Jack (Main Character)


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    Jack (Main Character)

    Post  KingMinun on Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:43 pm

    Jack is very young, infact he's so young that he hasn't even started his own pokemon journey. He first met Daniel when Daniel was hust starting out on his journey, he was the first person Daniel met. He has travelled everywhere with Daniel ever since. Jack looks up to Daniel as a hero, and wants to be like him.
    Teddiursa was Jack's first pokemon. Given to him as a leaving gift. Teddiursa is Jack's best friend. Jack and Teddiursa have travelled with Daniel, Minun, Amy, and Plusle everywhere they've been.

    At Home
    Baby Buizel was Jack's very first pokemon he caught. Jack took it on his journeys because its mother wanted it to be loved and protected. Buizel is usually seen been fed through a baby bottle because of its young age.
    Upon travelling in Johto for the second time, the gang came upon the Growlithe sanctuary once again, they found out Daniel's Arcanine was the father of a litter of Growlithe and Stacey offered to send one home to Jack's family for when he started his journey

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