longest time it was even afraid of battles in front of large crowds, however it got over that fear and is now willing to fight in front of others, however, the truth is it still has her fear of social interaction

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