Pokemon: Tales of old friends!


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    Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  KingMinun on Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:30 pm

    Our trio of heroes continue the many day journey towards their new home in Unova.


    They continued through the deep blue oceans of the world, with pokemon jumping out of the waters beside them, some old, and some they had never seen before, the Pokedex was unable to pick them up too.
    Daniel: AHA! Wow! Look at all the new pokemon
    Minun: Mai!
    Dawn: Their so beautiful, right Piplup?
    Piplup: Piip!
    Jack: I can’t wait to get to Unova!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Teddiursa: Ursa!
    Daniel: No worries, we’ll be there in no time!
    Suddenly, 2 trainers stood behind them.
    Trainer: I hear you 2 are trainers!
    Dawn: Who? Us?
    Daniel: Well you heard correctly!
    Dawn: Although I’m a coordinator!
    Trainer 1 and 2: WE CHALLENGE YOU! FIGHT US!
    Daniel: A battle? It’ll be nice to stretch our legs and let the pokemon fight! Sure!
    Dawn: We’re in!
    Daniel and Dawn sent out Politoed and Quilava!
    The 2 trainers sent out Combuskin and Grovyle!
    Politoed and Quilava jumped out into battle, Quilava using Politoed as a spring and launching itself into the air, then using Eruption, whilst Polioted used Hydro Pump to shove Combuskin into the rails, whilst Grovyle was knocked backwards by the strong blast.
    Combuskin and Grovyle got up. Then launched Leaf Blade and Blaze Kick!
    Politoed and Quilava switched places, then fired Hydro Pump and Eruption once again!
    The 2 attacks were so powerful they KO’d the 2 pokemon.
    Daniel and Dawn: ALRIGHT! *high five*
    Trainer: WOAH! Your like so powerful. My name is Kanga and this is my girlfriend Kimi!
    Daniel: I’m Daniel and these are my partner pokemon Minun and Turtwig!
    Minun: Mai!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Dawn: Hi, my names Dawn, it nice to meet you, this is my partner Piplup
    Piplup: Pip!
    Jack: And my names Jack! Hi! This is Teddiursa, its my partner
    Kanga: So you guys heading to Unova?
    Daniel: Yeah, that’s where we as of now live!
    Kanga; Ah, so your noobs to the place? Well boy do we have many pokemon there!
    Daniel: Do you live there?
    Kanga: Nah, we live on an island near it though. We stop off there for a 2 day break, to give the captain some rest.
    Daniel: Oh cool!
    Dawn: So we’ll stop off there?
    Jack: Can’t wait to see it!
    Minun: Mai!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Kanga: Well, wait no more! There it is! In the horizon!
    In the distance was a large island
    Dawn: Aha!
    Jack: Whoa
    The trio’s mothers arrived.
    Gaynor: Now then, we’ll be staying in a hotel on that island for 2 nights
    Kimi: There it is, Pacificalo Island.
    Daniel: Pacificalo Island? Cool!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    The boat arrived in the harbour. And the gang stepped onto the island.
    The mothers went up to the hotel, whilst the trio along with Kanga and Kimi went to look around the island.
    Kanga: This island is famous for its Waters.
    Kimi: Pacificalo is based on water and the home to many water pokemon! Let me introduce you to a friend of mine! Come on out!
    A new pokemon appeared out of the pokeball, it was a blue monkey.
    Dawn reached for her pokedex, but it was unable to identify the creature.
    Kimi: This is Panpour!
    Daniel: A Panpour!
    Kimi: Each baby who is born here is selected a partner pokemon, I was selected with Panpour!
    Kanga: As for me! GO!
    Another new pokemon appeared, it was a blue turtle.
    Kanga: This is Tirtouga
    ????: Kanga! Kimi!
    The duo looked up, running towards the group was a little boy, aged 5.
    Kanga: Lewis! Haha!
    Lewis: You’re home! *hugs Kanga*
    Kanga: This is my little brother, Lewis!
    Lewis hid behind Kanga.
    Jack: Hi! My name is Jack, and this is my partner Teddiursa!
    Teddiursa: Ursa! Ursa! Teddi!
    Lewis poked his head round, then smiled, he approached Teddiursa, then hugged it.
    Lewis: We can be friends!
    Kanga: Lewis, this is Daniel, Dawn, Jack, and their pokemon Minun, Turtwig, Piplup and Teddiursa, they are our new friends.
    Kimi: There is no need to feel nervous!
    Dawn: Yeah, no need to worry Lewis, we won’t hurt you! We’re friendly!
    Lewis then smiled.
    Daniel: Hi Lewis! Do you have a partner pokemon.
    Lewis nodded.
    Jack: Can we meet them?
    Lewis looked to Kanga for reassurance then slowly nodded.
    Lewis pulled out a pokeball, and then let out a pokemon.
    Out of the Pokeball was a small blue aquatic pokemon, It had stubby feet and club-like arms that are longer than its body.It had a red gem on its chest, and a yellow dot below the gem.
    Kanga: Who is this Lewis?
    Lewis: M-M-Manaphy.
    Daniel: A Manaphy? WOW!
    Kanga: Yeah, Lewis was very lucky, he was born the same time Manaphy hatched from the egg. Prince of the Sea some say, Manaphy can control the pokemon of the sea.
    Dawn: That’s one special pokemon, you must be so lucky to have one.
    Jack: Teddiursa, would you like to play with Manaphy?
    Teddiursa and Manaphy began to play.
    Soon Lewis began to join in and Jack too.
    Dawn looked around and noticed a statue.
    Dawn: Hey Kimi, what is that pokemon on the statue?
    Kimi: Oh that? That’s the legendary pokemon Keldeo
    Daniel and Dawn: Legendary Pokemon?
    Kimi: Sure is! Legends have it, that Keldeo was sent from Unova to protect this island and its waters. However Keldeo hasn’t been seen for over 40 years. The people are beginning to doubt it was ever true.
    Daniel: Oh! That’s too bad, I would of loved to have seen it.
    Minun: Mai
    Piplup: Pip
    Dawn: Hey, but what’s all that about *point to a castle*
    Kanga: Oh, that’s the great castle of Pacificalo! It where our king lives….I mean lived.
    Daniel: Lived? How so?
    Kimi: Well, the king went to go find Keldeo about 5 years ago, and well, hasn’t been back to live here properly since, he comes and goes often.
    Daniel: I’m beginning to think this island isn’t very popular. Haha…
    Kanga: Yeah, you could say that.
    Kimi: Hey, why don’t we go meet our families….
    Daniel: That would sound fun. Let’s go, Dawn, Minun, Turtwig, Jack…..Jack?....Jack?
    Jack and Lewis were happily playing.
    Daniel: Yo Jack, you listening?
    Jack: Huh? Oh right!
    Manaphy and Teddiursa were playing.
    Daniel: We’re going to meet Kanga and Lewis’ family, you coming?
    Jack: Oh, right, sure let’s go! Teddiursa return!
    Manaphy began to cry.
    Jack: Oh, Manaphy don’t worry, Teddiursa will come back out soon.
    Manaphy continued to cry.
    Jack: Go Teddiursa!
    Daniel: Looks like Teddiursa needs to stay out to keep Manaphy company.

    They arrived at a small house.
    Kanga: This is it! This is our home!
    They went inside, sat in front of the TV were 2 people, a man and woman.
    Kanga: These are my parents!
    Kanga’s Mum: Oh Hi darling! Take a look at this! *not noticing the guests, turns up the volume on the TV*
    Reporter: And so, Our Majesty is here! He has arrived safely, back in Pacificalo Town.
    Kanga: The King is back?
    Kimi: I wonder why!
    Reporter: Your Majesty! Please, tell us, why have you returned.
    King; Certainly. I set out to find Keldeo and bring it back to the town, however I was unfortunate. But on my journey I learnt something, I learnt that there is a pokemon who can call upon the pokemon of the ocean. And I am on the search for that pokemon!
    Reporter: Any idea who that pokemon is?
    King: They call him….the Prince of the Sea.
    Jack: Prince of the Sea?
    Kanga’s Dad: Huh? Guests? Oh why didn’t you say Kanga! Hello! I’m Derek!
    Kanga’s Mom: And I’m Lora! Nice to meet you!
    Kanga introduced the group!
    Minun: Mai!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Teddiursa: Teddiursa!
    Daniel: So did he say, Prince of the Sea?
    Dawn: Sounded like it to me. So does that mean?
    Kanga: Manaphy?
    Kimi: But I wasn’t aware that Manaphy could call upon water pokemon.
    Derek: No was I.
    Lora: Although, it sort of makes sense when you think about it.
    Manaphy: Phy! Phy! Manaphy!
    Kanga: So do we take our majesty Manaphy?
    Derek: Seem a little odd if you ask me. Something doesn’t just sound right to me.
    Lora: But it’s the king, he’s someone we can trust!

