The Gyms and Contests of Unova!


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    The Gyms and Contests of Unova!

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    The Unova Region, filled with glorious battles and memories, relive the outstanding gym battles and contests!

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    The Accumula Contest!

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    Margenta: Alright kiddies, head on into the back room, and get ready. The performance round will begin soon.
    The gang went and grabbed first row seats, whilst Dawn and Lucas ran out back to change.
    Daniel: So Meryl, not used to contests are you? Don't worry, they are exciting, you'll see, its a chance for trainers and pokemon to show off.
    Jack: I woner what pokemon they will use.
    Johanna and the other judges took ther seats by the stage.
    Daniel: Hey its Johanna! HEY JOHANNA!
    She turned around and waved.
    Daniel: So then.....
    The crowds filled up, and the place was packed.
    The lights turned off. And on the stage was a figure, a spotlight flashed on, and there stood Margenta
    Mr. Contesta: Hello and thank you for coming today
    Johanna: Thank you Thank you!
    Nurse Joy: Its a pleasure to help!
    Margenta: So shall we get on with the show?
    Crowd cheered!
    Margenta: ALRIGHTY!
    Confetti popped out!
    14 Coordinators performed, and then it was Dawn's turn.
    Margenta: And our next appeal is from Dawn! Dawn was born in the Sinnoh Region and came 2nd in her first Grand Festival, however, she and her mother who is Contest Judge Johanna moved to Unova to promote Contests so expect something big from Dawn!
    Dawn ran out onto the stage wearing a dress her friend Brock made for her but she designed in the Hearthome City Collection back in Sinnoh.
    Dawn: Togekiss! Spotlight!
    Dawn threw a pokeball, and hearts flew into the contest hall.
    Togekiss shot out of the hearts at an intense speed using Extremespeed, it brushed past the audience leaving them with a soft and gentle breeze
    Dawn: Togekiss Spin and use Aura Sphere!
    Togekiss span around shooting Aura Sphere’s into the sky!
    The Aura Sphere’s hit the lights and the hall light up in a beautiful crystal-like blue.
    Dawn: Now Togekiss, wrap it up with Safeguard!
    Togekiss: Toge!
    A blue aura surrounded Togekiss creating a beautiful light.
    Audience: WOW!
    Daniel: Woah! Dawn’s one step above the rest that’s for sure! This appeal is beautiful!
    Jack: I-I don’t know what to say, its…..amazing…..I’m speechless!
    Togekiss gently floated down besides Dawn!
    Margenta: What a stunning performance, let’s see what our judges have to say!
    Mr.Contesta: An absolutely outstanding performance, Togekiss shined beautifully.
    Johanna: It was brilliant Dawn, a sparkling performance which really showed off Togekiss’ potential.
    Nurse Joy: Togekiss’ Aura Sphere seemed super powerful, and Togekiss was able to perform at its best showing off its speed too. Outstanding!
    Margenta: And there you have it! Now for our next coordinator!
    Dawn ran back stage.
    Daniel with Piplup waited to greet her.
    Daniel: Excellent job Dawn. I thought Amy was good, but wow, that appeal was amazing!
    Dawn: Really? You just compared me to the great coordinator Amy *tear in her eye* Thank you. *she hugged Daniel*
    Daniel: Hey Hey Hey, its not over yet! You’ve got to get through to the next round!
    Dawn: Oh right
    Piplup: Pip!
    Piplup jumped into Dawn’s arms.
    Dawn: Phew, I was so nervous, I haven’t been in a contest for quite some time.
    Margenta: A great performance, now up next is Ursula, another Sinnoh coordinator!
    Dawn: This I got to see!
    Dawn ran to the backstage to see the performance along with the other coordinators.
    Daniel and Piplup headed back to the stalls to watch with the rest of the gang.
    Ursula ran onto the stage wearing a black dress.
    Ursula: Litwick! Showtime!
    A tiny candle pokemon came out of a pokeball along with some confetti.
    Audience: AWWWWWWW
    Daniel: Woah, what’s that pokemon? *Pokedex*
    Pokedex: Litwick, the Candle Pokémon. Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.
    Daniel: Looks harmless, sounds dangerous.
    Jack: Kinda like Ursula then
    Daniel: AHAA true true!
    Ursula: Litwick use Heat Wave.
    Litwick used Heat Wave, however it messed up.
    Ursula: Oh no!
    Litwick stood, it looked around at all the eyes watching it, and then began to cry.
    Audience and Judges: AWWWWWWWWW
    Daniel: Fake Tears?
    Jack: I think so.
    Litwick stopped then smirked. Then it covered the arena in Waves of Lava.
    Litwick floated ontop of it, and layed on it as though it were sunbathing.
    Audience and Judges: AWWWWWWWW
    Daniel: This is a performance?
    Jack: Its making the audience and judges think its cute, its one way of showing off your pokemon.
    Litwick then jumped up into Ursula’s arms and hugged her.
    Audience and Judges: AWWWWWWWW
    Daniel: Okay…..this is crazy.
    Margenta: Isn’t it a cutie? Its so adorable! What a brilliant performance. But up next is another Sinnoh coordinator. Boy are we busy with Sinnoh today! Its Lucas!

    *Lucas slid onto the stage, from behind him came ANOTHER Lucas!*
    *The one Lucas gave a toothy smile and snapped his fingers, a large nightly shade came and blinded the audience, when they could see again, the two Lucas's were on top of eachother, the shade came back, the one was standing on the othere's shoulders*
    *And again, this time a Patrat jumped up and looked around*
    *A Drillbur made sparks with it's claws*
    *A Deerling Pranced around*
    *A Woobat flew over the auidiance*

    *Then finally Lucas appered, He bowed and the another Lucas rolled off his back, turning purple, and when he hit the floor, Zorua appered and winked at the crowd*
    Mr.Contesta: An Amazing way of showing off your Zorua's ability!
    Johanna: As Mr.Suziko would say! REMARKABLE! Haha
    Nurse Joy: An interesting pokemon with an interesting performance showing both you and your pokemon off.

