Lucas (Main Character for Another Journey)


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    Lucas (Main Character for Another Journey)

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    Lucas; Lucas is a young yet tall boy from the sunny city of Sunnyshore, He keeps a secret that he tells to no-one but his closest friends and family, This secret, Is the ability to use PSI, Though he would never use it for harmful purposes, He's found a use for it in his specialty, cooking, Which apparently, gives it that special "Zing".
    He looks up to Daniel and Amy(Theorectically, since he towers them.) and admires Sid's confidence, He enoys cooking and sharing recipes with Ashley, He enjoys Jack company as he reminds him of his lilttle sister, Kate and while him and Mika don't talk as much as they should, they get along great.

    Pokemon on Hand;

    Lucas's main pokemon, Bonsly is brave, cunning, intelligent and, when he wants to be mischivous, even to Lucas!
    He has a deep bond with Lucas and rarly leaves his side and even more rarly goes into his pokeball when he does go in though it's guaranteed he'll come out complaining, he mostly forgets he's a rock pokemon and therefore, weighs alot so when he tackles Lucas, it definaltly hurts, It alwas looks like Lucas carries Bonsly, but really, he's just lifting him with PSI.

    When Wartortle was a Squirtle, he originally had a diffrent trainer, but due to unfortunate events, this trainer could never start his journey, ever, Squirtle became upset by this and allways cleaned his old masters room so it stayed the same, until Lucas arrived and was asked for help by a mysterious ghost butler, Wartortle now enjoys his new family and won't tolerate anyway who trys to split them apart, He evolve when fighting a mysterious Lucas, Look-a-like, which turned out to be Zorua.

    An extremly Michivous pokemon with a good heart, he's worried about his mama who he lost when he got chased onto a plane, he wears special sunglasses that he stole from a store when he was pretending to be Lucas, they seem to have been paid for now though.

    Pokemon at Home

    Steelix was first found rampaging in a cavern, Terrorizing pokemon, this was'nt cause he's a mean pokemon, in fact, he's very gentle for a Steelix, Steelix constantly went on rampages from the awfull noises going around him when he tried to sleep, A pure powerhouse and a pokemon that would'nt like to be awoken from a nap, Daniel's Poliwhirl has it in for him, Being on of the pokemon he acidentally terrorised and Poliwhirl refuses to make peace with him because of that, Steelix realises this and has now promised himself to be the best rival ever.

    The first Powerhouse of Lucas's team, He Never lost a battle in the wild as a Machop, But then Lucas came along with his Budew and captured him, He nver regrtted it afterward though, Since Lucas is a main character, Weird and Tough opponents were sure to come, which they did, He evolved against Maylene and her Machoke, He's very proud of his power, after a battle with Byron and his Bastiodon, who managed to remove his belt, Machoke became a giant tower of muscles, which from his perspective was a frightening experience and developed Pyrophobia as a result.

    A naive and....airheaded pokemon caught at the vally windworks, Driftblim's always asking the simpliest of questions...From Lucas's hearing anyway, Driftblim is a powerful pokemon and she enjoy's giving people rides through the air.

    Abomasnow was caught caught as a Snover, having fallen from Mt Coronet due to an Avalanche, Lucas was quick to use his PSI Powers to get him to a pokemon centre, Snover then offered to join Lucas's team, He evolved while protecting Candice's Snover who he was(and still is) smitten with.

    Qwilifish issweet pokemon that always does her best in battles, Unfortunatly for Trainers and Male Pokemon shes always looking for a boyfriend and she's currently fixated on Lucas wo saved her from a dangerous stream but it won't be long before she's onto the next pokemon/trainer.

    Spiritomb is rambusious pokemon who's always looking for her one true love, she'll even flirt in the middle of battle which at times can be useful, but most the time, it is'nt...Se's recently become friends with Lucas's Qwilfish as they both are looking for boyfriends.

    Lickilicky was captured in Johto's newly built Safari Zone, He went around as a Lickitung tasting everyone, from Katie to Ashley, From what Lucas hears Lickilicky puts french phrases in his sentances.

    Ariados was given to Lucas an an Egg, When he hatched Lucas was'nt so fond of him due to having a fear of spiders, But he evntually grew close to him, He evolved while battling a Treecko, which Lucas soon caught, Despite how diffrent they are, Ariados thinks of Magmar as a little brother, due to also hatching from an egg given to Lucas.

    Lucas's first Johto shy and unsure of himself he always did his best to help Lucas in battle, he evolved in a triple battle against Lucas, Daniel and Sid against their rivals, He evolved at the smae time as Daniel's Pineco, but even after evolving his personality has'nt changed much.

    Undeniably Lucas's most brave pokemon, Recived as an egg from Volkner, His first battle was in the Pokemon Leauge(A Trick of Bonsly's) where he proved to incedibly strong for his age, He evolved along with Sid's Electabuzz and Mika's Smoochum in a battle against some Team Galactics. Sid's Elctabuzz is also his best friend.

    Meowth is a polite pokemon of few words, He used to help a young girl named Hina recover from her sickness, but after she recovered and rescued him from a visous bandit, he wanted an adventure, Hina being too young, She did then next best thing and gave him to Lucas, His favorite shine is the shine in people's eyes when they get happy.

    Pokemon used to be the commander of an island of pokemon who thought humans were evil, but after seeing the close bond between Lucas and Bonsly he saw the love humans could give and cried his heart out to Lucas, who then offered Cubone to become a friend and partner, Cubone gleefully accepted. Due to Cubone's upbringing as a near king, He's very spoiled and short tempepered, but inside he's has a heart of gold.

    As a Treecko, her capture that happened right outside Johto's Silver confrence!
    A powerful pokemon that even knows Dragonbreath!!!
    She's very tomboyish and prefers not to listen to orders, she'll get along with anyone she likes, hopefully one day in the future she'll listen to Lucas....hopefully..

    One of Daniel's Arcanine's many pups, Growlithe is loyal, active and fluffy, He looks up a great deal to his father and aspires to be like him, He appers to enjoy various fruits and vegatables, though he'll become very confused around Tomatoes, He was caught in a special friend ball, give to Lucas by Kurt.

    A rather crazy pokemon, enjoys spinning about so much, he knows Rapis Spin, A move not normally kown by Spinda's!
    Everyone this pokemon meets, finds it odd, Lucas's dosen't really understand it himslef, he's not even sure of Spinda's gender.

    A battle thirsty pokemon, she loves fighting until she can't fight anymore, Despite their speices, she seems to have taken a "special" shine to Daniel's Zangoose, staying at Oak's so she can constantly battle him, now she is at Juniper's lab, still fighting him.

    A tough pokemon who enjoys nothing more than bulking up and increasing in mass, he has a hearable brooklyn accent, even to people who don' have PSI powers, he enjoys trying new foods and he gets along well with Lucas's Lickitung.

    A slow pokemon, trying to catch up with the world that left her behind, she's a leech battler with moves like Leech Life, Leech Seed and Toxic, She slowly takes away the opponents life, she just enjoys swaying to music.

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