Pokemon Fanfic:Awakening!


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    Pokemon Fanfic:Awakening!

    Post  Lillie~ on Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:32 am

    This is my 3rd fanfic that I've written on fanfiction.net and currently my only non crossover fanfic and it's my only fanfic to take a darker turn than my other humorus fanfics. This fanfic does have a pairing which is Pearlshipping (AshxDawn). This story is based off the Pokemon/Ash Ketchum Coma theory. Well here is it, please read and enjoy what I've written so far!


    Summary: a fanfic from the Ash Ketchum/Pokemon coma theory. Ash wakes up from a coma that happened when Pikachu got hit by that huge lightning bolt and shocked the flock of Spearows that were attacking them. Ash then finds out that everything in his whole Journey, except for his Mom, Professor Oak, Pikachu, Gary, and Misty was a dream made up in his mind when he was in a coma. He then resumes his Pokemon Journey back to the beginning and meets some interesting people. This will have some slight pearlshipping (AshXDawn) though mostly like it was in the tv show.

    I do not own Pokemon or the Coma Theory

    Ash's Point of View

    'This is it.' I thought to myself. 'Just 1 more win and I'll be a Pokemon Master.'
    "Both trainers are down to their last Pokemon." the commentator announced.
    "Ready to finish this battle, Ash?" the champion Alder asked.
    "You bet!" I said. "Pikachu, you're up buddy!" "Pikachu!" Pikachu said and got into a battle stance.
    "Volcarona, I choose you!" Alder yelled and threw a pokeball that revealed Volcarona.
    "Pikachu, start off with quick attack!" I said. Pikachu dashed after Volcarona with amazing speed.
    "Volcarona, bug buzz!" Alder commanded. Volcarona then used bug buzz which cancelled out the quick attack. Both Pokemon got pushed back but were still able to fight.
    "Now Pikachu, use Iron tail!" I yelled. Pikachu's tail then glowed and turned into steel.
    "Volcarona dodge it!" Alder yelled. Volcarona then barely dodged the iron tail attack. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth.
    "Pikachu, use volt tackle!" I yelled. Pikachu's body then glowed yellow and it charged at Volcarona at full speed.
    "Volcarona, flare blitz!" Alder commanded. Both Pokemon ran at each other at full speed and collided. after the smoke cleared, both Pokemon were still eager to fight.
    "Pikachu, are you ok?" I asked.
    "Pika!" Pikachu replied. Alder asked Volcarona the same question. Both Pokemon were fine but both only had enough energy for 1 more attack.
    "Pikachu, let's finish this with thunderbolt!" I yelled.
    "Pika-chu!" Pikachu yelled while releasing its thunderbolt attack.
    "Volcarona, lets finish this up with flamethrower!" Alder yelled. Volcarona then released its flamethrower attack. Both attacks then collided with each other. After the smoke cleared there was 1 Pokemon still standing while the other 1 was knocked out.
    "Volcarona is unable to battle!" the referree announced. "The winner is Pikachu and the victor goes to Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, our newest Pokemon Champion!" I stood their shocked that I won and became a Pokemon Master. All of my friends then came running to me to congratulate me on my victory.
    "Congratulations Ash, you're the new Pokemon Champion." Alder said and we shook hands.
    "Thank you." I said. Pikachu then jumped onto my shoulder and I scratched its chin.
    "Congratulations Ash!" Brock said. "You finally did it." "That was an awsome battle Ash." Cilan and Tracy said together.
    "That was exciting to watch." Max said.
    "Yeah, I can't believe he won." May said.
    "It's about time you became a Pokemon Master." Misty said jokingly.
    "That wasn't bad even if you are just a kid." Iris teased.
    "That was a great battle!" Dawn said as she gave me a high five.
    "Well done." Proffessor oak said.
    "I'm so proud of you, Ash." my mom said.
    "Thank you guys so much." I replied. "Thanks for being there for-." At that moment my head started pounding and I grabbed it with both of my hands and screamed out in pain.
    "Ash what's wrong?" all of my friends and my mom asked.
    "I-I don't know." I said. I started losing conciousness and everything started to become fuzzy. Then everything went dark. After a while, I heard a beeping noise. I slowly opened my eyes and everything was fuzzy at 1st. Then my eyes started to focus and I realized I was in a hospital. I then saw my mom and Proffessor Oak looking at me worried.
    "W-where am I?" I asked. "How did I get here?" "Ash, you're awake!" my mom said as she hugged me while crying. "You're in a hospital in Pallet Town. You've been in a coma for a week now." I looked around slowly for my friends and Pikachu.
    "I've been in a coma for a week?" I asked. Both my mom and Proffessor Oak nodded. "Where are my friends and Pikachu?" "Well Gary is on his Pokemon journey and Pikachu is back at my lab." Proffessor Oak said. I shook my head.
    "I mean where's Misty, Brock, Tracy, May, Max, Iris, Cilan, and Dawn?" I asked. Both my mom and Proffessor Oak just looked at me confused.
    "Ash, I've never heard of them before." my mom said.
    "Wait, what?" I asked.
    "I don't recall you ever having any friends with those names." my mom explained.
    "But how can that be?" I asked. "They were there with you when I became a Pokemon Master!" I yelled. Both of their reactions made my heart sink. They looked at each other with shocked faces then back at me with a sad expression.
    "How can I say this to you?" Proffesor Oak said. "Ah, you must have been dreaming about your journey while you were in a coma." "So you mean I dreamed my whole journey?" I asked starting to freak out.
    "Yes, I'm so sorry." Proffessor Oak said trying to comfort me. I started to cry. Then my mom hugged me for a while to comfort me.
    "Can I see Pikachu?" I asked after a while.
    "Sure, we'll bring hin here tomorrow when you begin your rehabilitation." Proffessor Oak said.
    "Ok." I said. "Oh and 1 more thing. Who found me and brought me here?" I asked.
    "A girl named Misty." my mom said. "She said that you took her bike trying to get away from a flock of Spearow then she found both you and Pikachu unconscious." It then hit me. I've been dreaming my whole journey since the Spearow attack on the 1st day of my journey.