    Margenta: Alright everyone, time for the results. The lucky 8 coordinators moving onto the next round are……
    On the screen appeared Ursula, then Lucas, then Dawn, and 5 other coordinators.
    Dawn: I’m in! Yippee!
    Ursula: Wow, talk about bribing your mother to let you through, everyone knows with that performance you would never have got through. The other coordinators who didn’t get through heard Ursula, and began to give Dawn dirty looks.
    Dawn: Hey, that’s not true! I got in on my own ability!
    Margenta: And here, the coordinators will be matched up and here are the match ups!
    On screen, Lucas was up against a coordinator called Marco. Whilst Dawn and Ursula were matched up together.
    Dawn: Ursula?
    Ursula: Oh well, guess I have my chance to take you out of the equation, no way are you getting this ribbon. Its all mine! Aha!

    Dawn Vs Ursula!
    Margenta: The timer is on the clock! Our coordinators are ready! So BEGIN!
    Dawn: Deerling Spotlight!
    Ursula: Druddigon Showtime!
    Deerling looked around at all the people watching her.
    Dawn: Deerling no need to worry about them, just listen to my commands and what we practised, you’ll be fine.
    Deerling slowly nodded, reassured.
    Ursula: Druddigon use Slash!
    Druddigon began slashing Deerling rapidly!
    Dawn lost points.
    Dawn: Deerling use Tackle to get it off!
    Deerling banged into Druddigon knocking it off her, but took damage from Druddigon’s Rough Skin
    Margenta: Oh no! Druddigon’s Rough Skin ability means that Deerling takes damage when hitting Druddigon directly.
    Dawn lost more points.
    Dawn: If I can’t hit directly, then I’ll hit from afar! Use Energy Ball!
    Deerling: Deeeeeeeer!
    Deerling fired up an energy ball and shot it at Druddigon.
    Druddigon was hit, and lost points for Ursula.
    Ursula: That’s defiantly not going to save you! Dragon Pulse!
    Dawn: Deerling quick! Counter with Energy Ball!
    The 2 attacks collided.
    Dawn and Ursula lost points.
    Dawn: Deerling use Shadow Ball!
    Ursula: Druddigon use Crunch!
    Druddigon crunched through the attack cancelling it out completely.
    Dawn lost points.
    Dawn: ( I-I don’t know what to do! She keeps cancelling my attacks, and if Deerling gets close, its hit by Rough Skin)
    Johanna: (Come on Dawn! You know how to do this! So do it!)
    Dawn: Use Energy Ball!
    Ursula: Slash!
    The time ran out!
    Margenta: Moving onto the next round is………….Ursula!
    Dawn: I-I lost?
    Piplup: Pip!
    Margenta: Ursula makes her way to the semi-finals. Up next! Lucas Vs Marco
    Lucas: Let's go!
    *"Wartortle" came out*
    Marco: Lessa go!
    *A Large swan pokemon came out*
    Lucas: Whoa, What's that?
    Pokedex: Swanna, The White Bird Pokemon, Swanna start to dance at dusk. The one dancing in the middle is the leader of the flock.
    Lucas: Intresting, Alright then, Let's get started!
    Lucas: Alright, Fury Swipes!
    *"Wartortle" dashed at Swanna and rapidly clawed at it*
    Marco: Eh, Swanna my darling, Wing Attack!
    Lucas: Jump Over and use Night Shade!
    *Wartortle jumped over Swanna's wings and gave off a dark burst, straight into Swanna's face*
    *Marco lost a lot of points*
    Lucas: Perfect, Now Fury Swipes again!
    Marco: Nononono, Swanna Air Slash!
    *As "Wartortle" jumped, Swanna hit him hard with a powerful air slash, knocking him far back, Lucas lost points for this, "Wartortle" changed back into Zorua*
    Marco: Yous silly disguise no work on Marco.
    Now Darling, Water Pulse!
    *Swanna rolled a water orb at Zorua*
    Lucas: Night Shade!
    *Zorua sent a last of night at the Water Pulse, Zorua jumped through the exploding water*
    Lucas: Now Fury Swipes!
    *Soaked in water, Zroua slashed at Swanna, until it fell, KO'd*

    Marco: Nonononono, My wonderfull darling Swanna!
    *Marco returned Swanna and ran out*
    Lucas: All right we won!
    *Zorua changed into Lucas and High Fived him*
    Sid: So Lucas moved on at least....
    Dawn joined the rest of the gang in the crowd.
    Dawn: Gotta hand it to Lucas, he's got some amazing contest skills, Mom was right!
    The Finals........Ursula Vs Lucas.
    The 2 had been battling for 2 and a half minutes. With both coordinators on equal points.
    Ursula: Druddigon! DRAGON PULSE!
    Meryl: Amazing, these contests really keep you at the edge of your seats! Those Zorua got alot of tricks up their sleeves too
    Lucas: Zorua!
    Creating an explosion.
    Suddenly the timer reached zero. The winner by half a point was........Lucas.
    Dawn: H-He won! YAY!
    Ursula: I finally beat that Dee-Dee, and I don't end up winning this contest? ARGH! Mark my words Lucus. You will pay!
    Ursula stormed off.
    Johanna presented Lucas the ribbon.
    Johanna: Congratulations Lucas. Impressive I must say. This is yours, the Acculma Town Ribbon, you're officially the winner of the first contest ever in Unova. You should be proud.
    Johanna handed the ribbon to Lucas.
    Dawn: I guess if I can't beat her this time, I'm glad Lucas could.
    Piplup: Pip!
    Dawn: Yay! And Deerling had great experience in its first contest!
    Jack: Yeah, I'd say with a bit more training, Deerling will be even stronger.
    Daniel: Yeah, keep it up Dawn, and next time, you'll beat her, for sure, right guys?
    Minun: Mai
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Meryl: You sure made my first contest experience awesome!
    Drilbur:Bur Dril Bur
    Sid: You both did good
    Lucas: W-wow, This is an amazing experience!
    Zorua you did great!
    Zorua: Zo-Zo! (It was pretty fun too!)
    Bonsly: Sly. (They did well.)
    Sid: Anyway, you think we should head off?
    The gang waited outside.
    Johanna walked out.
    Johanna: Dawn my deer, you were great.
    Dawn: Thanks Mom.
    Johanna: Look at you, just like you were at the Grand Festival. I'm so proud. And I heared what Ursula said backstage. Dawn look, if I think your performance is bad, I wouldn't put you through, in contests, you are a coordinator outside them you are my daughter.
    Dawn: I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Johanna: Good, now where are you kids off next?
    Jack: Striaton City!
    Johanna: For the gym right? Daniel, Lucas, Sid and Meryl good luck with your journeys too. Now I must leave. Stay strong.
    Johanna hopped into a car and drove away.
    Daniel: Well then, let's continue on wards!
    Minun: Mai

