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    Daniel (Main Character)

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    Daniel is a young trainer, he originally lived in Hoenn, living on a farm in Petalburg city, he moved to Pallet Town in Kanto when he was 6, he brought along his childhood friend Minun, when Daniel turned 10 he and Minun started their pokemon jouney together. They met many new friends including Jack, Amy and Kurt, along with Bulbasaur. He was able to capture a few pokemon on his journey and earned him enough badges to enter the Indigo League, since then he has travelled through new regions such as Johto, Hoenn and currently Sinnoh, meeting new friends and pokemon.
    Badges: Boulder Badge, Cascade Badge, Thunder Badge, Rainbow Badge, Soul Badge, Marsh Badge, Volcano Badge, Earth Badge
    Zephyr Badge, Hive Badge, Plain Badge, Fog Badge, Storm Badge, Mineral Badge, Glacier Badge, Rising Badge
    Stone Badge, Knuckle Badge, Dynamo Badge, Heat Badge, Balance Badge, Feather Badge, Mind Badge, Rain Badge
    Coal Badge, Forest Badge, Cobble Badge, Fen Badge, Relic Badge, Mine Badge, Icicle Badge, Beacon Badge
    Trio Badge,
    Achievements: Indigo League- Top 16
    Silver Confernce- Top 8
    Hoenn League- Top 4
    Sinnoh League- Top 2
    Unova League- Top
    Rotated within Team-
    Minun is Daniel's first pokemon, they first met in a woods by Petalburg, and Minun saved Daniel from Team Magma grunts, since then Daniel and Minun have formed a strong bond and goes with Daniel wherever he goes, Minun has won many battles for Daniel, and has contributed to getting Daniel where he is now. Minun isn't a fan of Pokeballs and likes to walk around or sit on Daniel's shoulder. During Daniel's final battle against Palmer, Minun fought Regigigas, it was able to defeat it but at the cost of using so much power that it was reset back to when Daniel met it, it also reset Turtwig, Piplup and Bonsly's power level. Now Minun joins Daniel on his journey throughout Unova in order to gain its strength once again

    Turtwig was Daniel's first capture in Sinnoh, it is similar to his Ivysaur and Minun, it is extremely friendly but Turtwig lacks in confidence, Turtwig has formed a close friendship to Minun, and loves sitting on Daniel's other shoulder. It knows some quite strong attacks such as Seed Bomb, Crunch and Double Edge. However, due to its confidence it does find it hard to win battles for Daniel and feels ashamed if it loses. During the final battle in the Sinnoh league, Turtwig found its confidence and was able to defeat 2 pokemon of Alix's, it holds the record with Minun, but Turtwig took down the biggest and strongest member on Alix's team. Like Minun, it joins Daniel on his journey throughout Unova in order to gain its strength once again

    Litleo was part of a pack before meeting the gang, however when its father was captured, Litleo ran away, it suffers with confidence issues, and was originally cautious of humans, however, when it was injured, Daniel helped it and managed to gain its trust and inviting him to join the gang. Its also  a special  Litleo as it is a shiny Litleo.

    Pokemon at the Ranch:
    Rattata was the first pokemon Daniel actually ever caught, Daniel was determined to make it a strong pokemon, however it was very weak, and didn't help to much in the gym battles, however it proved itself in the League defeat 3 pokemon in a row and another 2 in another battle.

    When Daniel caught Golduck it was a Psyduck, it was a quiet and useless pokemon, however when it evolved it became one of Daniel's Kanto powerhouses and has many wins under its belt. After Kanto, Daniel decided to keep it at Oak's because it seemed happy there.

    Originally caught as an Abra, it was very shy and didn't like to battle, however when Daniel was in trouble and Abra was the only hope left to save him, it did whatever it could to help him and eventually evolved into Kadabra. Since then it evolved again during a fight against Kurt and helped Daniel throughtout the League.

    Daniel captured Sandshrew thinking it would evolve into an amazing Sandslash, but when it was time for it to evolve it stopped itself, it was ashamed to be apart of Daniel's team because it thought Daniel only wanted fully evolved pokemon, but Daniel realized the situation and accept the fact that Sandshrew wanted to stay as Sandshrew.

    Slowking was caught as a Slowpoke, Slowpoke was very slow and lazy, and wouldn't listen to Daniel's orders, but it evolved to protect him from a pack of Tauros and since then it listened to him, it was used throughout Johto and was a star in a few of the gyms.

