Dawn (Main Character)


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    Dawn (Main Character)

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    Dawn left her home at the age of 10, and she is a former traveling companion of Ash and Brock. Her goal is to become a great Pokémon Coordinator like her mother, Johanna. Her first Pokémon was a Piplup that she received from Professor Rowan. She entered the Sinnoh Grand Festival and was runner-up to her friend/rival Zoey. Her travelling with her friends Ash and Brock suddenly ended, when Paris from the Hearthome Collection want her and her Buneary to travel around the world to do some Photoshoots. Now Dawn is on a break in the Orange Islands, getting ready for her next big competition. Dawn is an eager girl, but she has had many knockbacks in the past which has damaged her confidence in herself. But thanks to her friends she has pulled through.
    Ribbons: Sinnoh - Floaroma Ribbon, Aqua Ribbon, Celestic Ribbon, Chocovine Ribbon, Daybreak Ribbon.
    Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition (Runner-up - with Conway)
    Hearthome Collection - Winner
    Sinnoh Grand Festival - Runner-up

    Having run off from Rowan's lab in a despute with Chimchar, Dawn found Piplup trapped in a web from a group of Aridos, Dawn helped it and from then, there friendship has grown. Piplup can be considered a brat but does truely try its best in battles. Dawn tends to keep Piplup out of its pokeball but does keep it inside if it is going to be used in a contest. Piplup has been with Dawn since the start, and now the 2 of them are ready for their next challenge and prepared to meet new friends.
    Deerling is the baby of its herd, it was attacked by a wild Tynamo, now under the ownership of Meryl, and its whole herd were scared away. Leaving Deerling all alone. Deerling was left injured, and Dawn with the help of Jack, nursed it back to health. Deerling wanted to join Dawn in her quest to become top coordinator so Dawn caught it.
    Mienfoo first appeared when it stole Dan's Oshawott egg, Dawn threw a pokeball at it to distract it, but ended up catching it, it has powerful moves such as Aura Sphere and is sure to become a vital member of Dawn's Unova team.
    Dawn never planned on capturing Trubbish, but it had a habit of following her, so it could enter contests. It has a common trait of exploding when happy and at times of hunger, will eat anything, including Ty's bike. Many people comment on how much a surprise it is to see Dawn with Trubbish and as they look like they would go together as trainer and pokemon, but Dawn has formed a strong friendship with this pokemon and won't people's comments get them down.


    Whimsicott was caught as a Cottonee alongside Daniel's Axew, the duo were causing havoc after their original trainers released them by stopping the drawbridge linking Driftviel to Nimbasa, as a result, Daniel and Dawn set out to stop them, and offered them a spot in their team. Whimsicott is perfect for contests with its light and gorgeous attacks, its sure to be a winning success


    Blitzle was given to Dawn by Jesse for winning the derby, Blitzle was keen to join in contests and work alongside Dawn and it has a wide range attacks from Thunderbolt to Nitro Charge, its sure to become the powerhouse of Dawn's team.
    At Home:
    After having various Buneary challenge her in her journey in Sinnoh, Dawn came across this Buneary, she was eager to add this one to her team, after a few attempts and a battle she eventually caught it. Buneary is female, and can be considered a bit of flirt.
    During her travels in Sinnoh, Dawn encountered a very hyperactive Pachirisu. After problems with it, Dawn eventually befriended it, it is friendly and is known to shock Dawn when it is happy causing Dawn to have many bad hair days. It has some good electric attacks like Spark and Discharge.
    After recieving an egg from Lyra during the Johto Festival, it quickly hatched into Cyndaquil! Cyndaquil is very clingy and tends to make Piplup jealous. It has many moves like Flame Wheel, Smokescreen and Swift. Cyndaquil evolved whilst helping Dawn find a missing Piplup and Chimchar who escaped from Rowan's lab, they were underattack by Aridos and Cyndaquil stepped into save them, evolving at the same time.
    After evolving from Piloswine, Mamoswine was a hand full to handle. It has many powerful attacks and was the force of Dawn's Sinnoh team. When it evolved it had troubles obeying Dawn, but when it fell ill, Dawn used her first aid skills to help it recover and from there, they have bonded.
    Hoppip hatched from an egg that Dawn recieved on Christmas Island, it is a hyperactive Pokemon. However, since that time, it has become a Hyperactive Jumpluff.
    After allowing Princess Salvia to take her place in a contest, Salvia was kind enough to give Dawn her Togekiss, so that Togekiss could take part in many more contests which Salvia is unable to do. Togekiss knows many powerful attacks such as Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, and Sky Attack. It is sure to become a vital member of Dawn's team thanks to its flying abilities.

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