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    The Striaton Gym!

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    Cilian, Chili and Coon: Why Hello Meryl, how are you keeping.
    Cilian: I see you brought some friends
    Daniel: Hi! I'm Dan, this is Dawn and Jack, and my partners Minun, Turtwig, and Dawn's partner Piplup, oh and here is Sid and Lucas!
    Cress: Nice to meet you all
    Chili: So you are all here to challenge us?
    Daniel: Well, me, Lucas and Sid are.
    Cilian: This gives me an idea, why don't the 3 of us have a battle, at the same time! Make things interesting.
    Daniel: At the same time but seperate matches?
    Cilian: Sure, it'll be fun!
    Daniel: I'm up for that!
    Dawn: Well, Me, Meryl, Jack and Aleesha shall watch!
    Jack: Sounds good to me
    Sid: Alright, I'm up for it *Sid then took out his Pokeball* Lucas?
    Meryl: *sat down while Drilbur came back with food stuffed in his mouth. >_>
    Drilbur: <_<
    Lucas: Sure, Sounds like it'll be a awesome time!
    Bonsly: Bon!(A Good Battle is always an awesome time!)
    Alesha: Wow! That sounds like Fun, I'll watch too!
    Dawn, Jack, Piplup, Minun and Turtwig joined Meryl and Aleesha in the stalls.
    Jodie acted as a referee.
    Jodie: The battles of Daniel, Cress, Lucas, Cilian, and Sid and Chili shall, BEGIN!

    Cress: Now let me serve you some justice!
    Jack: Nice pun…..
    Piplup: Piplup!
    Dawn and Piplup stood in cheerleading outfits.
    Cress: GO! Ducklett!
    Daniel: A Ducklett?
    Dawn: A Ducklett? *grabs Pokedex*
    Pokedex: Ducklett, if it is attacked by an enemy it will spray a sheet of water from all its feathers. It escapes by slipping through the water mist.
    Daniel: So a water type! Minun and Turtwig need more training before they are ready to fight. So I’ll use Patrat!
    Patrat: Pa! Patrat!
    Cilian: The challenger may have the first move!
    Daniel: Patrat! Let’s go use Super Fang!
    Cress: Ducklett use BubbleBeam.
    Patrat bite through the Bubbles that headed towards it with its 2 front teeth.
    Then it jumped onto Ducklet using Super Fang!
    Ducklett took a lot of damage, it was left with half its power left.
    Daniel: Score!
    Dawn: Super Fang takes of a lot of the opponents power
    Jack: Leaves it with half right?
    Cress: Nice trick. But this ain’t over! Ducklett use Brave Bird!
    Dawn: WHAT?
    Jack: A little tiny bird like Ducklett?
    Ducklett slammed into Patrat at an immense speed with great power!
    Patrat’s eyes opened widely and it felt a lot of pain!
    It was then flung into Daniel.
    Daniel: Patrat Are you okay?
    Patrat slowly nodded and then regained its stance.
    Daniel: That’s the spirit!
    Cress: Really? Alright then! Ducklett use Hurricane!
    Dawn: Hurricane?
    Jack flicked through a book.
    Jack: Hurricane…..Hurricane, ah! Hurricane surrounds the opponent with a monstrous wind, it may confuse the opponent.
    Dawn: This may not be good.
    Daniel: Patrat!
    A strong wind blew!
    Daniel was blown off his feet.
    Daniel: Look out Patrat!
    Suddenly a huge hurricane appeared.
    Piplup, Minun and Turtwig were all holding onto the rails tightly.
    Food from the restaurant was swepted up.
    Daniel: Hypnosis!!!! Quick!
    Patrat jumped towards the railings to hold on, its eyes moved and created spirals. They then shot at Ducklett making it sleepy.
    Ducklett fell asleep and then lost control of the monstrous hurricane. It then swepted up Ducklett.
    Patrat: PA!!! PATRAT!!!!!
    Daniel: Patrat hold on tight!!!! Now slice through the Hurricane with Bite!
    Patrat launched itself to the top of the Hurricane, then it sliced through it using Bite! The attack also hit Ducklett who was KO’d.
    Daniel: Alright! We did it!
    Patrat smiled!
    Cress: Aha, very nice, very nice indeed. But now. Panpour! Your turn!
    Daniel: A Panpour hey? This shall not be a problem! Patrat use Tackle!
    Patrat ran into Panpour!
    Panpour’s hands stopped it in its tracks, it then used Patrat’s head to balance itself and flung itself over it. Panpour then blasted it with a Water Gun.
    Patrat: Pat!!!!
    Patrat flew towards some rocks and then the wall. KO’d.