    Espeon was given to Daniel as one of 2 eggs, when the eggs hatch they both were Eevee's which both adored Daniel, Eeevee evolved in the daytime, and evolved into Espeon, it has been used on many occasions, and his the peaceful pokemon of the Johto Team

    Captured to save a small town from constantly sleeping, Dustox stayed on Daniel's team for some time, however it took its time to obey him. It was used in the League and helped throughtout Hoenn

    Volbeat and Illumise are a couple, however when Amy accidently caught Illumise it meant Volbeat would be all alone, Daniel wanted to help Volbeat out by finding a new love, but it didn't work, instead he decided to capture instead, it is now loving happily with Illumise at Oak's lab

    Sableye was haunting a small town, Daniel accidently captured it to protect the town, however Sableye is disobident and never ever listens to what it is told to do, eventually Daniel decided the best place for it was Oak's, sadly it causes havok their now.

    Metagross was given to Daniel as a Beldum, it was a gift from Steven Stone, when they met Steven again it evolved and decided it wanted to be like Steven's Metagross, so Daniel went through intense training to evolve Metang into Metagross, it was one of the powerhouse of Daniel's Hoenn Team

    Zangoose was very violent when it first met Daniel, and would always slash him, however when Daniel helped it when it was ill, it learnt to trust Daniel and obey his orders, it is another one of Daniel's powerhouses

    The other Eeevee, originally part of Daniel's Johto team, Daniel decided to take it to Hoenn along with Minun, Ivysaur and Cyndaquil, it helped Daniel with the first 2 gyms before it decided to go to Oak's, it was used in the Hoenn League and helped him alot.

    Munchlax is Daniel's rarest pokemon, because it is his shiny. It was mischievous and very powerful, Daniel tried it's best to defeat Munchlax and capture it, however when Daniel switched it with Ivysaur to meet John's Bulbasaur, it decided to stay at Oak's because it was happy there.

    Daniel met Pineco outside a Pokemon Center in Johto, it was very shy and didn't have much confidence. But Daniel caught it to help it gain confidence and grow in strength. It evolved in a special battle with Sid's Elekid, Lucas' Spinerak, Adam's Pinser, Vick's Venomoth and Sammy's Croconaw, which it was losing badly in until it evolved and defeated Croconaw. When Daniel sent Forretress to Oak in exhange for Golduck and Sabyele for his battle against Dahlia, Forretress had such a great time at Oak's it decided to stay there.

    Originally caught by Amy by mistake Toxicroak was eventually traded to Daniel in exchange for Togetic, Amy always admired Togetic and thought Croagunk was ugly, however, Toxicroak is a very powerful pokemon of Daniel's and help him through his Sinnoh journey.  Toxicroak decided to stay at Oak's after the Sinnoh league, but is sure to grow more there and will be ready for when Daniel needs it.

    Shieldon was one of the fossil pokemon being researched in the Johto Safari Zone. But when the other fossil pokemon were stolen, Shieldon teamed up with the gang and helped get them back, it then wanted to join the gang, so Daniel captured it. Shieldon has some powerful attacks under its wing such as Ice Beam, Ancientpower and Iron Head. It is sure to become a major part of Daniel's team.

    Ivysaur is one of Daniel's closest pokemon. Like Minun it hated Pokeballs and loved to walk around with the group. It travelled through Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, where it finally evolved during Daniel's last battle in the Hoenn League. When it evolved it decided to stay at Oak's as it was to bigger to travel outside it's pokeball.

    The newbie to Daniel's team, Poliwhirl seems to be an independant pokemon, it was once a leader of a group of wild pokemon, protecting them from a Giant Steelix. Poliwhirl saw the friendship between Daniel and his pokemon and wanted to become apart of it. Polwhirl has a rivalry with Lucas' Steelix. Whilst in Sunyshore, Daniel recieved a King's Rock, he traded Poliwhirl for Sid's Magmar and traded back causing it to evolve into Politoed

    Originally stolen by Sammy from Prof.Elm, Croconaw was abused. Sammy used Croconaw in many battles but it always seemed to lose. Sammy was so annoyed with Croconaw he released it at the Silver Conference on the second journey in Johto. Daniel seeing this, captured Croconaw to help it gain confidence. Croconaw does have some moves at its disposle, such as Aqua Tail and Superpower

    A Pokemon originally caught by Mika in Johto. It has always shown and interest in battling rather than styling. So when Daniel's Charmander hatched from an egg it first saw Mika, imprinting her as its mother. So Daniel gave Charmander to Mika in return for her newly evolved Granbull. It knows Thunder Fang, Ice Fang and even Fire Fang.
    Dan caught Tepig after duking it out with Sid for the pokemon, even though Sid one, Tepig wanted to be with Daniel. Tepig adores Daniel and is an attention seeker. It will fight any pokemon in order to gain attention and gets jealous of other pokemon. Tepig suffers from a problem where when it uses Fire moves, smoke comes out instead. Dan and Tepig must work together in order to overcome this problem. Once Tepig mastered its fire abilities, it was able to take down some powerful pokemon such as Burgh's Scolipede, and it a battle against Jamie's Charizard it evolved into Pignite, although it lost the battle. Now Pignite is sure to be a powerhouse on Daniel's team

