Old Fuebarasu - Tunik's darkest secret (Fanfiction)


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    Old Fuebarasu - Tunik's darkest secret (Fanfiction)

    Post  Jet on Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:05 pm

    Well, I got a comment a little while ago about not doing one, so I figured I'd give a short chapter one a try, basically being a backstory to some of the characters of Tunik

    Chapter 1: Motion Control

    DICE Institute of Study, Basement Biological Research wing

    Four scientist stood around an operating table looking down at a three fingered arm, with two light spheres, one at the base of the hand and another one at the end, surrounded by computers to one side and a few other tables with a mishmash of parts on them

    “It’s a shame….” The oldest one of the group said, looking down at the arm “Your synthetic tissue was not accepted by Seismitoad’s system”

    “Dr. Sampson, that’s why we came up with the contingency plan, isn’t it?” One of the students said, him, like the rest of them were wearing their lab coats, his red framed glasses and blue eyes where hidden by his blond hair

    “Yes yes, Allan” Dr. Sampson admitted “That’s why all three of you are doctorate students”

    Allan looked to the other guy in the group, a man with long teal hair tied up in a ponytail, as the duo walked over to another table and picked up a small mechanical device, an orb attached to a long spikey cord, as the two took the cord and dug the sharp points into the artificial arm

    “To think that you three students were capable of making all of this, the ability not just to create synthetic tissue for creatures who have lost the ability to use what they have, but the ability to literally control this tissue” Dr. Sampson congratulated looking at the three students “Amazing job Allan, Basillie and Ryutaro”

    “No praise yet Doc” Allan rejected “Let’s wait to make sure it works before we rejoice, and if it does the next part begins”

    “True, unfortunately since his body won’t naturally accept the tissue” the only girl of the three, Basillie, a Brunette with hair that reached to her shoulders wearing round black glasses, started to explain “We are going to have to have to figure out how to attach the transceiver to Seismitoad’s brain so it has control over the arm

    Allan went over to the computers and started to mess around with one of them “Alright Doc, ready to send the signal on your mark” Allan said

    “Begin!” The Doctor commanded, and Allan began to punch in commands into the machine.

    On the arm, the orb of the machine turned on, as a red light appeared, the cord itself began to twitch, however, in the arm itself there was no movement. The four of them watched on, but seeing as how there was no response from the machine, Allan went back to the computer, changing the signal being sent, making it a stronger signal, and the orb on the arm started to shine a bright green. The arm then had some movement, as the arm slowly started to move into position

    “It… worked” Ryutaro let out astonished “Amazing….”

    “Oh come on Ryu, I am the expert in robotics, of course it works, machines are what I make” Allan retorted “This isn’t a real test of what this thing is capable of” Allan then went back to plugging information into the computer as the arm flexed on the table “see, complete control” the arm then unrolled itself, laying hands down on the table

    “That’s enough for today” Dr. Sampson ordered “Shut it down, the arm has been out long enough, much longer and we are going to start to see detrition

    “Ok boss” Allan accepted, shutting down the arm, as the green light shut off and the arm itself became completely limp

    The group took a cloth and covered the arm, and began to walk down the hall with the table.

    “Alright, I know you guys don’t like to hear this” Dr. Sampson admitted “But that was amazing work” the grey haired man congratulated “You have no idea the capabilities of these devices, even if we didn’t get the desired result yet, there is still so much that can be done with what was accomplished with the work you have finished up until now alone” he admitted, as they came in view of a big silvery door, he opened the door for them as the cold air rushed out of the room

    “I never get use to that freezer….” Allan stated

    “Me neither, the freezing temperature always startles me” agreed Basillie

    “You two really got to get better at dealing with the cold” Ryutaro mocked, wheeling the table in, the group leaving the freezer it being shut

    “Well, it’s quitting time…” Dr. Sampson muttered “You three all have a good day, and remember, amazing work out there” the man finished leaving them in the basement

    “Man that man is a genius” Allan praised the second Dr. Sampson was out of earshot “You know what we are doing? You realize as a group what we did with his guidance? We literally made a realistic puppet! Using the genetic coding of a Pokemon, we modified and created tissue that we can control!”

