Advertising for Professional business - Not allowed


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    Advertising for Professional business - Not allowed

    Post  Jet on Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:45 pm

    Note to any new users, there has been a spread of advertisers getting onto this website and spreading their wears talking about nothing that has to do with the topic at hand. We will be dealing with this problem very seriously, and seeing as how their topics are never on topic of the subheading, we will be..... quicker to delete posts if it is deemed unrelated and IP ban the users that have posted them. Note, feel free to advertise your own forums, heck any fansite (provided it`s appropriate) you like, but, if you post a link to a website I deem untrustworthy out of the blue, the post will be deleted and you will be put on notice, however, we will be leaniant to it, if there is some reason that seems reasonable, or you can explain it to us, if not, or you fail to explain, we will delete it. Note, normal users, this won`t effect you, this is just to avoid any advertisement from..... untrustworthy sites by 1 time users

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