Amelia's Origin Story


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    Amelia's Origin Story

    Post  Gligarz on Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:07 pm

    This is a Fan Fiction I will keep updating on as time goes by, dealing with Amelia from the RP, Tokai- Land of Tommorow


    Within the howling of the wind, and the close and far sounds of the rain, a small cry managed to be faintly heard, inside a hole within a mountain, a cave.
    “Why is...Why did they...How could they...leave me...lost.” a young, high, feminine voice muttered through her sobs.
    “What is wrong, child...?” a different, calm, youthful yet knowledgeable voice asked.
    “Nobody actually cares...It’s because I speak to the creatures... isn’t it?”
    “Your connections to them are beyond special.”
    “Why does it matter if everyone is always leaving me isolated!?”
    “Even a person who spends time alone can be overfilled with companionship, more than even ones that always have people around them.”
    “Then why do I still feel empty!?”
    “...You wish to never be alone, to always be connected to many..., correct?”
    “Y-Yeah...I guess that’s right...”
    “...I can give you the gift of being a part of the lives of others.... Being a part of their lives, more than you would think. You will be put in the place of their lives, understanding their sorrows and happiness. There is no greater sense of being unified then to be sharing a life with these beings... It’s something far greater then connections with the other people outside.”
    “Do you wish to receive this gift?”
    “If it means that...Yes.”
    “As long as you never fall away from the duty I give you and never disobey my guide, my power will become yours. Do you accept this fate?”
    The girl looked outside into the rain and listened to the Thunder clap. “...Yes.”
    “You have accepted it, child. Their life shall become yours.” The strong voice said.
    The seven year-old girl wiped the heavy tears from her eyes, and a warmth filled her heart.

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