    The King was sitting on his throne.
    King: I know that a family on this island has a son who owns Manaphy.
    King looked at the screens in front of him, and there was a picture of Lewis and Manaphy.
    King: Guards, if they don’t hand over Manaphy nicely, then we take by force.

    Daniel, Dawn, Kanga, and Kimi were once again having a battle. Whilst Jack and Lewis were playing with their pokemon.
    Daniel: Shieldon! Ice Beam!
    Kanga: Tirtouga! DODGE!
    Dawn: Jumpluff use Bounce!!
    Kimi: Panpour use Hydro Pump!!!
    Suddenly, 2 men appeared.
    ?????: Hand over Manaphy!
    Daniel: Huh? Who are you?
    ????: No business of yours, now hand over Manaphy!
    Manaphy cowered
    Lewis: Manaphy is mine, no big scary people are going to take it!
    ????: If you won’t hand over Manaphy nicely, we’ll have to take it by force! GO! Darmantian!
    Dawn: Oh yeah, you really think we’re just going to stand by and let you take Manaphy! GO! Pachurisu!
    Kanga: Tirtouga use Water Gun!
    ???: Darmantian dodge and use Fire Punch!
    The Darmantian moved aside and then punched Tirtouga in the face KO’ing it.
    Kanga; Tirtouga no!!! How dare you!
    Daniel: Shieldon use Iron Head!
    Shieldon: She! Shield! Shieldon
    Shieldon began running at Darmantian but was stopped in its tracks by another pokemon.
    Jack: Who’s that pokemon?!?!
    ?????: Gigalith use Earthquake!
    Pachurisu, Shieldon, and Panpour were KO’d.
    Dawn: Oh yeah, Jumpluff use Solarbeam!
    Jumpluff was already storing the sunlight, when it let it wrip! Solarbeam KO’d Gigalith, but then Darmantian used Flamethrower!
    Kanga: Kimi! Let’s sort these men out! Daniel, you and the others run, get Manaphy to safety!
    Daniel: Right!
    Daniel, Dawn, Minun, Turtwig, Piplup, Jack, Lewis, Teddiursa and Manaphy began to run, they ran through the town.
    Kanga: Alright, let’s bring out the troops! GO Kangaskan!
    Kimi: I choose you, Lapras!
    Kanga: Use Mach Punch!
    Kimi: ICE BEAM!

    The gang continued to run through the town.
    Daniel: Where are we heading?
    Lewis: I was told to take Manaphy to a shrine whenever we were in danger! We’ll go there! Its up by the castle!
    Jack: Then let’s go!
    A man in armour stood infront of them.
    Man: Where do you think your going? Hand Manaphy over!
    Daniel: Dawn, take the others up ahead! Let me handle this!
    Man: Gallade, Bisharp! GO!
    Daniel: Feraligatr and Granbull, I need your help! Use Hydro Cannon and Fire Fang!
    Man: Gallade, Bisharp dodge and use Close Combat and Guillotine!
    Gallade ran towards Feraligatr but was blasted backwards! Whilst Granbull was caught in Bisharp’s grip!

    Jack: Dawn do what’s going on?
    Dawn: I dunno, but it seems odd, don’t you think, the king is looking for the “Prince of the Sea”, Manaphy is classified as Prince of the Sea and then there are all these men in armour ordering to hand over Manaphy.
    Jack: You don’t think?
    Dawn: It seems that way to me.
    Piplup: Pip!
    Jack: But why?
    Dawn: The Prince wants the “Prince of the Sea” for something, I’m worried about what that something is though.
    Jack: I see your point, if you ask me, this Prince seems nasty.
    Dawn: You got that right!
    Dawn and Piplup led Jack and Lewis up some steps and into a park.
    Piplup: Pip Pip Piplup
    Suddenly from a tree jumped a man wearing armour
    Man: Still going? Hand Manaphy or pay the price!
    Dawn: Never! You’ll have to pay the price!
    Man: GO! Golurk and Sawsbuck!
    Dawn: Mamoswine and Quilava SPOTLIGHT!
    Man: You think you can beat me?
    Dawn: I don’t think I can, I know I can!
    Mamoswine charged into Golurk and pushing it backwards slightly, it was a matter of strength and power!
    Quilava fired Swift at Sawsbuck who also used Swift.
    The 2 attacks collided.
    Jack and Dawn made eye contact, and Dawn winked and nodded
    Jack and Lewis continued

    Jack: All our friends are fighting. We have to get to a safe spot!
    Lewis: R-Right.
    Jack: You seem more confident Lewis.
    Lewis: I do?
    Jack: Don’t worry about it, I used to be the same, but then I met Daniel and I’ve grown. Right Teddiursa?
    Teddiursa: Ursa!
    Jack: We need to get to the safe spot, you said it was behind the castle right?
    Lewis: Yeah.
    Jack: Hpmm…. (If me and Dawn are right, this safe spot doesn’t seem so safe to me)
    Teddiursa: Ursa
    The duo reached the castle.
    Waiting for them was the Prince himself.
    Prince: Ah, the Prince of the Sea! Does this mean you saw my message? I am grateful you brought him to me.
    Lewis: You have to do something, all these nasty men are trying to take Manaphy.
    Prince: Take Manaphy from you? Now why would they do something like that? Lewis isn’t it? Why don’t you hand Manaphy over to me, I’ll look after it if any men come to take it.
    Lewis: Uh…..Okay!
    Lewis went to take Manaphy over to the Prince.
    Jack: WAIT!!!!!
    Teddiursa: Ursa!
    Prince: What is the matter child?
    Jack: I know what your up too! You’ve order some guards to steal Manaphy, but they all failed.
    Prince: Ahh, well it seems I have been caught out, a smart child it would seem. Educated where we?
    Jack: I learnt from 2 people, one taught me confidence *Daniel appeared in Jack’s head* and the others wiseness passed onto me *Ashley appeared in Jack’s head* Those 2 people taught me everything I know, they taught me to speak up in trouble and how to catch out a phoney!
    Prince: Oh how sentimental. Such a shame I have to ruin the moment! Mightyena! Attack!
    Jack: Teddiursa! Quick!
    Teddiursa used an Energy Ball, it knocked Mightyena backwards, but it recovered quickly and ran towards Teddiursa, Teddiursa then ran up to it, charging up a Fire Punch, it knocked Mightyena in the face, sending it backwards once again, Mightyena flipped backwards and regained its stance. It charged for Teddiursa using Bite! It latched onto Teddiursa! Teddiursa panicked, then used Mach Punch! Mightyena let go!
    The 2 pokemon stared each other, the 2 trainers ordered a command.
    Daniel and Dawn arrived to see Jack holding his own.
    Teddiursa and Mightyena ran towards each other, then both leapt into the air. Teddiursa punched Mightyena back, KO’ing it. However, the Prince had sent out a second Mightyena, but it had brown markings on it, who bit Lewis and then snatched Manaphy!
    Prince: Hahaha! Fool!
    Jack: Huh?
    Lewis was crying!
    Daniel and Dawn ran up!
    Daniel: No fair! You used 2 pokemon!
    Prince: Fair? HAHA! I’m a Prince god damn it, I make the rules! HAHA! NOW WITNESS! All the time I was away, I travelled region to region, when I was travelling in Kanto I found the remains of machines that hadn’t been used in many years. My Mightyena stepped into the machine and then suddenly, there were 2 Mightyena!
    Daniel: A Cloning machine?
    Prince: Correct. Now, witness the machine in all its glory!
    The Prince held Manaphy by its neck, then threw it into the cloning machine.
    Lewis: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Teddiursa: Ursa!
    The machine went crazy!
    Minun: Mai!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Piplup: Piplup Pip!
    The machine stopped, standing in the fog was a Manaphy, next to it was a weaker Manaphy who had trouble standing!
    Prince: TADAH! HAHAHA!
    Dawn: How could you?
    Prince: Now Manaphy, show this useless Manaphy how the real Prince is, Kill It!
    Lewis: NO!!!!!!
    The clone Manaphy used an attack which struck the real Manaphy
    Lewis was in tears!
    Dawn: HOW DARE YOU??!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Dawn: You’ll pay for that!
    Lewis ran over to the lifeless Manaphy in floods of tears!
    The gang ran up to Lewis to support him.
    In that time, the Prince ran to the sea, he got into a boat and took Manaphy out into the sea!
    Prince: Now Manaphy, Bring Keldeo to me!
    Manaphy began to screech into the sea! Its sound waves emitted the ocean.
    At the bottom of the sea was a Pokemon who was sleeping.
    The soundwaves awoke the pokemon.
    It rose and then took to the top of the sea!
    Out of the waters rose a pokemon.
    Prince: Keldeo! I have summoned you. Now you must obey my commands!
    Keldeo nodded.
    Prince: Excellent!
    Prince and Keldeo along with the cloned Manaphy then disappeared.
    Daniel: We’re did they go!?!
    The Prince was heading off to an island just south of Pacificalo Island.
    Dawn: That island! That’s were he’s gone.
    Lewis was still crying.
    Jack: We need to get Manaphy to a pokecenter.
    Dawn: Right!
    Piplup: Pip!