    Meryl: Well at least he didnt need to face a Pansear. *rubbed one of her arms*
    Chili: Alright, let’s get this heated up, Darumaka, go!
    Sid: Snivy, let’s try and hold our own!
    Chili: A grass type? Interesting start, alright, let’s start this with a tackle! *Chili’s Pokemon then charged for Snivy*
    Sid: Vine whip *Snivy then launched it’s Vines through the ground, heading towards Darumuka*
    Chili: Fire Fang! *Darumaka stopped in place and opened it’s mouth, it’s mouth a blaze,
    Sid: Quick, let’s try and hit it! *one vine came out of the ground and tried to hit Darumaka*
    Chili: Now! *Darumaka then bit down on the vine*
    Snivy: VY! *Snivy seemed to be in pain*
    Sid: Just hold in there Snivy, and hit it with the other! *the second whip came out of the ground and hit Darumaka in the back*
    Darumaka: Dar! *the Pokemon screamed in pain, opened it’s mouth and let the vine out and flew through the air*
    Chili: Rollout! *Darumaka rolled into a ball, bounced off the ground and chared towards Snivy*
    Sid: Alright, Leaf Tornado! *Snivy then used leaf tornado, using the massive wind to try to push Darumaka back, however, with his momentum he was able to keep up an even pace with the Tornado and actually slowly started to move forward*
    Chili: That’s it, stick it to them!
    Sid: Dodge! *Snivy used it’s vines to propel itself into the air in order to avoid the attack*
    Chili: Bounce up now! *Darumaka then bounced up into the air and struck Snivy, Snivy landing on the ground weak*
    Sid: Try to keep going *Snivy slowly got up*
    Chili: Let’s end this with Incinerate! *Darumaka opened his mouth and launched a stream of fire at Snivy*
    Sid: Leaf Tornado, quick! *Once again, Snivy summons a powerful leaf tornado, as the flames started to circle around with the leaves, which started to burn, turning the Tornado a bright orange* now, launch it! *Snivy sent the orange Tornado at Darumaka,*
    Chili: Dodge! *Darumaka tried to dodge, but was unable and was struck, and knocked out* Good job, take a rest, *returns him to his Pokeball* it’s up to you, Pansear!
    Snivy: Sni… vy…. *falls over from exhaustion*
    Sid: Good work Snivy, take a nice rest *Snivy was returned* so, next up is Pansear *takes out his Pokeball* vs. Woobat! *Sid then sent out his Pokemon

    Cilian: Ready to Brew Dwebble?
    Lucas: Let's Give it a Taste test, Shall We?
    *"Wartortle" came out*
    Cilian: You may go first!
    Lucas: Alright, Use Fury Swipes!
    *Wartortle jumped at Dwebble and rapidly scrathed it*
    Cilian: Dwebble Slash!
    Lucas: Dodge!
    *Wartortle flipped over Dwebble's Slash*
    Lucas: Fury Swipes again!
    Cilian: Protect!
    *Dwebble hid in it's shell and glew blue as Wartortle slashed at it*
    Cilian: Now Shell Samsh!
    *Dwebble jumped at Wartortle in it's shell, smacking him in the head*
    *Wartortle was sent over yonder and transformed back into Zorua*
    Cilian: I don't accept Artifical Flavors!
    Lucas: Alright Zorua, Get up and Night slash!
    *Zorua got up quickly and dashed at Dwebble, Claw covered in darkness*
    Cilian: X-Scissor!
    *Dweeble's claw glew yellow and it lashed at Zorua, the two atacks collided and sent the two pokemon to the opposing sides*

    Meryl's slightly tanned skin turned pale at the sight of Pansear.
    Daniel: Return! You were brilliant! Well then, I guess its time for Lillipup!
    Lillipup came out of its pokeball and knocked Daniel to the ground, licking him.
    Daniel: Hahaa! Lillipup! Haha! I kinda need you to battle though!
    Lillipup jumped into battle.
    Cress: Looks like you’ve got an admirer.
    Daniel: Don’t underestimate Lillipup by its cuteness. Lillipup use Thunderbolt!
    Panpour was shocked.
    Cress: An Electric attack? And you haven’t even got your first badge! That’s a good pokemon.
    Cress: No matter! Panpour dodge! Then use Mud Slap!
    Daniel: Lillipup! Dodge!
    Lillipup tried to move aside, but the attack slapped it right in the face.
    Lillipup took damage. Its face was covered in mud. And it couldn’t see.
    Dawn: Oh no! If Lillipup can’t see, it won’t be able to dodge!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Jack: This isn’t looking good!
    Minun: Mai
    Panpour began to run up with a Water Gun.
    Daniel: Lillipup! I need you to follow my commands, you hear me?
    Lillipup nodded.
    The Water Gun was launched at Lillipup!
    Daniel: Lillipup run! Then move to the left!
    Lillipup started running, it then moved to the left.
    The Water Gun missed it, another Water Gun was fired.
    Daniel: Now! To the Right!
    Lillipup moved to the right whilst running forward.
    The Water Gun missed, another on was fired.
    Daniel: Lillipup! Now Thunderbolt!
    Lillipup ran forward, firing the attack.
    The Water Gun and Thunderbolt collided! It was a fierce showdown, both pokemon giving it their all.
    Daniel: Keep It UP!
    Lillipup got stronger, then suddenly it began to glow.
    Meryl: I know whats happening! It's gonna be a...
    Sid: Alright, Confusion
    *Woobat’s eye glow purple and Pansear is covered in purple as well, lifting Pansear off the ground*
    Chili: *smile* man, my blood is starting to boil, let’s go, flamethrower! *Pansear opens it’s mouth and launched a stream of fire at Woobat, hitting it, knocking it onto the ground*
    Sid: Come on, you can get up *Woobat slowly started to fly again*
    Chili: Alright, Fire Punch! *Pansear charged towards Woobat*
    Sid: Gust! *Woobat began to flap it’s wings, creating a small storm*
    Chili: Alright, dig! *Pansear then jumped down, avoided the wind underground as it blew over him*
    Sid: Just hold…
    Chili: Now! *Pansear came from underneath Woobat and struck it with a powerful fire punch*
    Sid: Come on, you can do it *Woobat seemed to regain it’s composure*
    Chili: It looks like your fire is dying, well, we’ll put it out, flamethrower!
    Sid: Dodge, and use Assurance! *Woobat then avoided the attack, and hit Pansear with the tip of it’s wing*
    Chili: Fire Punch *Pansear tried to launch a fire punch*
    Sid: Move back! *Woobat flapped it’s wings and propelled itself backwards* now Confusion! *once again, Pansear was lifted into the air*
    Chili: Flamethrower! *Pansear opened it’s mouth*
    Sid: Drop and use just! *Woobat let go, as Pansear launched it’s attack, missing Woobat, who then summoned a small strom*
    Chili: Forget the flamethrower, dig! *Pansear then faced the ground and fought against the storm, digging a hole*
    Sid: Assurance when he gets up
    Chili: Fire Punch! *Pansear came out of the hole and used fire punch, which hit the tip of Woobat’s wing, both Pokémon fell on their back*
    Sid: Just a little bit longer
    Chili: Your coals are still burning bright Pansear
    *Both Pokémon slowly got back into position, clearly weakened, before Pansear fell over in defeat, unable to battle*
    Chili: Pansear! *returned his Pokemon*
    *then, Woobat collapsed from exhaustion as well*
    Sid: Woobat! *ran up to it* awesome job *returned his Pokemon as well*
    Chili: Well… I guess your fire just burned a bit longer