    What do you think? R&R please!

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    Re: Pokemon Fanfic:Awakening!

    Post  Jet on Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:45 pm

    Overall, it was an interesting start, and to be honest, sorta would have liked to see that as a one shot.... just my personal preference, but if you have a plan for it you have a plan for it, however, will I did find it enjoyable enough to read the second chapter, there are nitpicks, take into account these are nitpicks and really don't effect my opinion, just feel like they should be brought up

    "Said" being a common word, a really common word, coming up many times, a few too many for my personal taste, maybe some similar words may have had a stronger impact than the 5th "said" while words like "yell" grabbed my attention more
    The other was the list of characters he mentions, he mentions Misty, then a bit later his mom admits having met said girl. I realize the cluster may have attributed to it, but it sorta seems like a nitpickable point

    Again, despite this it was an interesting (Yet odd imo) premise which might lead to a great story, so I will await for another chapter

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    Re: Pokemon Fanfic:Awakening!

    Post  Lillie~ on Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:53 am

    Jet wrote:Overall, it was an interesting start, and to be honest, sorta would have liked to see that as a one shot.... just my personal preference, but if you have a plan for it you have a plan for it, however, will I did find it enjoyable enough to read the second chapter, there are nitpicks, take into account these are nitpicks and really don't effect my opinion, just feel like they should be brought up

    "Said" being a common word, a really common word, coming up many times, a few too many for my personal taste, maybe some similar words may have had a stronger impact than the 5th "said" while words like "yell" grabbed my attention more
    The other was the list of characters he mentions, he mentions Misty, then a bit later his mom admits having met said girl. I realize the cluster may have attributed to it, but it sorta seems like a nitpickable point

    Again, despite this it was an interesting (Yet odd imo) premise which might lead to a great story, so I will await for another chapter

    Thanks for the review! I'll try to fix the nitpicks when I bring the next chapters from my fanfiction account, if I can remember.