    “And more importantly, what we are so close to the near impossible… regenerate bodies, to replace any injured parts imaginable, we only have to make the brain accept the tissue and we will literally be able to stop aging!” Ryutaro excitedly said

    “Ryutaro…. No, we aren’t that close…. The muscle is nothing, it is not attached to the brain, and we can never make it, correct Allan?” Basillie said looking at him

    “Unfortunately, that is correct…. Even if we can let them control it, it won’t solve much, it will basically be a remote control they can control with their brain, however, Basillie’s research into the brain, heck, all the research into the brain, Pokemon and Human, has not produced enough detail to risk the attaching of the device to the brain, plus, you are asking to convert brain signals to digital code, I don’t have the capacity to do that…” Allan explained

    “Oh…” Ryutaro disappointedly sighed “Then I guess this is the end of our research”

    “Maybe the old boss man has something in store, he is pretty good at working with what he has, anyway, it’s time to celebrate, we have accomplished something others have never been able to do before” Allan said “Come on, Jouki, we are all going to main street, you included” Allan said leading the group to the door of the institute,

    “I told you, never call me by my last name, it’s Ryu!” he retorted chasing after him

    “Hey, wait up!” Basillie screamed chasing after them

    “Alright, tonight is the time to celebrate, we should let them have some fun too” Allan suggested

    “Who put you in charge?” Ryutaro questioned

    “Like you’d have a different idea fearless leader” Allan teased “I bet even Vigoroth would
    agree with me” Allan taunted sending out his Pokemon

    “Maybe so, but we all know we’re in charge” Ryutaro said, sending out his Druddigon “We can take you out In our sleep”

    “Always focusing on pure strength huh?” Basillie asked, sending out her Kecleon “huh, bossman?”

    “Only when Doc isn’t around” Allan said “Anyways, get ready Fuebarasu, here we come!


    Anyways, if you did take the time to look through this, if you want you can post a small view, of course you don't have to

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    Re: Old Fuebarasu - Tunik's darkest secret (Fanfiction)

    Post  Jet on Fri May 25, 2012 12:34 pm

    Chapter 2: Lesser Beings, Greater Purpose

    DICE Institute of Study, Basement Biological Research wing

    The trio were waiting around the main area, until Sampson arrived to take them back to the work room when Sampson showed up

    “Dr. Jouki, Dr. Mercer, and Dr. Crawford, nice to see you all made it in again” Dr. Sampson said rejoining the group in then research wing “I have found a new use for you device and research” he explained

    “What? Really? In one night? I knew you were good professors, but I didn’t ever imagine this good” Allan praised

    “What exactly do you have in mind?” Ryutaro asked

    “Quite simple…. You your selves did say that we pretty much ended up making a flesh puppet, and in the long run, that’s what we did…. So, why not make use of these as flesh puppets” Dr. Sampson remembered “we take them and use them in situations that are too dangerous for human or Pokémon to enter”

    “So you are suggesting we take these devices and utilize them as human, or Pokémon, in times of great need for sacrifice right?” Basillie asked

    “Well, more than just that, from extreme stress in weight to even medical testing, this could be used to greatly improve our world” Dr. Sampson explained

    “That’s incredible!” Allan said

    “What about the spine, prolonged use without the attachment would cause the flesh and bone to rip apart, we need that attachment for any prolonged activity to take stress off the artificial flesh” Ryutaro brainstormed, aware the spine’s importance was a key part of any extension of their research.