    Daniel: Its? Evolving?
    Dawn: No Way! Wow!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Jack: I wonder what it is!
    Lillipup evolved into Herdier!
    Dawn: What’s that pokemon? *pokedex*
    Pokedex: Herdier, the Loyal Dog Pokémon, It loyally follows its Trainer's orders. For ages, they have helped Trainers raise Pokémon.
    Daniel: Herdier? Right on! That’s great!
    Herdier’s Thundebolt destroyed Panpour’s Water Gun, and slammed into Panpour giving it a huge shock.
    Panpour fainted.
    Herdier turned to Daniel, smiled, then tackled him and began to lick him.
    Jack: Still as affectionate as ever!
    Dawn: Herdier was great, Patrat was too!
    Cress: Well well looks like you won! Congratulations!
    Daniel: Thank you!

    Meryl: Now all is left is Lucas and Cilan!
    Drilbur: Bur!
    Alesha: Those two are really putting their all into this battle!

    *Dwebble and Zorua were still going at it, eventually it came to a standstill and they both fainted*
    Cilian and Lucas: Return!
    Cilian: I must say, this blend is QUITE exsquisit!
    Lucas: I'm having fun too!
    Cilian: But now cup must be emptied, Pansage!
    Lucas: (Both Bonsly and Wartortle are weak against grass types...Looks like we'll have to give it our all)
    Wartortle let's go!
    Bonsly: Boon...(Awww...)
    Wartortle: WAR!(Ready to go!)
    Cilian: Pansage Bullet Seed!
    Lucas: Water Gun Wartortle!
    *THe Seeds and Water Gun clashed for abit before Pansage's Bullet Seed broke through and hit Wartortle in the head*
    Lucass: Wartortle!
    Okay, Let's try a Withdraw and Watergun combo!
    *Wartortle hid in his shell and began squirting Water, it bounced from one side of the gym to the other very quickly, before Pansage could react, Wartortle crashed into it*
    Lucas: Excellent now, Scratch!
    *Wartortle popped out of it's shell and scratched Pansage with all it's might*
    Cilain: Bullet Seed!
    *Pansage shot seeds at the mid-air Wartortle, knocking him back to his side of the feild*
    Cilain: Now, Finish our blend with a lovly Solarbeam!

    Alesha: Oh No, Not that again!

    *Pansage started charging*
    Lucas: Wartortle Water Gun!
    Cilian: Dodge!
    *Pansage slid to the side, avoiding the Water Gun and fired solarbeam*
    Lucas: Try that combo again quick!
    *Wartortle, as quick as possible went into it's shell and fired at the ground, it was sent high into the air...and began rolling on the Solarbeam!*
    Cilian: What?
    Lucas: Whoa!
    *The Energy from the solarbeam surrounded Warortle and after Pansage was finally out of power, Wartortle flew off*
    Lucas: NOW, WATER GUN!
    *Wartortle spat water with all it's strength, flying like a rocket at Pansage, It hit like a rocket too, causing a small explosion and KO'ing Pansage**
    Cilian: That....was...MAGNIFICENT!
    An Splendid Blend I'm sure to remeber for a VERY Long time!
    *Lucas hugged Wartortle and Zorua*
    Lucas: We had fun too!
    Cilian: Please, Take this Tri Badge!
    *Cilian egarly gave Lucas the Tri Badge*
    Lucas: Alright, We got, THE TRI BADGE!
    *Lucas his Pokemon Posed, It was magnificent!*
    Daniel: WE AL DID IT!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Jack: Nice one!
    Daniel: Thanks guys, and thank you to you too gym leaders!
    Cress: It was our pleasure!
    Cilian: We were pleased with our 3 fabulous battles.
    Chili: The 3 of you were memorable batles and with fantastic compatible pokemon.
    Daniel: Thank you!

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    The Nacrene City Gym!