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    Re: Pokemon Fanfic:Awakening!

    Post  Lillie~ on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:30 am

    Ok here's the 1st Chapter, straight from my fanfiction.net account.

    Chapter 1

    I do not own Pokemon or the Pokemon Coma Theory.

    Last time

    Ash defeated the Pokemon Champion Alder and became a Pokemon Master then became unconscious. When Ash woke up he found out that he dreamed his entire Pokemon journey since the Spearow attack.

    Ash's point of view

    A couple of months had passed since I woke up from my coma. I was reunited with my Pikachu and I worked really hard to get healthy. I was allowed to go back home after a couple of months. Then I decided to resume my Pokemon training so that I can become a Pokemon Master. Mom was first against it with me leaving so soon but then I convinced her that I wanted to thank the girl that found me, Misty while I traveled on my journey. She then agreed to let me go. So here I am getting ready to leave Pallet Town with Pikachu by my side.

    "Ready to go Pikachu?" I asked.

    "Pika!" Pikachu answered ready for our new journey.

    "Bye mom, I'll call you when I get to Viridian City!" I said. My mom then hugged me and said good-bye to me how she always does.

    "Now Ash remember to change your you-know-whats every day!" she yelled at me while I started to leave my house. I sweatdropped from embarresment.

    "I know mom, no need to worry!" I said. I then left to go to Professor Oak's Lab to pick up my Pokeballs and Pokedex that I had before my coma incident. After I picked up my Pokeballs and Pokedex, I left Professor Oak's Lab and walked to the edge of town. 'It feels kind of eerie here.' I thought to myself as I walked into route 1. "I hope those Spearow won't come after us again." I said to Pikachu feeling a little scared as we walked deeper into route 1.

    "Pikachu." Pikachu said trying to comfort me.

    "Thanks Pikachu." I said.

    We walked a little further until we came to the to the spot where we first met Misty.

    'That felt like so long ago.' I though to myself remembering my long dream about my journey and that we only met Misty a few months ago in reality. We then continued to walk down the road until we came to the place where I fell into my coma. It felt really odd just looking at the place where I fell into a coma a few months ago. After a few more minutes of staring, I decided to keep walking towards Viridian City. After a few minutes of walking, I heard a noise that made me panic.

    "Spearow!" a bunch of the bird creatures flying around us said.

    "Run, Pikachu!" I said as I started to run away from the big flock of Spearow that was chasing us again. This scene reminded me of the beginning of my journey. "I'm not going to go into a coma again!" I said as Pikachu and I continued to run. I then decided to pick up Pikachu to protect if from the Spearows. "Pikachu, jump onto my shoulder, I'll keep you safe!" I said as we continued to run.

    "Pika." Pikachu said and jumped onto my shoulder. I then held Pikachu close to me so that the Spearows couldn't attack it as we kept running.

    We then came to another clearing that was along this route. While I was running, some more Spearows decided to chase after us. I didn't know how I was going to get out of this one without anything bad happening to either Pikachu or me. Just then I heard a familiar voice.

    "Piplup, use bubblebeam!" the voice said and a beam of bubbles collided into the flock of Spearows. I looked around and saw a familiar blue haired girl with a Piplup trying to distract the Spearows.

    'She looks just like Dawn' I thought to myself as I ran by her.

    "Quick follow me." the blue haired girl said and she led me to some bushes that we hid underneath. We hid for a while until the Spearows decided to give up on looking for us and left back to their nests.

    "Thanks Dawn." I said without think and realized that her name might not even be Dawn.

    "You're welcome." Dawn said then asked me, "How do you know my name?"