    “Ah, yes, don’t worry, I have that taken care of, and more importantly, I will make a prototype by myself” Dr. Sampson told them

    “But, Hewitt and his head of research are coming tomorrow to take a look at our work. Wouldn’t it be best if we work together to get the project done in time for the meeting?” Allan asked

    “Normally, I would agree with you… but this requires some very detailed work, and no offence meant, but while you are all amazing in your field, I still have a better understanding of this than you” Dr. Sampson unintentionally insulted

    “Well….. while you may be more knowledgeable as a Biologist than Ryutaro or myself, Allan still has a better knowledge of robotics than you, assistance by that automaton may be appropriate” Basillie said, not wanting Dr. Sampson to work himself to exhaustion

    “Very well…..” Dr. Sampson agreed “As for you two…. You are free to be on your way for the day, while I appreciate your help, I do not need your assistance at this point”

    “…..Fine” Ryutaro said, heading off in a fit of rage

    Basillie nodded and headed off with Ryutaro, leaving Dr. Sampson and Dr. Crawford alone


    “Alright, I have already begun working on restoration before you all showed up, so I just need you to take the flesh and reattach it to the spine” Dr. Sampson explained to Allan

    “Restoration? What do you mean restoration?” Allan asked, before the Doctor removed the cloth covering the specimen on the table, being an off coloured, missing flesh, closed eyes Marowak, with some of the flesh seeming to be in working condition

    “Wh….what in the world?!” Allan said backing up slowly

    “Dr. Crawford, relax, this Pokémon has been dead for months, it would be a waste not to use it for the benefit of all life” Dr. Sampson reasoned

    “B….but this is disgraceful, you would never treat a human like….” Allan said, before being slapped by his mentor

    “Listen to yourself, I would never do this to a living been, correct, force them to have this surgery, it was always up to them, but this isn’t about Pokémon or people, this is about a corpse, and as higher beings in this world than a corpse it is up to us to decide how we use them!” the Doctor lectured “We have to move forward as a society, and we can’t do that by being tied down to something as sentimental and as reverse minded as the deceased, they are dead, now move on with it, this thing has a spine, it’s not using it’s spine, we need a spine, hence, we take this lesser beings body for our own”

    “…Lesser beings?” Allan pondered

    “Yes, as higher order beings we know what’s best, they don’t, now…. Help me finish our project, remember the applications this prototype can have” the Doctor said “The benefits outweigh the costs” he explained, Allan slowly nodded in agreement “Good, glad you see the light”

    Allan began by attaching limb by limb back to the spinal cord, as the corpse of the Marowak was once again all attached together. Lastly, Allan took the master control unit and attached it directly the spine, as the orb reached the top of the creatures back. The duo made their way over to the computer, as Allan began to put in the information to get the creature to move it’s legs, and the power flickered, before the beast collapsed onto a chair, causing Allan to be a bit worried

    “What’s wrong, you’re not having second thoughts are you?” Dr. Sampson asked calmly

    “No…. it’s not that, it’s the amount of power we used…. You saw…. It almost took out the power source, and all we did was get it to stand…. We wanted more than this one right? Well then…. We have the problem of power, the complex code requires a surge of power, more than this facility can handle” Allan said

    “Oh, don’t worry, we have a battery from previous grad students like you” he said, pulling out some blue prints “see, this is designed to utilized discharged electrical energy from the entire region to power our station, I should turn it on and we will have very little power problems”

    “Then…. Why wasn’t it on?”

    “To keep our funding…. We need 2 great progressions, and… we had 3 last year….. so we rolled this one over from the previous year and him and that Cid fellow were never the wiser”

    “But… isn’t that cheating?”

    “Lesser beings they don’t need to know, so I decide for them they won’t know” Dr. Sampson explained, as the two took their puppet, picked it up, and put it away “Good work today Dr. Crawford…. I will see you and the other two tomorrow, and show off our progress to both Mr. Rozen Hewitt and Cid Maxwell

    “…Stupid Maxwell” Allan said annoyed, nodding to the Professor and heading off for the day

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