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

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    Somewhere not too far away...

    A girl and her Drilbur were seen passing through the tall multi-colored buildings.

    Meryl: We're almost to Striaton's Gym, Drilbur. I know it!

    Drilbur: Bur Drilbur!

    The two spotted a fancy looking cafe in front of them.

    Meryl: Hm, I'd say this place costs a few fancy bucks to dine in. These rich guys probably know a thing or two about the gym, lets go see.

    Drilbur smelled the aroma as they walked inside.

    Drilbur: Drilllll Drilburrrr


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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

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    OOC: No need to worry Wind, your not being rude, but yeah sorry this is private

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

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    The gang sat in the Pokecenter. Kanga, Kimi, Derek and Lora were with them.
    Derek: He went to an island you say?
    Dawn: Yeah, just out in the ocean.
    Derek: Hpmmm……
    Kanga: Whats up Dad?
    Derek: Back when I used to be a butler for the King, I once searched the castle and found a doorway, that let under the ocean, and onto the island. Recently, you can see new building work on it. It could be that the Prince made a base there.
    Daniel: Then I’ll check it out!
    Minun: MAI!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Dawn: I’m coming with you!
    Jack: Count me in too!
    Lewis: I-I want to help you too.
    Kanga: Lewis?
    Daniel: Really?
    Lewis: Yes, that man hurt Manaphy, I must help stop him!
    Jack: (He’s brave, I’ll give him that) Alright!
    Kanga: Me and Kimi will help you get into the castle. And help fight any guards, then you 4 must then head to the doorway
    Daniel, Dawn, Jack and Lewis; RIGHT!
    Nurse Joy: Manaphy is coping now, it was in a critical condition, but we managed to save it. It should be fine.
    Lewis picked up Manaphy and returned it to its pokeball.
    Lewis: You’ll be safe here Manaphy!

    Later that night.
    Daniel, Dawn, Jack, Lewis, Kanga, and Kimi invaded the castle, they ran through the corridors, and Groyvle used Leaf Blade everytime they approached cameras and sliced through the wires.
    They came to a room.
    Kanga: This is it!
    There were many footsteps heading down the corridors.
    Kimi: Quick!
    Daniel opened up the doorway, Minun, Turtwig, Piplup and Teddiursa went through, followed by Dawn, Jack and then Lewis.
    Daniel; Good luck!
    Kanga: You too!
    Daniel hopped down through the doorway.
    Kanga closed the door.
    The footsteps arrived.
    Guard: Intruders located! Aim!
    Guards pointed guns at the duo.
    Guard: FIRE!
    Multiple tranquilizer darts flew towards Kanga and Kimi.

    Daniel: This place is so dark.
    Dawn: I hear you! Go Qulava!
    Quilava came out to provide light, they found themselves in a tunnel. They headed down it, there were many wild pokemon who stared at them, Rattata’s, Bidoof’s, Shinx, all watched them as they walked by.
    They approached another doorway,
    Daniel opened it up and took a look. They were inside the building on the mysterious island.
    Daniel: We’re here! We have to stay alert though.
    Minun: Mai!
    Daniel stepped out of the door and into the room. He then led the gang down a corridor.
    They finally arrived at the a room, they peaked around the corner. In the room were 3 large screens and the Prince sat in front of them. On the screen showed Keldeo running across the waters towards Pacificalo Town.
    Dawn: Its heading towards Pacificalo.
    Piplup: Pip! Piplup!
    Daniel: What is he doing?
    Keldeo arrived, and then stood. The people of the town watched. They cheered as their hero came home.
    The Prince smirked.
    Keldeo then raised its front legs, as a huge Tidal Wave crashed through the town.
    People ran for their lives but were swept away by the wave.
    Dawn: He’s so evil!!!! How could he do that! We have to do something.
    Dawn stood up.
    Prince: Muhaha. Loving the scene?
    Dawn: Huh?
    The Prince turned around to see the gang.
    Prince: Look at it. Destruction! Now I don’t have to have all those whiney people, and now, I can get so much insurance for the destruction.
    Daniel: What? You’re doing this for money?
    Dawn: That’s so inhumane!
    On the screen were Gaynor, Johanna, and Sarah standing on top of a roof.
    Daniel: We’ve have to help them!
    Prince: No. You don’t.
    The Clone Manaphy appeared.
    Prince: Finish them!
    Daniel: Minun, Turtwig! Let’s go!
    Suddenly out of Lewis’ pokeball came the real Manaphy.
    Manaphy stared at the Clone!
    The Clone charged at Manaphy, and used Water Pulse.
    Manaphy was getting beaten up badly.
    Daniel: Politoed! Help him!
    Suddenly Mightyena appeared, defending the Clone Manaphy.
    Dawn: Pachurisu Help Manaphy!
    Pachurisu went to use Hyper Fang on the Cloned Manaphy, but was knocked back by a second Mightyena.
    Jack: (I-I have to do something.)
    Jack ran past the fighting and pushed the Prince out of the way.
    He ran over the speaker phone.
    Jack: Keldeo! Do you hear me? It’s the Prince! He’s using you! You must stop this madness! Please!
    The water was rising, it was close to touching Gaynor, Johanna and Jack’s mum Sarah.
    Jack: PLEASE! *tears began to run down his face* PLEASE!!
    Keldeo stopped.
    The Prince punched Jack to the floor.
    Prince: How dare you?! You fool! *pulls out a gun and points it at Jack*
    Daniel: NO!!!!!
    Dawn: JACK!
    The Prince went to pull the trigger, but suddenly, Teddiursa jumped up and bit the Prince’s arm. The Prince lost his aim and shot the machine.
    Prince: OUCH!
    The Prince dropped the gun in pain.
    Daniel jumped to the floor and picked it up.
    Whilst Dawn and Piplup ran over to Jack to make sure he was okay.
    Daniel: Give up Prince! Now!
    Your plans have failed.
    The water in the town began to go down. And Keldeo disappeared into the ocean.
    Prince: You stupid children, I could have been rich! RICH I TELL YOU!
    Dawn: Its sad. Money has gone to your head. You don’t know the true meaning of life. Life isn’t money.
    Speaker: Island self destruct. Sinking in 1 minute.
    Daniel: WHAT?
    Prince: FOOLS! You destroyed the machine, you’ve killed us all!
    Daniel picked up Lewis, Minun and Turtwig jumped onto his shoulders, whilst Dawn grabbed Jack’s hand, Piplup, Teddiursa and Manaphy ran behind them. The Prince stayed, watching them run.
    Prince: They’ll never make it!
    The group got outside, the island shook rapidly.
    Daniel: What now? Its too far to swim!
    Manaphy yelled. Its soundwaves penetrated the seas.
    Suddenly! A huge creature appeared, water splashed everywhere.
    Daniel: Could it be!?!?!
    Dawn: Who’s that Pokemon?
    Daniel and Jack: Its Lugia!
    Minun: Mai!
    Teddiursa: Ursa Ursa!
    Dawn’s pokedex: Lugia, It is said to be the guardian of the seas. It is rumored to have been seen on the night of a storm.
    Lugia: Hello Daniel, Jack, Minun, Teddiursa, hop on quick, we do not have time.
    The gang hopped on Lugia.
    Lugia took flight just as the island sunk.
    Dawn: I don’t understand.
    Lewis: Me neither.
    Daniel: Oh right, Lugia, this is Dawn and Lewis, Piplup and Manaphy, and you briefly met Turtwig before!
    Lugia: It is very nice to meet you.
    Dawn: Lugia, thank you for saving us.
    Piplup: Pip!
    Turtwig: Turtwig!
    Lugia: Don’t thank me, thank Manaphy, without Manaphy, I would never know you lot were in danger.
    Daniel: Thanks Manaphy.
    Manaphy: Phy! Manaphy!
    They flew back to Pacificalo.
    Lugia landed.
    Daniel: Thanks Lugia!
    Lugia: I must leave Daniel, Jack, Dawn, Lewis, Minun, Teddiursa, Turtwig, Piplup, and Manaphy. However, I must tell you. We shall meet again, 2 more times.
    Daniel: Huh? What do you mean?
    Lugia: You shall see, all in good time my friend. Now then, farewell!
    Lugia took off
    Dawn: THANK YOU!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Daniel: Meet again, 2 more times? What could he mean?
    Johanna: DAWN!
    Dawn: Mom?
    Gaynor, Johanna, Sarah, Derek, Lora, Kanga and Kimi ran towards them.
    Jack: You’re okay! Haha!
    Kanga: You did it! Thank you all!
    Daniel: Don’t thank me and Dawn! It was really all Jack and Lewis they make a good team! Sorta familiar!
    Dawn: That’s very true!
    Sarah: My little Jacky is growing up! Ah!
    The boat tooted.
    Gaynor: Now its time to continue! Time to head to Unova kids! We’ll meet you on the boat.
    The mothers left.
    Daniel: Hey Lewis, why don’t you come with us?