    "I guess you look like a Dawn." I said blushing from embarressment.

    "Oh." Dawn said. "What's your name and why were those Spearow chasing after you?" Dawn asked me.

    "I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town." I said. "The reason those Spearow were chasing me is because I tried to capture one a few months ago thinking it was a Pidgey and I threw a rock at it and hit it on the head. The Spearow then tried to attack me and my Pikachu and called its whole flock to chase after us. I guess they still remember us so they chased after us again."

    "Oh, I see." Dawn said. "Weren't you that new trainer that fell into a coma from a Spearow attack? There were some news reports about it where a kid from Pallet Town got attacked by a flock of Wild Spearow around this route a few months ago."

    "Yeah, that was me." I said blushing from embarressment again.

    "So, your mom let you go back on your journey even after that?" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah, I convinced her to let me go so that I can thank the person who found me properly." I said. "I also plan to challenge the Pokemon gyms in Kanto and become a Pokemon Master! How about you? Are you going to take on the Pokemon gyms too?" I asked.

    "Actually, I want to do Pokemon Contests and become a Top Coordinator!" Dawn said enthusiastically.

    'She acts exactly the same as she did in my dream.' I thought as I looked at her. 'If she is here and acts exactly the same as she did in my dream, then all of my other friends must be the same also.' I thought hopefully.

    "Ash, are you ok?" Dawn asked. I looked up to notice her looking at me.

    "I'm fine, no need to worry." I said blushing a little. She then smiled at me, then a thought crossed my mind. "Hey Dawn, would you like to travel around the Kanto region with me while you do your contests and while I compete in gym battles?" I asked.

    "Sure." Dawn said. "It sounds like fun, plus you need someone with you just in case those Spearow attack you again." She teased. I then started blushing again from embarressment and I sweat dropped. Dawn must have noticed that so she said, "Hey no need to worry, I was only joking."

    "That's ok." I said as we started walking towards Pewter City.

    "So, where are we going first?" Dawn asked.

    "I think we should go to Pewter City first for my gym battle then find the closest contest hall for your contest." I said. "I think we got to go through the Viridian Forest first though."

    "Ok. That's fine with me." Dawn said as we entered Viridian City.

    "We should stop at the Pokemon Center first so that I can call my mom and tell her that I reached Viridian City safely before she starts worrying that something happened to me again." I said. "Then we could rest in the Pokemon Center tonight then leave for the the Viridian Forest tomorrow."

    "That sounds like a good idea." Dawn said.

    "Hey Dawn, where are you from?" I suddenly asked as we walked towards the Pokemon Center.

    "I'm from Twinleaf Town in the Sinnoh Region. Why do you ask?" Dawn asked.

    "I'm wondering why you're here instead of trying out contests in your home region?" I asked.

    "Some of my friends and rivals decided to try the Kanto region first so I decided to follow them." Dawn said.

    "I see." I said. "Is Piplup your only Pokemon you have right now?" I asked.

    "Yeah." Dawn answered. "Is Pikachu your only Pokemon?"

    "Yeah, but I'll get some more soon." I said. We entered the Pokemon Center and rented a room for the both of us. Then I went to go call my mom to tell her that I made it to Viridian City. "Hi mom." I said. "I made it to Viridian City."

    "So you finally made it to Viridian City?" my mom asked. "I was worried sick about you."

    "Hey no need to worry." I said. "I'll be fine and plus I'm traveling with a someone."

    "Really?" my mom asked. "Who is it?"

    "This girl named Dawn." I said. "I met her on route 1."

    "Wasn't someone named Dawn one of your friends you mentioned in your dream?" my mom asked.

    "Yeah." I said. 'She looks and acts exactly like the Dawn from my dream.' I thought. "I'll go and get her so that you two can meet. I'll be right back."

    "Ok, I'll wait here for you." my mom said. I then went to get Dawn so that she can meet my mom. We both then went up to the phone.