    Oshawott hatched from an egg that Daniel won during Striaton's annual Easter Egg hunt. The mayor told Daniel that the egg had to be hatched in water, however whilst heading to Nacrene City, Daniel was seperated from the egg and only found it as it hatched, it was not in water. This meant that Oshawott has a fear of water and is unable to swim which most water type pokemon know how to from birth. Daniel and Oshawott must work together to overcome this problem. After overcoming Oshawott's fear of water, Oshawott thought it could conquer any pokemon, it did manage to take down a fair few of opponents, however, it has come across a losing streak and has developed a temper when losing, and when Daniel's other pokemon evolve. Once again Daniel and Oshawott must work together in order for Oshawott to evolve. After many many losses, Oshawott met an old rival Dewott, the battle was tough, but after finally evolving Daniel's Dewott won, learning X-Scissor in the process.

    Scraggy was caught when Dan and the gang were exploring the desert resort, they met a trainer who was prepared to finish it off completely. However they interupted and Daniel nursed it back to health. Scraggy wished to join the gang groups.

    Braviary hatched from an egg that was given to Daniel after his Minun and Sid's Snivy rescued it. It hatched into Rufflet and developed a few struggles, it wasn't able to fly and so Daniel and Rufflet trained long and hard in order for Rufflet to fly, eventually it did but it got tired easily. However, in a battle to save Skyla's Swanna against N, Daniel used Rufflet in battle, only to get knocked off Celestial Tower, luckily Rufflet evolved into Braviary and saved Daniel. With some powerful moves at its disposal and its air techniques, it is sure to be a major powerhouse on Daniel's team.

    Axew was caught on the way to Driftviel City, it along with Dawn's Whismicott were released by their original trainers due to Team Plasma's commands. Due to their anger, they stopped the draw bridge from working by capturing the worker. Daniel and Dawn saved the worker and asked Axew and Whismicott to join their teams. Axew has shown strength and tends to want to keep peace between the pokemon. It later evolved whilst Daniel was training under the guidance of Elite Four member Marshal. It later evolved again when gym leader Iris locked the city down, it managed to save Daniel from a falling door, and its strength increased.

    Beartic and its little brother Cubchoo (now owned by Jack) was captured by Daniel in order to stop it from raging as a trainer angered it by capturing its mother, when it first joined Daniel's team it was filled with rage at the thought of its little brother being left all alone, however, it soon trusted Daniel when it learnt that its brother was always beside him on Jack's team. It has a range of attacks at its disposal including Sheer Cold and it has a massive amount of strength.

    Gigalith was caught as a Roggenrola, who followed the gang for a while in order to protect them, however, it later joined the group when Daniel saved it from a collapsing cave, however, it later struck up a rivalry with Sid's Timburr and in a double battle against 2 Scolipede, they both evolved, both of the pokemon thought their new strength would be better suited with the others trainer and so Daniel and Sid traded, causing Boldore and Gurdurr to evolve into Gigalith and Conkledurr, however after evolving and working alongside their new trainer, they learnt that their original trainer was the right trainer for them and were later traded back.

    Golett was caught in Dragonspiral Tower, whilst Daniel was seperated from the gang, he met Elite Four member Marshal teamed up with him to get out. Golett lended a hand and decided it wanted to join Daniel's team. During the Don George Tournament, Golett evolved against Jamie's Scolipede, and managed to win, it is sure to become a powerhouse to Daniel's team.

    Lillipup was caught the same time as Patrat as soon as Daniel, Dawn and Jack arrived in Unova. Lillipup shows plenty of affection towards Daniel, usually tackling him to the floor and licking his face, she also likes to show affection to Daniel's mother. Lillipup knows a range of powerful attacks such as Bite and Thunderbolt. Lillipup evolved during Daniel's first Unova gym battle, when it took lots of damage, but it was able to evolve and take down Cress' Panpour. Herdier was left at the ranch in order for Dan's current team to grow stronger

    Patrat was caught the same time as Lillipup, as soon as Daniel, Dawn and Jack arrived in Unova. Patrat can be considered strange. It shows little emotions, however, the lack of its emotions surely does make up for its strength and speed. Patrat knows skillful moves such as Hypnosis, Flamethrower and Thunderbolt and is sure to become Daniel's powerhouse. Patrat evolved during a battle with Jake's Vullaby over a battle for the Oshawott egg. It managed to upgrade Thunderbolt to Thunder and ko'd Vullaby instantly showing imense strength.
    Watchog was left at the ranch in order for Dan's current team to grow stronger.