    Post  KingMinun on Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:03 pm

    Lenora: So challengers, who wishes to fight me first?
    Daniel: ME!
    Lenora: AHA very quick reactions! I accept, this shall be fun and challenging I can tell.
    The rest of the gang took their seats to watch the fight
    Lenora: Right then Daniel, this is a 2 vs 2 battle okay? Hope you can deal with that.
    Daniel: That’s fine with me! I can do it!
    Dawn sported her cheerleading outfit along with Piplup.
    Lenora: Right, so my first pokemon shall be Stoutland!
    Daniel: Woah! That’s one big dog! Is that the evolved form of Herdier?
    Lenora: Of course! And its one tough dog! So you best be careful!
    Daniel: Alright, then I’ll let Tepig have a go in her first gym battle! GO! Tepig!
    Tepig: Tepig oink! Tepig!
    Tepig rubbed Daniel’s leg.
    Daniel: Eh…..Thanks Tepig, but this is a serious battle.
    Tepig charged into the arena.
    Referee: BEGIN!
    Daniel: Tepig use tackle!
    Tepig: Tepig Tepig Tepig Tepig Tepig!
    Tepig ran forward and bumped into Stoutland, doing hardly any damage at all.
    Jack: I’m beginning to think Daniel using Tepig in this battle was a bad idea, since it can’t use its Fire Attacks it limits it to doing Tackle really, and that hasn’t done much damage.
    Dawn: I think you’re right Jack, but let’s no doubt him, he may have something planned.
    Jack: I hope so.
    Minun: Mai
    Piplup: Pip!
    Lenora: Is that all you got Daniel? I misjudged you then. Stoutland use Giga Impact and wrap this up early!
    Stoutland charged at Tepig!
    Tepig stood frightened of what will happen.
    Daniel: Dodge Tepig!
    Tepig froze. It didn’t move a muscle.
    Stoutland slammed into it. Knocking backwards but still in the path of the charging pokemon. Tepig was struck again, landing infront of the charging pokemon, and once again it was hit. Stoutland stopped, it couldn’t move. However, Tepig had fainted.
    Daniel: Tepig! Return! You tried your best. Okay, Turtwig, how about your first gym battle of the region! You’re up Turtwig!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Turtwig joined the fight.
    Daniel: Turtwig lets start with a run and Razor Leaf.
    Turtwig began to run at Stoutland using Razor Leaf.
    Stoutland was taking the hits.
    Daniel: Now that you close! Use Crunch!
    Turtwig jumped at Stoutland with its mouth wide open when suddenly, Stoutland opened its mouth using Flamethrower.
    Turtwig’s eyes widened.
    Daniel: Oh boy!
    Dawn: TURTWIG NO!
    Jack: That’s gunna hurt!
    Turtwig was knocked back taking huge damage.
    Daniel: Turtwig will you be okay?
    Turtwig nodded its head, it was hurt, it kept one eye closed due to injuries.
    Daniel: Turtwig, return, you’re in no state to continue.
    Turtwig shook its head. Then let out Seed Bomb!
    The arean filled with smoke!
    Daniel: TURTWIG!
    Lenora: Stoutland!
    The smoke cleared, and there was Stoutland KO'd
    Turtwig stood very weak.
    Daniel: ALRIGHT!
    Lenora: Well then my next pokemon.
    Daniel: Stop.
    Lenora: Stop?
    Daniel: Turtwig is too injured, I don't want him to get hurt anymore. So I forfeit.
    Lenora: Forfeit? A wise choice, Turtwig is not in fighting condition. We shall rematch another time.
    Daniel: Yes thank you.
    Lenora: Not a problem, a true trainer must realize their pokemon's health must come first. So who's next?Sid: Fine, I’ll go then *Sid had a stern look on his face approaching the battlefield* guess we are stuck in this town longer than I had hoped…
    Lenora: I wonder how this one will turn out…
    Sid: We’ll see, Snivy, go!
    Lenora: Stoutland, go! *Both Pokemon landed on the battlefield, Stoutland caused the ground to shake beneath it*
    Snivy: Vy! *tilted his head upwards*
    Sid: Let the games begin, Leech Seed * A seed sprouts from Snivy’s collar, which shoots out to the opponent.
    Lenora: Dodge! *The huge dog Pokemon tried to dodge, but couldn’t*
    Sid: The bigger they are… * When it hit, Stoutland became wrapped in vines that restrain it. The vines then glow red and suck energy from the opponent.* the harder they fall
    *Stoutland almost seemed to lose it’s balance*
    Lenora: Flamethrower *Stoutland opened it’s mouth, launching the powerful flames*
    Sid: Vine Whip, now! *using it’s vines, Snivy lifted itself up into the air, above the flamethrower*
    Lenora: Another! *The vines on Stoutland turned red and sucked energy out of him, causing a large amount of pain*
    Sid: Leaf Tornado! *In the air Snivy flipped around and launched a leaf Tornado at Stoutland, however, the just of wind and leafs seemed to do nothing to the Pokemon*
    Lenora: Quick, while it’s falling! Flamethrower! *Once again, Stoutland opened it’s mouth, launching flames at the grass snake Pokemon, however, up so high and off the ground, there was absolutely nothing Snivy could do to avoid the attack, and was struck, flew back, hit the wall defeated*
    Sid: Snivy! Snivy, are you ok? *Sid rushed to his Pokemon*
    Snivy: Sni… *nods, then faints*
    Sid: Good job, take a rest… *returns Snivy to it’s Pokeball* Woobat, you are up!
    Meryl: Stoutland's one heckuva powerhouse!
    Dawn: Poor Snivy. Its all up to Woobat now.
    Piplup: Pip
    Sid: Let’s go,
    Lenora: ya, Giga Impact
    Sid: Dodge! *Woobat avoided the attack, flying high up into the air, the seeds zapping out more energy* out of Stoutland*
    Lenora: Nice dodge…
    Sid: Now, Gust! *using a lot of it’s power, Woobat summoned up a strong gust, but again, it seemed to do next to nothing to the Dog Pokemon*