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Gligarz on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:28 pm

    Meryl walked into a calmly lighted building, where many people were dining.

    Meryl: Wow this place sure is special, Im not sure who to ask, it'd rude to interrupt.

    Three waiters rushed over to Meryl.

    ?????: Welcome! What would you like? May I suggest the Nicoise Salad?

    The three began to escort her to a table.

    ?????: Or always try something simple like, maybe Nachoes with Cholula hot sauce?

    ????: Or the Remoraid Special, only found here in these parts!

    Meryl: * smiled and shook her head * Oh no, no. I'm looking for the gym. Could you kind fellows point it out?

    ????: You want to battle the gym leader? Thats what she said, right Chili?

    Chili: Right Cress, what do you think Cilan?

    Cilan: Quite interesting indeed. Well...

    The curtains rolled up, the 3 jumped up on stage, sending out 3 monkey pokemon.

    "Your looking right at us!" the the three said in usion.

    Meryl: Now THAT is what I call true 5 star quality!

    Drilbur: Drill!

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  KingMinun on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:57 pm

    Derek: What do you say Lewis? A chance for adventure, that’s fine with us!
    Lewis looked to Jack, then towards the town.
    Lewis: I-I, thank you for the offer, I really want go but, this town needs help being rebuilt. I want to help out! So me and Manaphy will stay here!
    Kanga: That was a brave decision you made there Lewis.
    The ship tooted again.
    Dawn: W-We better get going.
    Piplup: Pip!
    Daniel: Well, then, goodbye everyone!
    Lora: Thank you for helping our Lewis!
    Daniel, Minun, Turtwig, Dawn and Piplup ran towards the boat.
    Jack: Lewis. When I become a trainer. Would you like to travel with me! It’d be great if you did!
    Lewis: I would love to! Thank you Jack, you and Teddiursa helped me find my confidence!
    Jack; Well, I gotta go! I’ll see you soon!
    Lewis: Right!
    Jack and Teddiursa ran after Daniel and Dawn.
    They boarded the ship.
    Minun: Mai!
    Turtwig: Turt!
    Dawn: TAKE CARE!
    Piplup: Pip!
    Jack: See you around!
    Teddiursa: Ursa!
    The ship headed off to its next stop Unova!
    A pokemon watched the ship sail off. Keldeo, then smiled, and ran across behind the boat!
    Lewis: Look its Keldeo!
    Kanga: Guess it wanted to say goodbye!
    Keldeo jumped up by the gang and caught their attention.
    Daniel; Woah! Look!
    Keldeo ran across the water, then jumped in, winking at the trio!
    Daniel: Unova is up ahead! Our new home! Keldeo is just one of the new pokemon we meet! I’m just so excited!!!!
    Dawn: So many new journeys! And contests!
    Johanna: That reminds me, I’ll be there to watch every single one of them.
    Dawn: How come?
    Johanna: I was offered the job as a judge for Unova contests, its one of the reason why we are moving.
    Dawn: That’s great mom!
    Johanna: But don’t you think I’ll be putting you through each round and letting you win! You must train hard missy.
    Dawn: Wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Johanna: Good!
    Daniel: Unova! Here we come!
    Minun, Turtwig, Piplup and Teddiursa jumped up with excitement!


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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Gligarz on Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:48 pm

    Meryl: Alright! Drilbur, Let's-Go!

    Cilan: Wait one second, you only have to battle one of us, your choice.

    Meryl: Really? Let's see... I pick... you there! With the firery spirit in your eyes! * she pointed to Chili *

    Chili: Good choice! Come on now, Pansear, we have a battle! Your turn first.

    Meryl: You want a hot battle then? Let's heaten it up with some Fury! Fury Swipes that is!

    Drilbur: Dril Bur Drill Bur Bur Bur! * began slashing Pansear back *

    Chili: Pansear, we can do better than that, can't we?

    Pansear: Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! *slashed Drilbur multiple times back in his own direction*

    Meryl: You okay? Hm... ah! Re-treat!

    Drilbur: * winked and drilled his way underground *

    Chili: Wait for it...

    Meryl: He dosnt know whats gonna- * Drillbur appeared out of the ground *

    Chili: Incinerate now!

    Pansear: Sear! *Drilbur was covered in flames*

    Meryl: You okay there lil guy!?

    DrilBur: *spun his body around with the flames and striked Pansear with Rapid Spin *

    Meryl: Wow great!

    Chili: Bite!

    Pansear: * chomped into Drillbur *

    Drilbur: BUR!

    Meryl: Endure the pain buddy! Um, maybe more Fury Swipes?

    Chili: Dodge and Incenrate!

    Pansear: * jumped over Drilbur and striked his back * Sear Sear!

    Drilbur: Bur...Dril...

    Meryl: This was way too early to start facing the gym leader....

    Chili: Ah ha! Never underestimate Pansear!

    Meryl: We're not finished yet!