    Pokemon that can be called upon;
    Tropius was quite young when Daniel met it, and it was seperated from its family, Daniel captured it to help it grow stronger. However when they arrived at Fortree City the group met Tropius family, Daniel let Tropius stay with its family and Gym Leader Winona promised to look after them and send Tropius to Daniel whenever he needed it

    Aggron was a quiet pokemon when it was first caught as a baby Aron, it was an outcast, Daniel took it under his wing and raised it into Aggron. When the gang where heading back to Kanto, they passed through Rustboro Town, where Gym Leader Roxanne wanted to raise it to make it even stronger.

    Pelipper was one of Daniel's first Hoenn captures, it helped defeat the first gym leader but later fell in love with Swellow, Daniel wanted to help it out by making it impress Swellow, but Swellow wasn't intrested. Later when Swellow was in danger Pelliper tried to help it, it evolved and was able to save Swellow, the 2 fell in love and Daniel left it with Swellow's owne
    Caught in Hoenn as a Mudkip, Swarmpert was determined to become strong, it is one of Daniel's powerhouses knowing moves like Muddy Water, Aqua Jet, Earthquake, it was determined to become even stronger when it want to follow Daniel to Sinnoh, so it and Cyndaquil teamed up to follow Daniel, it formed a close bond with Cyndaquil but eventually fell in love with Swarla, James' Swarmpert (Jack's older brother) However Swarla was not intrested in Swarmpert, until it beat her in the Pokeathlon, the 2 fell in love and Daniel gave Swarmpert to James to train and to fulfil Swarmpert's happiness.

    Honchkrow was a mischevious Murkrow when Daniel first met it, it stole his shiny badges and wouldn't give them back, determined to get his badges back, Daniel captured Murkrow, when the gang met Alix (Daniel's older brother) he insisted on evolving Murkrow, Murkrow agreed and Daniel evolved Murkrow into Honckrow, however after defeating Maylene, Honchkrow was snagged from Daniel by Yasmin, a pokemon theif and was never seen again, Yasmin did mention it when they met her again, saying that she released it as it was worthless. Daniel met Honckrow towards the Sinnoh League, it was part of a conoly of Honchkrow and was their leader. Daniel used Honchkrow in the league were it had proven it had grown in strength

    Cyndaquil was Daniel's Johto Fire type Pokemon, it was originally owned by a young girl named Cathy, like Daniel and Minun, Cathy and Cyndaquil had planned to travel together, but Cathy was very very young, when Cyndaquil met Daniel it was quite weak, but it wanted to start its adventure soon, Cathy decided to give Cyndaquil to Daniel for the best, knowing that Cyndaquil would become stronger, since then it has been apart of Daniel's Hoenn and Sinnoh teams, and has proven to be strong. Upon the return to Johto, Cyndaquil fought a tough battle in the Battle Frontier's Battle Factory. It was later called upon by Kurt the Ranger to help them in the Cyndaquil Sanctuary, after freeing the Cyndaquil, Quilava and Typhlosion, it was made King of the Cyndaquil Sanctuary and decided to stay there with Kurt, John, and Bethan but can be called upon at any moment.

    Arcanine was Daniel's strongest pokemon during Kanto, it helped him in many gyms and battles, but when the group travelled to Johto, they found a group of endangered Growlithe, Arcanine evolved to protect the Growlithe and decided to stay with the Sanctuary Keeper, Stacey, it promised to keep training for when Daniel calls for it. Daniel called upon Arcanine for the Johto League, it proved it had grown very powerful. When travelling through Johto for the second time, Arcanine rejoined his team for a while to fight in the Battle Castle.

    Hatching from an egg, Gible was quite weak and new to battling, however it has proven to be quite strong, with moves like Dragon Claw it is sure to become one of Daniel's most strongest pokemon. During their time in Jubilife, the city was under attack by Team Solar Flare, using Sid's Garchomp to destroy the town, Gible stepped into stop it, upon this it was able to evolve, learn the move it was trying to learn which was Dragon Rush and beat Garchomp. When the gang were travelling in Ilex Forest, Celebi took them back in time to help start the forest to grow. Tyranitar was stopping the forest from growing so Daniel's Gabite, Sid's Skarmory and Celebi stepped in to battle but when Tyranitar started thrashing out on Skarmory, Gabite protected it and evolved. It is sure to become Daniel's powerhouse. Garchomp got into a fight with Sid's Garchomp when the gang arrived at Mt.Silver. Sid's Garchomp thrashed Daniel's, and Daniel then realized that to get Garchomp stronger, it should stay to train with Sid's, it is able to be called upon at any moment.

    Hitmonlee was given to Daniel by the Karate King along with Mika and Sid's. Together the 3 Tyrogue trained together so that they could each evolve into the their trainers respective pokemon, eventually Tyrogue evolved into Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee knows many moves such as Blaze Kick, Close Combat and Earthquake.

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