    "Hi mom, I'm back." I said. "I brought Dawn with me."

    "Nice to meet you Dawn." my mom said.

    "It's nice to meet you too Mrs. Ketchum." Dawn said. "And no need to worry, I'll make sure your son is safe." She then winked at my mom. I then sweat dropped.

    "That's good to hear." my mom said. "Well I got to go so you two take care of yourselves."

    "We will mom." I said.

    "Oh and Ash?" my mom asked.

    "Yeah?" I asked.

    "Don't forget to change your you-know-whats every day." my mom said. I then sweat dropped again.

    "Mom!" I said.

    "Bye Mrs. Ketchum." Dawn said.

    "Bye Dawn. Bye Ash." my mom said. "I love you."

    "I love you too mom." I said. "Bye." I then hung up the phone and walked back to my room with Dawn. We then went to sleep to get ready to travel through the Viridian Forest tomorrow.

    Normal point of view

    Ash awoke the next morning getting ready to go through the Viridian Forest. Dawn is fixing her hair and and getting ready to go also. As soon as both of them finished getting ready, they start to head towards the Viridian Forest.

    "Are you ready to go?" Ash asked Dawn.

    "No need to worry." Dawn said. "I'm ready." Ash and Dawn then walked out of the Pokemon Center and left Viridian City and then entered into the Viridian Forest.

    Next Time

    Ash and Dawn capture some Pokemon in the Viridian Forest and they both have their first battles passing through the Viridian Forest to their destination, Pewter City for Ash's first official gym battle.

    Which Pokemon should I have Ash and Dawn capture? Please R&R!

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    Re: Pokemon Fanfic:Awakening!

    Post  DustyPumpkin on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:31 pm

    That was good!

    Ash should capture the pokemon in his "dream" while Dawn sould capture a Nidoran(F)

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    Chapter 2

    Post  Lillie~ on Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:34 am

    Chapter 2

    I do not own Pokémon or the Coma Theory

    Last time:

    Ash restarted his Pokémon journey from where he left off. Ash estarted his journey, he was chased by a flock of Spearow again, but Dawn, one of Ash's friends from his dream, saved him from the Spearows. Ash and Dawn then decided to travel together to enter The Pokémon gyms and contests. The duo then made it into Viridian City and decided to head out into the Viridian Forest the next morning.

    "I hope we don't get lost in here." Dawn said as Ash and Dawn entered the Viridian Forest.

    "No need to worry, Dawn." Ash said. "We'll get through the Viridian forest." The duo then continued walking down the path deeper into the Viridian Forest. "I wonder what types of Pokémon there are in here." Ash said looking around.

    "Well hopefully there's no Spearows here." Dawn said. Ash nodded his head in agreement. Hours passed by as they continued to travel deeper and deeper into the Viridian Forest and there was no sight of any Pokémon yet. After a while the duo came to a familiar looking part in the forest. "I think we're lost." Dawn said.

    "We're not lost." Ash said. "We just don't know where we are." Dawn held in her urge to yell at Ash and tried to keep a straight face. They then walked down another path.

    "Maybe we should find someone to help us get out of here." Dawn said starting to get a little worried.

    "Don't worry Dawn." Ash said. "We'll find our way out eventually." The duo then heard something rustling in the grass a few feet ahead of them.

    "W-what's that?" Dawn asked starting to get scared and hid behind Ash.

    "Maybe it was the wind." Ash said trying to hide that he was scared too. The grass rustled again and the duo saw it move around.

    "I don't think it was the wind this time Ash." Dawn said. The two of them walked slowly towards the rustling grass. When they were finally near enough to the rustling grass, a green Caterpie popped out. "What Pokémon is that?" Dawn asked.

    "It looks like a Caterpie." Ash said and took out his pokedex to make sure. "I think I'll catch it." Ash then said after the pokedex recorded its entry. 'This reminds me of the time I caught a Caterpie in my dream.' Ash though. "Go Pikachu!"