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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Jet on Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:37 pm

    *Sid and Mika arrived at his house*
    Sid: Wonder if they are in… *Sid then knocked at the door, his mother answering the door*
    Julia: Hello there Sid
    *In the house, there was Patrick sitting at the kitchen table*
    Patrick: *Turns around and looks at them* Ah, looks like you showed up
    Sid: Patrick? What are you doing here?
    Patrick: I just got back from Unova, participated in the league and all that good stuff, anyway, I came here to give you something
    Sid: Really? What’s that?
    Patrick: *smirked* a rematch, you vs. me, three on three battle, what do you say?
    Sid: You seriously came all this way to battle me?
    Patrick: That, and some professor wanted me to bring him something
    Sid: Then why are you…
    Patrick: That’s a story for another time, so, you up for it Sid?
    Sid: Would you mind if we leave for a bit mom?
    Julia: No, no, go for it, just be back soon
    Sid: Alright, Mika would you ref for us?
    Mika: Sure, I’ll do that
    *The three of them stepped outside, Sid heading down to the far end, Mika heading to the middle, Patrick standing at the other end*
    Mika: This will be a three on three battle, both trainers are allowed substitutions, there is no time limit
    Patrick: Simisage, I choose you *Patrick took out a Pokeball, launching out his monkey Pokeball
    Sid: What is that?
    Patrick: A Simisage, Unova has some Pokemon you couldn’t even imagine
    Sid: Alright then, Froslass, go! *Sid sent out his Pokemon*
    Patrick: Hone Claws!
    Sid: Hail
    *Simisage began to strike it’s hands together, while Froslass opened its arms as hail started to fall from the sky*
    Patrick: just like always, a slave to the weather, huh? Old habits die hard
    Sid: Blizzard! *The storm began to pick up, as the storm hit Simisage,*
    Patrick: Acrobat! *Simisage then jumped off the ground, flying high up into the air*
    Sid: Shadow Ball! *Sid’s Pokemon then launched a Shadow ball at Simisage*
    Patrick: Dodge! *In the air, Simisage avoided the attack then flew through the air and struck Froslass
    Sid: Blizzard
    Patrick: Dig! *The storm picked up once again, as Simisage dug it’s way underground, avoid the attack*
    Sid: Get ready with a shadow ball
    Patrick: Remember, always two steps ahead, Shadow Claw! *From beneath Froslass, Simisage came out by digging a hole, with a dark black claw, he struck Froslass, knocking the Pokemon on it’s back*
    Mika: Froslass is unable to battle
    Sid: You did good, return *Sid returned his Froslass* now then, let’s go Roserade! *Sid sent out his Grass type*
    Patrick: Like that will help you, Dig! *Simisage once again dug underground*
    Sid: Get ready….
    Patrick: Now! *Simisgae pushed Roserade up into the air Acrobat, Shadow Claw!
    Sid: Protect! *A shield surrounded Roserade, and despite Simisage’s best efforts, nothing could get into the attack, as both Pokemon landed on the ground completely unharmed*
    Patrick: Can’t do that trick twice, dig! *Simisage dug underground* now!
    Sid: Ingrain! *Roserade sprung roots, planting itself in place
    *Simisage launched Roserade a few inches off the ground, but it snapped back into it’s starting place*
    Sid: Shadow Ball! *Roserade summoned the dark ball, launched it at the Simisage, who was too close from his dig attack, was hit and was knocked out*
    Mika: Simisage is unable to battle
    *At the edge of the battlefield, a Mawile was walking by, and stopped, watching the battle curiously*
    Patrick: Looks like you took down Simisage, *smirks* but at a cost
    *Roserade gained some health from it’s roots*
    Patrick: Gigalith, I chose you! *Patrick sent out his giant rock beast*
    Sid: Alright, grass Knot
    Patrick; Rock Polish! *Gigalith fell on the ground, but then shined up a bid, his rocks becoming smoother*
    Sid: Shadow Ball
    Patrick: Dodge and use Headbutt *The quicker Gigalith avoided the attack and charged towards Roserade*
    Sid: Protect! *Once again, the shield protects Roserade from the attack, as Gigalith’s attacks where completely useless*
    Sid: Grass Knot!
    Patrick: Stone Edge *Both Pokemon hit each other with a powerful attack, causing both to be laying down in pain*
    Sid: Come on… *Roserade then got some energy by absorbing it from her roots*
    Patrick: You can do it! Stone Edge! *Gigalith got up from the ground and launched another Stone Edge at it’s opponent* you know you can’t avoid it
    *Roserade tried to avoid the attack, but her roots kept her in place, the stone edge striking it, knocking Roserade out*
    Mika: Roserade is unable to battle
    Sid: Good job Roserade, Skarmory, it’s up to you *Sid sent out his third Pokemon*
    Patrick: Ah, the good old Skarmory, huh, well then, you know what to do *Gigalith opened its mouth, launching a silvery cannon
    Sid: Flash Cannon! *Skarmory launched the same silver cannon, both hitting each other, but Gigalith’s obliterating Skarmory, hitting the steel bird
    *Mawile watched on, getting a sly grin on her face*
    Patrick: Another! *Another Flash Cannon was launched*
    Sid: Fly around and strike it with another flash Cannon *after flying behind the Pokemon, Skarmory opened it’s mouth launching a flash cannon, hitting the Gigalith on the back of it’s head, the Pokemon collapsing to the ground*
    Mika: Gigalith is unable to battle
    Patrick: So our rematch comes to this huh? Go Infernape! *Patrick sent out his Infernape, his third Pokemon*
    Sid: Alright lets
    Mawile: *the Mawile then raised it’s voice and spoke in a whiney tone* MAWILE WILE WILE
    *Patrick, Sid, Mika Infernape and Skarmory all looked at the crying Pokemon
    *Mawile then stood up on it’s feet*
    Patrick: Is it, ok?
    *Mawile then turned around and struck a pose. Winking her eye at the two pokemon*
    Mawile: Ma!
    *Infernape and Skarmory then landed on their feet and stood beside the Mawile*
    Patrick: What’s….
    Sid: .....Happening
    Mawile: Wilema!
    *Infernape then opened it’s mouth launching a flamethrower at the group, all of them avoiding the attack*
    Patrick: Infernape, what’s gotten into you?
    Mawile: Mawile!
    *Skarmory opened it’s mouth and launched a flash cannon at Mika, Sid seeing this jumped out and tackled Mika to the ground, causing the attack to fly over them*
    Sid: *gets up* Skarmory, what are you doing?

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Jet on Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:25 am