    Lenora: That’s not going to work, flamethrower *Stoutland used flamethrower once again*
    Sid: Fall! *Woobat stopped flapping it’s wings and began to plummet towards the earth, avoiding the flames, then when it got closer to the ground, it began to flap it’s wins again* If there is one thing I know… it’s how to battle off the ground *Woobat then charged towards Stoutland, who had more energy zapped out of him, and using his big, heart-shaped nose, hit Stoutland, and although the move didn’t seem to do much, it managed to stop Stoutland in it’s tracks* What… was that?
    Lenora: Heart Stamp… *The seeds once again zapped energy from Stoutland, this time knocking out the big dog Pokemon*
    Sid: One down… One to go
    Lenora: You may have found a way around Stoutland’s strength, but find a way around this one, Watchog, go! *Lenora sent out her last Pokemon*
    Sid: Alright, Heart Stamp!
    Lenora: Dodge and use Mean Look! *Watchog easily avoided the attack and gave Woobat a menacing glare, which seemed to frighten Woobat* now, Confuse Ray! *Wacthog began to use the attack*
    Sid: Gust, double time! *Woobat summoned a powerful gust, faster than it had before, and this powerful gust lifted Watchog off the ground*
    Lenora: No!
    Sid: Now, Heart Stamp! *While Watchog was free falling, Woobat charged forward, and pressed it’s nose against Watchog, causing both damage, and Watchog to lose control, which caused the Pokemon to crash in o the ground*
    Lenora: Can you get up Watchog? *Watchog quickly got up, clearly no where near defeat*
    Sid: Darn it… nothing seems to work Assurance!
    Lenora: Confuse Ray! *Sid’s Woobat charged in, struck Watchog with Assurance, who then created a circle of Orbs, which then in turned circled around Woobat, confusing it*
    Sid: Try another Gust!
    Lenora: Thunderbolt! *As Woobat flew around in an odd pattern, Watchog created a bunch of electricity through it’s body, which then flew and struck Woobat, however, Woobat wasn’t able to launch it’s own attack and was struck by the attack, doing massive damage to the bat Pokemon, who was hardly hovering*
    Sid: If you can’t beat ‘em..
    Lenora: Thunderbolt!
    Sid: Fly in and use Heart Stamp! *Woobat flew forward, and struck the Pokemon with it’s nose in it’s confused state, then the powerful watchdog used it’s attack, the electricity leaving it’s body and hitting Woobat, knocking both Pokemon out*
    Lenora: A tie…
    Sid: Another one… hm…
    Lenora: Although it was a tie… you did prove you have the capacity to beat this gym… here is your basic badge *Lenora handed him his badge* just… don’t act so angry, you seemed to be in a daze
    Sid: *Takes the badge, didn’t say a word about it* why should I? being angry got me something Dan couldn’t, for a change…
    Meryl: Nice job there, Sid! Now it's moi's turn! Start this up with Tynamo! Go!
    Tynamo came out of his pokeball, glaring at the Stoutland in front of him.
    Meryl: Spark it up! *Tynamo charged towards Stoutland filled with sparks*
    Lenora: Dodge! *Stoutland moved to the side slightly, Tynamo slamming into the wall with rage, and kept thrashing the wall* The little eel is too focused around anger, dearie. Fire Fang! *Stoutland chomped into Tynamo with flaming teeth, and Tynamo began slamming into Stoutland with tackles repeatedly*
    Meryl: Try something a lil bit more unique, Spark! *Tynamo slammed into Stoutland with sparks flying*
    Lenora: Shake it off, hunny. Take Down! *Stoutland shook Tynamo to the ground, and slammed into the eel pokemon's body*
    Meryl: Wait, this is the perfect chance! Let's go for a Thunder Wave! *Tynamo smirked under Stoutland's body when it released a golden glow around Stoutland*
    Lenora: Try to get up if you can, dearie! *Stoutland attempted to stand up, but collapsed back down to the ground again*
    Meryl: This is your chance Bud! Let's make those hairs stand on end! *Tynamo evilly grinned and began slamming into Stoutland repeatedly with an electric glow*
    Lenora: Thats enough for you, hunny. *she returned Stoutland, and sent out Watchog* This guy needs a completely new strategy if you wanna have a chance, hunny!
    Ty watched the battle, making sure he took plenty of pictures. "Its getting close!' He looked at Sid. "Its going to bug me forever until I find out who you remind me of."
    Dawn and Piplup cheered.
    Daniel: WOAH! Tynamo sure is strong.
    Jack: Strong is an understatment!
    Minun: Mai
    Turtwig: Turt
    Meryl: Charge Beam, Tynamo! *Tynamo shot a beam of electric energy towards Watchog, who simply jumped out of the way with ease*
    Lenora: Rage clouds accuracy dear, just watch. Watchog, Low Kick! *Watchog jumped up and down and swiped his foot into Tynamo, who now was clearly raging*
    Meryl: We'll just have to try harder then! Tynamo, Spark it! *Tynamo zapped into Watchog*
    Lenora: Detect! *Watchog blocked the attack* Now, Crunch! *Watchog chomped it's teeth into Tynamo, who then fainted*
    Meryl: Return, Bud, Amazin! Let's try you out Petilil! *Petilil was sent out looking around the arena and seen Watchog, shaking a bit nervously* Energy Ball!
    Lenora: Dodge! *Watchog jumped to the side quickly* Hyper Fang! *Watchog pierced it's glowing teeth into Petilil as it stood shocked in fear*
    Meryl: It's ok, girl! Let's try planting some seeds! Leech Seed! *Petilil floated above Watchog and began spreading seeds around it, slowing sucking out some of its life*
    Lenora: Oh well, we just have to hit harder! Crunch! *Watchog crunched into Petilil's body, Petilil, letting out a small cry*