    "Pika." Pikachu said.

    "Pikachu thundershock." Ash said.

    "Pika-chu!" Pikachu said shocking the Caterpie and knocking it out.

    "That was easy." Ash said while both he and Dawn sweat dropped. "Go Pokeball!" Ash said as he threw a pokeball. The Pokeball then shook and clicked to confirm the capture. "I did it!" Ash then yelled. "I caught a Caterpie!" Ash then yelled and did a victory dance. When he looked at Dawn and Pikachu, they both were sweatdropping. "Sorry, I just got excited because it was my first Pokémon capture."

    "Oh ok." Dawn said.

    "Chu." Pikachu said. The duo then continued walking down the path trying to find their way out of the forest.

    "I wonder how far we are from the exit." Ash said.

    "I hope we're close." Dawn said. They then continued walking for a few more hours and they were still nowhere near the exit. They then sighed and decided to set up camp for the night.

    "We should at least stop for the night to eat and get some rest." Ash said. "We'll need a lot of energy tomorrow if we're ever going to find the exit out of this forest.

    "Yeah, I guess you're right." Dawn agreed then sighed. "I just don't like camping out in the woods and there is no bathroom."

    "It's not that bad Dawn." Ash said remembering the many times he camped out in his dream. Dawn then sighed again.

    "I guess you're right." Dawn said.

    "Besides look at the Moon and all of the stars." Ash said pointing up to the starry sky. Dawn then looked up.

    "I've never seen so many stars." Dawn said forgetting about camping out during the night. "It looks beautiful."

    "Yeah." Ash agreed. The two then continued talking while looking up at the starry sky. They then decided to eat a light snack before going to sleep since it was too late to eat a big dinner. After Ash and Dawn finished eating they decided it was time to go to sleep. "Good night Dawn." Ash said.

    "Good night Ash." Dawn said. The two were staring straight up towards the night sky for a while.

    "Hey, Ash?" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah, what is it Dawn?" Ash asked.

    "Can you help me catch a Pokémon?" Dawn asked. "I've never done it before and you looked like a real pro out there." Ash then sweat dropped.

    "No need to worry, I'll help you." Ash said.

    "Thank you Ash." Dawn said.

    "No need to thank me, Dawn." Ash said as he turned to look at Dawn. "We should probably get some sleep for tomorrow."

    "Alright, good night Ash." Dawn said.

    "Good night Dawn." Ash said to Dawn as they both started to go to sleep.

    Ash's Point of View in Ash's dream

    "Huh, where am I?" I asked looking around. I found myself in a big stadium that looked familiar. I then saw a few of my friends from my dream.

    "Ash, are you ok?" a familiar squinty eyed man named Brock asked.

    "Brock?" I asked. "How are you here? I thought you were just someone I made up in my mind."

    "Ash, are you sure you're ok?" Brock asked me.

    "Yeah, I'm fine." I said. "But all of you are made up in my mind." I said again.

    "He doesn't seem fine to me." Misty said. "He's saying that we're all made up. That match against the Champion Alder must have taken a toll on him."

    "Guy's I'm fine-." I started then realized what Misty just said. "Wait, I'm back at the Unova League?" I asked. All of my friends nodded looking concerned for me. 'This must be another dream.' I thought to myself. 'Ash wake up, you're sleeping in the Viridian Forest with Dawn and Pikachu.' I then thought, starting to get scared that I might be in another coma.

    "Ash, are you ok?" Dawn asked looking really concerned almost in tears.

    Ash's Point of View Real World

    "Ash, are you ok?" Dawn asked me while shaking me awake looking concerned almost in tears.

    "Huh, what is it Dawn?" I asked looking at both Dawn and Pikachu who had worried looks on their faces.

    "You were talking in your sleep. You said something about something about being made in your mind and that it was all a dream." Dawn said.