    Mawile: Wile! *Both Pokemon launched their attacks*
    ???: Light Screen! *A Gardevoir got in between the attacks and the Pokemon, setting up a screen that protected the trainers, and a girl ran up beside her Pokemon*
    Sid: Thanks
    ???: Mawile! Behave!
    Mawile: Wile wile *the Pokemon turned it’s head, ignoring the girl*
    ???: Mawile….
    Mawile: Ma! *The Pokemon launched a Sky Attack and Mach Punch at Gardevoir*
    ???: Mawile, return! *The trainer then took out the Pokeball and returned the Pokemon to it’s capsule, but the Pokemon had finished their attacks, hitting Gardevoir, knocking it out* Gardevoir, thanks, return… *the second Pokemon was returned to it’s Pokeball as well*
    *Skarmory and Infernape returned to their senses*
    Patrick: So that’s your Mawile?
    ???: Ya, and it kind of has an attitude problem, I haven’t been able to get her to listen to a word I say, oh, I’m sorry, I’m Kendra
    Mika: Mika
    Patrick: I’m Patrick, this is Infernape, and the last two are Skarmory and Sid
    Kendra: I’m so sorry about Mawile’s behaviour, she always does this, I can’t seem to do anything other than hasing her down
    Mika: Do what exactly?
    Kendra: She’s always running around and using attract on other Pokemon, either to have them fight each other for her amusement or to have them turn on their trainers for the same reasons, Gardevoir and Linoone try to keep her at bay, but every time she manages to get away
    Patrick: That isn’t good
    Kendra: I am starting to wonder if I should even keep it….
    *Down the street, a huge explosion occurred, a building was a blaze, and smoke was arising*
    Patrick: Sorry to ditch, but that can’t be good, I’m going to go see if I can help
    Sid: *grabs his shoulder* you know we wouldn’t let you do this alone
    Mika: Ya, if you’re going, we’re going, we don’t want to see something bad happen to you
    Kendra: And I’m coming too
    Patrick: Why?
    Sid: No time, let’s just go
    *The six of them headed off to the burning building, which happened to be the Pokemon center standing on the ground looking up*
    Kendra: What’s happening? *Just then, Mawile popped out of her Pokeball* Mawile!
    *Mawile began to run away, Kendra chasing but turned around and seen the Pokemon center a blaze*
    Patrick: It looks like the building was attacked
    Mika: But by who? And Why?
    *Just then, on the roof, two figures walked out of the smoke, both wearing their black uniforms with a red “R” on them, along with a black kite like shape on their backs, the man had short florescent orange hair, carrying a sack and the girl had long bright pink hair*
    Bonnie: Prepare for trouble...
    Billy: ...and make it double!
    Bonnie: To infect the world with devastation!
    Billy: To blight all people in every nation!
    Bonnie: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!
    Billy: To extend our wrath to the stars above!
    Bonnie: Bonnie!
    Billy: And Billy, of course!
    Bonnie: We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and all night!
    Billy: Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight!
    Mawile: *Jumped up into the air, as high as she could* Mamawile!
    Kendra: Mawile! Please, can you stop for a few minutes, we have a very serious situation occurring at the moment
    Sid: So it’s them again
    Patrick: Infernape *took out his hand and put it over his Pokemon’s fist, pressing down on it* Good luck
    Billy: Ah, if it isn’t the young boy from OI
    Bonnie: try’n to rui’n our plans once again, we’ll see about that
    Sid: Skarmory, go! Flash Cannon
    Patrick: Mach Punch
    Bonnie: Ledian, Light Screen! *Ledian was sent out of her Pokeball and summoned the force field which was stopped by the flash cannon, but was shattered by it, then Infernape got in a very quick mach punch, but fell from the building, landing on his back, being knocked out, Ledian taking very little damage to Ledian, but seemed to leave a black mark on it*
    Patrick: Good job Infernape, return
    *The building started to bend*
    Mika: We have to put the fire out!
    Patrick: Sid, she’s right, we’ll worry about them later *grabs another Pokeball* Dewott, go
    Kendra: Marshtomp!
    Sid: Feraligatr
    Mika: Jynx!
    Billy: Now it’s time….
    Bonnie: We take our leave…
    *The two of them pressed a button on their suits, their kite like objects expanding into gliders, and the two jumped off the building, gliding away*
    Sid: Hydro Pump *a blast of water flew through the air and struck the building and the flames with tremendous force*
    Mika: Ice Beam
    Kendra and Patrick: Water Gun! *both Pokemon launched the attack at the fire*
    *Mawile looked at the gliding Rocket grunts, then back at her trainer, then back at the rocket grunts, she then raced through the streets trying to find them
    Sid: Darn it…. They are getting away
    Patrick: Just focus on the building, another
    Kendra: Keep it up!
    Sid: But….
    Patrick: Two steps ahead *Patrick pulled out a GPS with a blinking light on it* this helped me find Grotle, it will help us find them
    Mika: Gro…..tle *a few tears began to fall from her face*
    Sid: another hydro pump *patted Mika on the back*
    Patrick: What is it? What’s wrong?
    Mika: Grotle…. Is dead…. *Jynx stopped attacking and went back to comfort her trainer*
    *The fire began began to die down*
    Patrick: I’m…. I’m sorry
    Sid: One more! *Another hydro pump was launched, the fire was hit by the powerful strike, and what was left of it disappated *
    Patrick: Mika…. I know this is a bad time, but there are Pokemon that need our help
    Mika: Ya….. you’re right
    Kendra: Good Job Marshtomp *She returned the Pokemonl to the Pokeball* Mawile, now for you too….. *she started to look around for her Mawile* Mawile! Mawile! Where are you Mawile! *Kendra began frantically looking around for her Pokemon*
    Patrick: Alright, let’s stop them
    Kendra: You three go, I have to find Mawile *She took out another Pokeball, sending out a Linoone, who began to sniff around*
    *Patrick pulled out his GPS and charged for the signal, Sid and Mika followed*

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Jet on Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:09 pm

    *Mawile arrived at the landing site of Team Rocket*
    Bonnie: *Looks back and sees the Mawile* ah, it’s so cute
    Billy: We have to get going
    Bonnie: I be tak’n her with me *walks up to the Pokemon and picks it up*
    Billy: Alright, alright, we must be hurrying
    Bonnie: Just a minute!
    *Just then, Patrick, Mika and Sid ran to the grunts*
    Patrick: Alright, let’s show them how it’s done, I chose you! *Right then, Infernape came out of it’s Pokeball*
    Bonnie: Alright, Ledian, go! *Bonnie sent out her Ledian*
    *Mawile’s mouth then bit down on Bonnie, and the Pokemon jumped out of Bonnie’s hand, and landed beside Ledian*
    Sid: Go! *Sid reached for his Pokeball*
    Patrick: *Stopped Sid* Let me handle this
    *Mawile, then took the same pose as before, trying to get Infernape infatuated*
    Mawile: Wile wile! *Infernape didn’t even move*
    Mawile: Wile!?
    Bonnie: Psybeam! *the attack once again charged towards Inernape, but once again did absolutely nothing*
    Bonnie: Wha…. What the?
    Sid: How in the?
    Mika: How did that not even leave a scratch?
    Patrick: Focus Blast! *In his hands, Infernape charged up a focus blast, which struck Mawile, leaving it injured, not trying to move*
    *Kendra and Linoone made their way to the field*
    Kendra: Mawile! *she headed to help her injured Pokemon*
    Bonnie: Oh no ya don’t, that lil’ purty is mine, Silver Wind *A strong wind blew, pushed Kendra. Linoone, and Infernape against a tree* now, just to deal with ya Infernape
    *The Infernape then dissipated, and in it’s place stood a black, bipedal fox Pokemon*
    Bonnie: What the?
    Patrick: Zoroark, Night Slash! *The dark fox Pokemon ran past the bug Pokemon and towards the bag*
    Billy: No!
    Bonnie: Silver Wind! *Ledian then took the opportunity to launch a powerful blast of wind at the Pokemon, launching it towards Billy*
    Patrick: Get the bag!
    *using it’s claws, Zoroark dug into the bag, causing a big gapping whole, causing all the Pokeballs to fall out*
    Billy: Darn it
    Bonnie: Oh no *she then frantically tried to pick up the Pokeballs*
    Kendra: *got up and again charged for her Mawile, once again Ledian launching her back with a silver wind*
    Billy: We have no time, we must be leaving
    *Billy turned around and ran*
    Bonnie: Darn it, he’s right
    *she drops the Pokeballs and ran*
    Kendra: Mawile, why did you run off like that?
    *Mawile turned around, looked at her trainer, then back at the running rocket grunts, and chased after them, not turning back
    Kendra: Mawile! *she frantically grabbed her Pokeball* Return! *the beam of light charged after the Mawile, but it missed, and the Pokemon continued to follow the Rocket Grunts* no….. *she got up trying to follow it, but was too injured from the silver winds to keep up a quick pace and quickly collapsed*
    Patrick: We better get her and these Pokemon back
    Sid: Ya I guess you’re right
    *A bit later*
    Kendra: *slowly awoke, scanning the area* Mawile…. Mawile!
    Patrick: Oh she’s awake *walked over to her* I’m sorry, we couldn’t find your Mawile, you were hurt pretty badly, so we had to bring you hear *she was in a charred Pokemon center*
    Kendra: but…. But….
    Patrick: Sorry…..
    Sid: Patrick, Kendra, Nurse Joy wants to see us
    Patrick: Alright, you coming?
    Kendra: Alright….
    *Sid, Mika, Kendra and Patrick all stood in front of the nurse*
    Nurse Joy: Thank you, thank you so so so much *she bowed to the group* I don’t know what we would have ever done without you, you helped us get these Pokemon back, we here at this Pokemon center are forever in your debt
    Patrick: We just did what anyone would do
    Mika: Our Pleasure
    Sid: Don’t mention it
    Kendra: Your welcome…. Now if you’ll excuse me…. I’ll be leaving … *begins to head out*
    Patrick: Kendra, wait up for a sec alright? *chases after her* I know it’s a sad time losing your Pokemon and all, but there was nothing you could do, you did your best, no one could have helped that Pokemon,
    Kendra: But… It’s my fault
    Patrick: No it’s not, stop blaming yourself! You have at least three well trained Pokemon, none of them did that, you caught one bad apple, you are a good trainer, you just have to move on
    Kendra: …. Alright
    Patrick: Good, I expected to see you in the league next year, maybe then I can take you on, sound like a deal?
    Kendra: *smirks* sure *leaves the center*
    *Patrick rejoins Sid and Mika*
    Nurse Joy: You’re Mika Grainger right?
    Mika: Yes, that’s me, why?
    Nurse Joy: You have a phone call, from Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four
    Sid: Flint?
    Patrick: Of the Elite Four?