    Meryl: Let's go back to Energy Ball!
    Lenora: Dodge again! *Watchog dodged once again*
    Meryl: I need that Watchog to stop moving so much....Aha! Petilil! Grass Knot, only instead of a normal one, rap it all around Watchog's body to the ground tightly! *Petilil swirled around Watchog, wrapping vines all around him*
    Lenora: Dont make this happen! Low Kick! *Watchog tried to kick Petilil, but she was too high, before Watchog could try again, he was completely tied up*
    Meryl: Now! Mega Drain! *Petilil was began absorbing the energy out of Watchog as he was strapped to the ground* Keep doing it!
    Lenora: Get out of it, hunny! *the vines around Watchog began snapping*
    Meryl: Oops, were in a rush! Let's put it to the max! Giga Drain! *Petilil tightly girpped its own body as more and more energy flooded out* K.......
    Watchog then completely ripped his way out, but it was too late, he fainted.
    Meryl: O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNOCK OUT!
    Lenora: Aha! Excellent work, dearie! I present to you, the Basic Badge!
    Meryl: *received the Basic Badge and placed it on her shorts as Petilil smiled* Thank ya!
    Sid: So two down... one badge to go... then we can get out of here
    Dawn: He can do it this time! I know it!
    Jack: Tepig and Turtwig are stronger, I’m sure they can do it!
    Daniel: Lenora! This time I’m prepared! So, shall we?
    Lenora: Certainly! I choose you Watchog!
    Daniel: Watchog’s up first? Alright! Turtwig lets go!
    Turtwig: Turt Turtwig Turtwig Turt!
    Daniel: Turtwig use Razor Leaf.
    The leaves were flung at Watchog.
    Watchog: WATCHOG! *shines brightly*
    Daniel: Whats that?
    Lenora: That is Watchog’s Illuminate
    Turtwig’s attacks missed.
    Daniel: Okay Turtwig, no worries, let’s try Seed Bomb.
    The seeds flung at the ground, and exploded.
    Lenora: Impressive!
    Watchog was hit.
    Lenora: Watchog Thunderbolt!
    Daniel: Turtwig dodge!
    Turtwig jumped out of the way!
    Daniel: Brilliant, now use Double Edge!
    Turtwig tackled Watchog.
    Watchog: WATCH!
    Daniel: Now then, use lets mix n’ match Seed Bomb!
    The bombs hit the floor.
    Daniel: Now! Jump!
    Turtwig hopped onto Watchog’s head.
    Daniel: Now Razor Leaf.
    Lenora: Intriguing.
    The razor leaves hit the bombs. The exploded!
    Daniel: Turtwig jump!
    Turtwig launched itself of Watchog and into the air. The bombs exploded and Watchog fainted.
    Daniel: HAHA! YES! Turtwig, brilliant!
    Lenora: Not so quick! Stoutland go!
    Daniel: This is where the real battle begins.
    Lenora: Earthquake!
    Daniel: WHAT?
    The ground shook.
    Turtwig was caught up in it and couldn’t escape!
    Turtwig fainted.
    Daniel picked up Turtwig.
    Daniel: You were fantastic! Well then, Tepig you’re up!
    Tepig: Tepig oink
    Daniel: Tepig use Flamethrower!
    Tepig didn’t act.
    Daniel: Tepig?
    Lenora: Use Giga Impact!
    Daniel: DODGE!
    Tepig didn’t act.
    Stoutland ran at Tepig.
    Daniel: TEPIG!
    Dawn: What’s happening?
    Tepig’s eyes grew in fear.
    Tepig: TEPIG!
    Tepig began to ran at Daniel.
    Daniel: NO! NO! NO!
    Daniel began to ran.
    Dawn facepalmed.
    Piplup pulled a long face and started shaking its head.
    Tepig: TEPIG TEPIG TEPIG OINK! *sneezes*
    Black smoke surrounded.
    Daniel: Aha……
    Lenora: Huh?
    Daniel: Tepig tackle!
    Tepig tackled Stoutland.
    The smoke cleared.
    Daniel: Tepig use tackle again and then follow up with Ember!
    Tepig ran at Stoutland until it reached its face. It then used Ember, but sneezed instead, blowing black smoke into Stoutland’s eyes.
    Stoutland was blinded.
    Daniel: (Tepig was only able to use its fire attacks probably last time because……it was angry, I’ve gotta find a way to make it use its attacks) Tepig! PLEASE! Use Nitro Charge!
    Tepig failed.
    Lenora: In front of you. Charge!
    Stoutland ran forwards knocking Tepig!
    Daniel: Tepig!
    Tepig, stood back up.
    Tepig: TEPIG!
    Daniel: Tepig looks angry after getting hurt. NITRO CHARGE!
    Tepig charged at Stoutland, it used Nitro Charge, flames came out of its nose.
    Stoutland was knocked to the floor.
    Lenora: Impossible?! Stoutland was knocked onto the ground by a light pokemon like Tepig. Stoutland, up you get.
    Stoutland got back up.
    Lenora: GIGA IMPACT!
    Daniel: NITRO CHARGE!
    Tepig ran first, its speed increasing, it slammed Stoutland again, knocking it to the ground, this time KO’D.
    Tepig shook its head. It then realized what just happened. It smiled as it began to rub Dnaiel’s leg.
    Daniel: Good job! Tepig, you were outstanding.
    Lenora: Tepig has great potential Daniel. Now I owe you the Basic Badge!
    Daniel: THANK YOU! *jumps*
    Minun, Turtwig and Tepig jumped up beside him.
    Daniel: You guys were great.
    Dawn: YAY DANIEL!
    Jack: He got his badge in the end
    Sid: Congrats, glad to see we can get out of this town
    Lenora: Well then, if you head through Pinwheel forest you'll make it to Catelia City, home to your next contest Dawn, and Dan's, Sid's and Meryl's next gym battles. Good luck, you all have marvellous potential, however, please take this *hands them a phone* The Xtransciever, it has my number, I'd like to keep in touch just in case anything happens with the Dragon Skull.
    Daniel: Gotcha! Thanks Lenora

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    Re: The Gyms and Contests of Unova!

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