    "No need to worry, Dawn." I said. "It was just a dream. I'll tell you about it in the morning."

    "Ok." Dawn said still looking worried.

    Normal Point of View

    Dawn then went back to her sleeping bag and fell back to sleep. Ash was thinking about the dream he just had.

    "What does this mean?" Ash asked himself. "I'm not in a coma anymore so why did I have that dream again."

    "Pika-chu?" Pikachu asked looking concerned.

    "Don't worry Pikachu. We'll talk about it in the morning." Ash said.

    "Chu." Pikachu said and went to sleep. In the morning, Ash, Pikachu, and Dawn packed their sleeping bags and ate before they started to travel through the Viridian Forest again.

    "What was that dream you had about last night?" Dawn asked still looking a little worried as they finished eating.

    "Well when I was in a coma, I had this dream about my Pokémon journey. I made up a few friends in my mind and when I woke up from my coma I found out that they were all made up." Ash said.

    "Oh I see. Is that what you were dreaming about last night?" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah." Ash said. "You know it's kind of weird, because you were one my friends in my dream that I made up in my mind." Dawn then looked at Ash, shocked.

    "But, we just met, how was I in your dream?" Dawn asked.

    "I honestly have no idea." Ash said. "If you exist though maybe my other friends from my dream exist also."

    "You think so?" Dawn asked.

    "Well maybe." Ash said. "I know that one of my friends exist for sure, besides you, since I ran into her before I went into my coma."

    "Ok. You think we might see them?" Dawn asked.

    "Maybe." Ash said. As the two were walking a wild Pokémon jumped out of the grass.

    "What's that?" Dawn asked.

    "It looks like a Buneary." Ash said. Dawn then pulled out her pokedex and recorded Buneary's pokedex entry.

    "I think I'll try to catch this one, Ash." Dawn said. "It's so cute! What do I do first?"

    "Well I would send out your Piplup." Ash said.

    "Ok. Piplup, Spotlight!" Dawn said as she threw her pokeball and Piplup popped out of it.

    "Now I would order Piplup to use an attack." Ash said.

    "Ok. Piplup use bubblebeam!" Dawn said. Piplup shot a beam of bubbles that hit Buneary. Buneary then decided to use dizzy punch.

    "Dawn don't let those dizzy punches hit Piplup. It could confuse it." Ash said.

    "Ok. Piplup dodge it quick!" Dawn said. Piplup just got out of the way of the dizzy punches. "Ok Piplup use peck!" Dawn said. Piplup then ran at Buneary using peck. Buneary then dodged it and used bounce knocking Piplup back. "Piplup no!" Dawn said. "Piplup was still able to fight though.

    "Piplup!" Piplup said ready for its next command.

    "Ok, Piplup use whirlpool!" Dawn said. Piplup then threw a vortex of water at Buneary and hit it directly knocking it out.

    "Ok, Dawn now throw a Pokeball!" Ash said.

    "Ok. Go Pokeball!" Dawn said as she threw a pokeball at Buneary. The pokeball then shook and clicked to confirm the capture. Dawn then picked up the pokeball. "I just caught a Buneary!" Dawn yelled as she imitated Ash and did a victory dance.

    "Good job Dawn." Ash said.

    "Pikachu." Pikachu said.

    "Thanks Ash and Pikachu." Dawn said as they started walking through the Viridian Forest again.

    After walking around for a while Ash, Dawn, and Pikachu then decided to take a break. While they were taking a break, a Pidgeotto swooped into the tall grass that was nearby.

    "Was that a Pidgeotto?" Ash asked.

    "I think so." Dawn said as they both took out their pokedexs and recorded Pidgeotto's entry.