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Jet on Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:37 pm

    *The three of them walk over to the phone*
    Flint: Mika, long time no see
    Mika: Ya, it’s sure been a long time, but I kind of thought I wouldn’t hear from you after what happened
    Flint: You know, that normally would be a safe bet *A small smirk hits Flint’s face* but it’s kind of important
    Mika: What is it?
    Flint: You need to pick up your Pokemon, the Sunnyshore gym is closing down
    Mika: Oh no! why?
    Flint: I can’t say, not my right, but anyway you should come get them
    Mika: Alright…
    Patrick: So let me guess, Unova next for you two?
    Sid: Ya
    Mika: That’s the plan
    Patrick: Then can I suggest something? Sid you go on ahead, and Mika you meet up with him in Nacrene city? I figure it should take about them same time for Mika to get to Sunnyshore to Twinleaf, to Nacrene as it should to get to Nacrene from Nuvema
    Mika: Sure, sounds like a plan
    Sid: Alright, I guess that works
    Patrick: Alright, I guess I’ll be off to the OI *heads towards the center doors* see ya around, alright?
    Sid: You can count on it
    Mika: Well I guess I better be heading to Sunnyshore then too
    Sid: Ya, I guess so
    Mika: So see you…. *Sid grabbed her hand, pulled her in and gave her a kiss on the lips*
    Sid: Next week
    Mika: *was a light red* ya….. *turned around and headed for Goldenrod*
    Sid: *smiled* I can’t believe how lucky I am….

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Gligarz on Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:30 pm

    Drilbur hopped up, raised sharpened his claws with a smile.
    Meryl: Al-right Bud! Try Slap-en some mud!
    Drilbur: Bur Bur! *Drilbur turned around and began to dig, throwing mud in Pansear's face*
    Chili: Gah! We wont lose our heat! Pansear,just go for another bite!
    Pansear: Pan! *The High Temperature Pokemon chomped into Drillbur*
    Drilbur: Ur... *a single tear falled from Drilbur's eye*
    Chili: Thats right! Again!
    Pansear: *prepared another bite*
    Meryl: *remembered the moment of Drilbur raising and sharpening his claws* Thats right! Drilbur! Hone! Claws!
    Drilbur: Dril! *raised his claws and sharpened them, Pansear could not stop in time*
    Chili: No Pansear! Slow Down!
    Pansear: SEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Pansear's teeth hit the sharp metal claws of Drilbur, knocking him far away*
    Meryl: K..........
    Pansear: *got up in much pain, preparing Incinerate*
    Drilbur: *was nowhere to be seen, but then jumped out below the ground under Pansear, who fainted as instant as the strike*
    Meryl: O!!!!!!!!! KNOCK OUT!

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  KingMinun on Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:46 am

    It was a bright early morning, the sun shined in through a window, and there laid a man in bed. The sunlight touched his face, and his eyes tightened, he then wiped his eyes with his hands, and then rose from his bed.
    Ashley slipped into his slippers by the bed besides him.
    He then got up and opened the door of his bedroom.
    He was greeted by Nuzleaf.
    Nuzleaf: Nuzleaf! Nuzleaf!
    Ashley: Morning Nuzleaf, man does it feel good to have a lie in, travelling around meant early mornings. But nope, not anymore.
    Nuzleaf: Nuzleaf! Nuz Nuz Nuzleaf!
    Ashley: So, what's on the agenda today?
    Nuzleaf: Nuz! *hands a piece of paper to Ashley* Nuzleaf!
    Ashley: Aha, let me read!
    He unfolded the letter
    Dear Ashley, Hope your doing well, I shall be arriving within the next few days, with your first challenger, her name is Lisa, she is a tought cookie and has managed to beat all the frontier challenges except yours. Yours Sincerly Scott
    Ashley: A Challenger? Well then, I had better get my strongest ready for the battle.
    Nuzleaf: Nuz! Nuzleaf! *salutes*

    Ashley: (Man, talk about being lonely in this place, all I have are my pokemon, no human interactivity)
    The doors of the Battle Lab opened.
    Ashley looked up.
    Scott entered
    Scott: Hello Ashley, good to see you, your challenger has arrived!
    From behind Ashley stepped a beautiful blonde woman, see was attractive to all who saw her.
    Lisa: Hello Ashley, long time no see!
    Scott: Huhh?
    Ashley: Lisa, no way! Its been so long, how are you keeping?
    Lisa: I'm doing well, I left the school a few years back to continue my travels, and well, I wound up here! Aha hehe!
    Ashley: Impressive!
    Scott: Will someone please explain what's going on here?
    Ashley: Oh right, Scott, Lisa and I used to work in a pokemon trainers school, I taught Pokemon Biology and Lisa taught Pokemon I.T, basically teaching how the PC boxes work, and how to make Pokedexes, etc etc.
    Scott: I see!
    Lisa: Ashley always was one of the best teachers in the school, but he left for Sinnoh to start training to become a Pokemon Professor. It was a shame for the school really, he was one of the best, if not the best teacher there.
    Ashley: Aha, shucks, thank you.
    Lisa: He was good with teaching and dealing with pastrol issues.
    Scott: I see.....well then, shall we begin the battle......where's the referee?
    Ashley: Yeah,.....uh you see......you still have not sent me one Ahaha.
    Scott: Oh is that so? Well then I suppose I will be the referee for this match.
    Ashley: Cool, but the rules of this frontier remember!
    Scott: Right, 3 Vs 3 pokemon battle, only the challenger is allowed to make substitutions. Oh and the twist. There will be parts of the match where the robotical arms will come out and spray potions that could either paralyze, poison, freeze, burn or make your pokemon fall asleep.
    Lisa: Nice twist! I accept! Let's role!
    Scott: *clears throat* BEGIN!
    Ashley: Inferape your up!
    Lisa: I choose you! Manetric!
    Ashley: There it is, good old Manetric, the one that powered the computers!
    Lisa: Manetric I believe our first move shall be Wild Charge!
    Manetric shielded itself in electricity and charged at Inferape
    Ashley: Infernape use Mach Punch!
    Infernape took a run up with its fist, it used its fist to break down the Electric Shield and then its tail swung round it as the actual Mach Punch, it stabbed Manetric and Manetric took a lot of damage.
    Lisa: Oh wowy!
    Ashley: Now Infernape use Stone Edge!
    Stones surrounded Infernape and then flung at Manetric, Manetric ran from side to side dodging the stones as they flung towards it!
    Suddenly a chamber opened and a mechanical arm reached out, it then began to spray!
    Ashley: Mach Punch!
    Infernape punched Manetric into the direction of the spray. Manetric was poisoned

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  DustyPumpkin on Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:40 pm

