Professor Ashley Weeks (Reoccurring Character)


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    Professor Ashley Weeks (Reoccurring Character)

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    Ashley Weeks
    Ashley used to be a teacher in a trainer school for age 4-10 back in Kanto, he tought Daniel, Amy, Kurt and briefly Jack. Now in Sinnoh he is travelling with the group, making sure everything is ok, doing first aid, etc, but he is also collecting research on legendary pokemon for Prof.Rowan's research. Ashley is a genuine man, who loves to help those in need, he is also a hero to Daniel, and Daniel thinks that because of Ashley he wouldn't be as good as he is. When Ashley explored Holon with Micheal, they found a special Mew, Ashley was able to gain enough data on it to publish a paper on the delta species. The paper was a best seller and allowed Ashley to take a course in Pokemon Proffessing making him Proffessor Weeks, he now lives in the Orange Island at the Battle Lab, his very own battle facility in the Battle Frontier with his wife, Lisa.

    Rotated within the Battle Lab:
    Nuzleaf was Ashley's first pokemon, given to him as a Seedot when he was a child, Ashley travels everywhere with it, it has travelled all across the world by his side, and no pokemon could ever replace it. Nuzleaf is Ashley closest pokemon, and the bond they have is unbreakable, Nuzleaf is always doing its best for Ashley.

    Riolu was given to Ashley as an egg, much like Daniel's Gible, Amy's Chingling and Lucas' Spinerak. Although as a new baby Riolu hasn't fought much, but it does have a special move, Aura Sphere, it is one of the rare Riolu's to actually know the move before evolving into Lucario. Lucario eventually evolved whilst Ashley was exploring Holon, when it evolved it became a delta species, its type is now Pyschic/Poison and its colour changed too

    Houndour was once a young wild pokemon, it tried stealing the gangs food, but it startled Daniel's Forretress who then exploded and badly damaged Houndour. Ashley took care of it and took it to the nearest Pokecenter for it to heal, once it healed it decided to join Ashley's team. It is still a baby so it must be fed through a bottle. It was used in the battle Castle alongside Daniel and his pokemon, during its battle it evolved and with the help of Daniel's Arcanine it took down Entei, it is sure a powerful pokemon. Houndoom went to Holon with Ashley, after being in the air of Holon for a while, its type change to Water.

    The gang first met this super rare Gyrados at the Lake of Rage, but it soon disappeared after they saw it, they met it once again at the Dragon's Den, where Gym Leader Clair was fighting it to capture it, however, Ashley slipped and dropped all his pokeballs, just as Clair was about to throw her pokeball, Ashley's hit Gyrados and captured it. Gyrados is extremely powerful. Due to its huge size, it isn't seen out of its pokeball much, but the gang use it to surf on to get to different islands in the Orange Archopello.

    When Lucas recieved his Squirtle upon Christmas Island, The whole gang recieved eggs. Ashley's hatched into Gligar. Gligar seems to be a slow pokemon, and doesn't show many signs of battling. Gliscor evolved when it touched the Razor Fang, it is still pretty slow and still shows no signs of battling.

    Sceptile was Ashley's first capture as a Pokemon Trainer. It travelled everywhere with him, but when Ashley was a trainer and he arrived in Sinnoh, Sceptile found a sanctuary of small Treecko to protect, but the Treecko were able to defend for themselves and soon left the area, when Ashley and the gang where travelling through Hearthome City, Ashley meet up with Sceptile and Sceptile rejoined his team.

    Slaking is rarely seen, and never used for many battles because it was very very lazy as a Slakoth, although since it has evolved it has shown a bit of intrest in fighting, and is sure to become useful in many training sessions in the future. It evolved once again whilst it was staying at Rowan's lab, since then it has become a powerful pokemon. Slaking is a major powerhouse in Ashley's team.

    Ashley uses Infernape for many battles as it is his powerhouse, Infernape was given to Ashley as a Chimchar from Rowan, all Rowan's researchers recieve a starter pokemon from him and Infernape was Ashley's, Infernape evolved 2 during training sessions, one against Daniel and the second time against Landon. When the Gang travelled back to Johto, Ashley took Infernape with him. When the gang came across a lost valley called Charific Valley, Infernape stayed behind here because to train and one day defeat the Charizard's at the valley. However, since Ashley became a Frontier Brain, Infernape finished its training and now lives with him.

    Zoroark was met in Holon, it was tricking scientist has it used its ability Illusion to become the special Mew, however, Ashley captured it thinking it was the Mew, but it went back to its proper form. Zoroark is strong no doubt and will cause trouble for those in the battle frontier.

    Pokemon used to own:
    Originally owned by a Trainer who mistreated it, Ashley took care of Totodile after it was badly injured and released by its trainer, now Totodile is happy and joyful, and loves to fight for Ashley. When Ashley went to Holon to study a special Mew, Mew became upset that Totodile was leaving, and Totodile decided to stay in Holon and spend the rest of its life with Mew in freedom, thanking Ashley for giving it the chance to shine.

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