    "I think I'll catch this one." Ash said. 'This is just getting too weird.' Ash thought. "Pikachu use thundershock on Pidgeotto." Ash said. Pidgeotto turned to look at Ash, Dawn, and Pikachu right before Pikachu zapped and paralyzed it. Pidgeotto used gust even though it was paralyzed. "Pikachu dodge it then use quick attack!" ash said. Pikachu then dodged the gust attack and hit Pidgeotto with a quick attack. Ash then decided to throw a pokeball. "Go Pokeball!" Ash said. Ash then threw the pokeball and Pidgeotto got sucked into it. The pokeball then shook and clicked to confirm its capture. "I caught a Pidgeotto!" Ash said and did his victory dance.

    "Good job Ash." Dawn said and gave Ash a high five.

    "Thanks Dawn." Ash said. Ash and Dawn then continued on their way for a while but were stopped right by the exit of the Viridian forest.

    "I can't believe we made it." Dawn said exhausted.

    "Yeah me too." Ash said. "Let's go to-."

    "Hold it right there!" a voice said. Ash, Dawn, and Pikachu turned around to see someone standing behind them. The person was dressed in a bug catcher's clothing and was carrying a bug catcher's net.

    "Who are you?" ash and Dawn asked.

    "My name is Will and I am a bug catcher. You guys are Pokémon Trainers right?" Will asked.

    "Well actually I'm a trainer and my friend is a Pokémon Coordinator." Ash said.

    "I see." Will said. "I want to challenge you to a Pokémon battle. What are your names?"

    "I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town." Ash said.

    "Pikachu." Pikachu said.

    "I'm Dawn from Twinleaf Town." Dawn said.

    "It's nice to meet you Ash and Dawn." Will said. "Ash our match will be a one on one battle. Are you ready?"

    "Yeah, let's go." Ash said.

    "Weedle, I choose you!" Will said and threw a pokeball. Weedle then popped out.

    "A Weedle." Ash said as he took out his pokedex and recorded Weedle's entry.

    "Pidgeotto, I choose you!" Ash said as he turned his hat backwards and threw a pokeball. Pidgeotto then popped out and flew up into the air.

    "Weedle let's begin with poison sting." Will said.

    "Pidgeotto, dodge it!" Ash said. Weedle shot its poison sting at Pidgeotto but Pidgeotto easily dodged it. "Pidgeotto quick attack!" Ash said. Pidgeotto then flew into Weedle at a fast speed. Weedle was still able to fight as it skidded backwards from the attack.

    "Weedle use string shot!" Will said. Weedle then shot string at Pidgeotto and covered Pidgeotto with it.

    "Pidgeotto try and counter it with gust!" Ash said. Pidgeotto then flapped its wings and countered the string shot covering Weedle with it. "Now let's finish it off, use gust!" Pidgeotto then hit Weedle with a powerful gust attack and Weedle fell down unconscious. "Alright, I won!" ash said.

    "Congratulations Ash." Will said. "Thank you for the battle. I must go now. May we meet again someday. Bye."

    "See ya!" Ash said. "I hope we meet again someday too!"

    "Bye!" Dawn yelled.

    "Pika!" Pikachu yelled. After Ash's battle with will, Ash, Dawn and Pikachu started walking towards the exit of the Viridian Forest. After a while of walking Ash and Dawn finally reached the exit.

    "Finally, we're out of the Viridian Forest!" Dawn said relieved.

    "Yeah." Ash said. "We're almost in Pewter City." They continued walking and made it to the city limits of Pewter City. "Well here it is, Pewter City." Ash said.

    "This is where your first gym battle and my first Pokémon contest is at." Dawn said.

    "Yeah, I can't wait!" Ash said.

    "Me too!" Dawn said. They both started running towards the Pewter City Pokémon Center.

    Next Time:

    Dawn captures a Pokémon, Ash's first gym battle, and Dawn's first Pokémon Contest. Ash will meet a familiar face in the next chapter. Just who is it?

    Who do you think will appear in the next chapter? I think it's kind of obvious.

    R&R please!

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