    *Meanwhile at a diffrent place, at an earlier time*

    Lucas: Ahhh, It finally good to be back home, eh Buddies?
    Bonsly: Bonsly!(Yeah the Orage Islands were great, but being back here is good.)
    Squirtle: Squirt...tle.(So this is home...big.)
    Lucas: It is, I can't wait for you to meet eveyone!
    *Lucas enter his homes doors to see a welcome party from his fzmily and pokemon*
    Everyone: Welcome Home!
    Lucas: E..Everyone!!
    *Lucas runs and embraces his family*
    Liza: We're glad your back Lucas!
    Kelvin: Great to see ya again little man! *Ruffles his hair*
    Katie: Big Bro! Didya have alotta fun?
    Lucas: Hehehe, I sure did and as usual, I have more to add to the family!
    *Throws a Pokeball*
    Lucas: Here's Grovyle, Apparently I'm not intirerly worthy of her yet, But she'll treat all of you nice.
    Grovyle: Vyle.(At least your halfway there.)
    Kelvin: She sure looks powerful, And those blades can be really useful for cutting!
    Liza: Very, eveybody will be so happy to see their food expertly cut!
    Grovyle G-Grovyle!(I-I thank you kindly!)
    Lucas: Okay, Here we have Squirtle.
    Squirtle: S-Squirt!(N-nice to meet you!)
    Katie: Aw, He's so cute! *Picks him up and hugs*
    Cheri: Cher!(I agree!)
    Liza: Me too!
    Squirtle: (hehehe.)
    *Throws a Pokeball*
    Lucas: Here we have, Cubone, He's a bit demanding but he's nice at heart.
    Cubone: Bone. (Well thanks.)
    Katie: Aww, He's cute too!
    Liza: I agree!
    Cheri: Cher!(Me too!)
    *Katie picks Cubone up too*
    *Throws a Premier Ball*
    *One of Lucas's Pokemon comes spinning around*
    Lucas: You'v met Spinda, Intirely Crazy.
    Kelvin: I think he drank my coffee this morning...
    Liza: Mine too...
    Steelix: Lix!(Man, He's everywhere and nowhere at once!)
    Lucas: Unfortunatly you haven't met my Seviper, She's at Oak's with Daniel's pokemon.
    Liza: Oh? And why's that?
    Lucas: Well at the moment I guess she's in a one sided, Hate-love relationship with Daniel's Zangoose.
    Kelvin: Sounds Complicated...
    Lucas: It is.
    Qwilish: Fish!(Aww, I would've l loved to chat about her love life!~)
    Spiritomb: Tooomb!~(All these diffrent kinds of romances!~)
    Anyway next is Puipitar, He's a bit power hungry, but luckily he's more normal hungry.
    *Throws his poekball*
    Pupitar: Itar! (Glad to meet you!)
    Kelvin: What a cool looking pokemon!
    Pupitar: Pupi!(Much Apreciated!)
    Lucas: Lastly here's Makuhita!
    Lucas: Cool, Confident and Bulky!
    Makuhita: Hii hii hii, Maku?!(Ey ey ey, Ow's it goin?!)
    Lucas: Also he's got a Brooklyn Accent!
    Kelvin: Yeah, I can hear that.
    Katie: Me too!
    Liza: Even without PSI, I can hear that!
    Machoke: Choke..(Seems like I have Competition...)
    Lucas: Hehehe, Well that's everyone!
    Glad to finally be home!
    *A man came bursting through the door*
    Man: YOU!
    Lucas: M-me?
    Man: Yes, YOU, You've been screwing up the town all day!
    Lucas: Wh-what!?
    Kelvin: Now, Now Richard.
    Richard: That's Officer Richard at the moment!
    Liza: Now what do you mean he's been screwing up the town all day?
    O. Richard: JUST THAT, Many reports have an EXACT discription of him!
    The blond puffy hair with the sticky up bit, the stipes, the tallness!
    Katie: But Lucas has just come back here today!
    O. Richard: But, But, He's the only guy in town who fits that discription!
    Lucas: Officer, Would it help if I helped you look for the real theif?
    O. Richard: That's -IF- it's not really you, your still a suspect to me.
    Lucas: Well okay, Let's go see what "me" has done.
    Katie: I'll come too!
    Bonsly,Squirtle, Cheri and Rubi: (Don't forget us!)
    Liza: We'll stay here and see if we can see anything.
    O. Richard: Alright then, Come on Kids.
    Lucas and Katie: Hey, we're not kids!
    *They leave*
    Lucas: So what has "Me" done exactly?
    O. Richard: Openly attacking wild pokemon, by himself, Stolen food, dirtied tourists clothes, drawn faces on people napping at the beach and littering
    Katie: Those definatly don't sound like something Lucas would do...
    ???: HEY, YOU STOP THEIF!!!
    *From around the corner came running.....Lucas!?, he had a doggy bag in his mouth and was wearing sunglasses*
    Lucas: What-!?
    O.Richard: THE-!?
    Katie: HUH!?!?
    Bonsly: (Whoa whoa whoa!)
    Squirtle: (How are there two!?)
    Cheri: (I don't get it..)
    Rubi: (Long lost twin?)
    Store Clerk: YOU!! *The clerk runs at Lucas*
    Give me back that doggy bag, those sunglasses too! *Rapidly shaking Lucas*
    Lucas: It. wasn't meeee!
    O. Richard: Stop please, this young man is innocent!
    Clerk: But I just saw him, up close, stealing my stuff!
    Katie: But that was a guy that looked just like him!
    Clerk: Pfft, yeah right.
    O. Richard: No, It's true, really, the real theif went that way.
    Clerk: Hmm, Well...you've never failed a case yet, Rich, so go on, find me this "Look a-like"
    Katie: He ran thrugh the trees...
    Lucas: That'll make it harded to find him, so we'd best hurry.
    *The three went into the woods, followed by the four small pokemon*
    Lucas: Now if I were me where would I hide....
    Katie and O.R: ???
    *Rustle Rustle*
    Kaite: THERE!!
    Lucas: Okay Squirtle, Water Gun!
    *Out of the Bush popped the Lucas, Look-a-like*
    Luc-a-like: *Snarl*
    Katie: His teeth are really sharp!
    *The Luc-A-Like ran off again*
    Lucas: Water Gun Squirtle!
    *The Luc-A-Like was soaked, but he still kept running, then he came to a clearing and turned around*
    O. Richard: You, Your under arrest!
    *Luc-A-Like threw the doggy bag high in the air, distracting everyone, he then ran at Bonsly and grabbed him by the branches and procieded to thwirl and throw him straight at Rubi, Office Richard caught the doggy bag*
    Lucas: Bonsly!!
    Katie: Rubi!!
    Lucas: All right that's it!
    Katie: Time to go Tag Team on his butt!
    *Luc-a-like assumes a Fighting stance*

    O. Richard: Wh-what about me?
    Lucas: Make sure he dosen't escape!
    Kaite: Cheri!
    Lucas: Squirtle!
    Katie: Leach Seed!
    Lucas: Water Gun!
    *Cheri propelled Leach Seeds into the air and Aquirtle Water Guned them straight at Luc-A-Like, they hit hard and procceded to wrap around him*
    O. RIchard: I didn't think that worked on humans!
    Lucas: Withdraw and Water Gun!
    Katie: Hop on top and Petal Dance!
    *Squirtle rapidly span in a circle, water flying everywhere, while Cheri stood on top an summoned Petal's intensifing Squirtle's Speed, they span at Luc-A Like and proceeded to batter him, Luc-A-Like feel to the ground but he bited Cheri and threw her over yonder*
    O. Richard: What kind of guy is this!?
    Katie: Cheri!
    Lucas: Squirtle, Save Cheri, Quickly!
    *Squirtle span quickly, dove, and caught Cheri with a Water Gun, Cheri landed on Wartortles head...and then...they glew!*
    Lucas and Katie: No way!
    O. Richard: The Suspense!
    Luc-A-Like: *growl*
    *The Glowing stopped!*
    ???: Wartortle!
    ???: Cherrim!~
    O. Richard: Oh wow! *Is eating out of the doggy bag at this point*
    Katie: This is amazing!!!
    Lucas: They evolved into Wartortle and Cherrim!!
    Katie: Let's finish him!
    Lucas: Hydro Pump!
    Katie: Razor Leaf!!
    *Luc-A-Like struggled but there was no way to avoid the Hydro-Leaf combo, Luc-A-Like fainted!*
    Bonsly: S-sly..?(Wh-what did I miss..?)
    Rubi: Sk-skour...(My-My head...)
    Lucas and Katie: Yeah! *High Five, Katie was stronger than she looked and knocked Lucas over, a Pokeball rolled out his pocket*
    Lucas: Hm?
    *The Pokeball touched Luc-A-Like's Nose....AND SUCKED HIM IN!?*
    Katie: Lucas, O. Richards and the Pokemon: !!!!?????!!!????
    *Lucas wildly grabs the Pokeball and throws it, out of it didn't come a Luc-A-Like but a Small grey and orange fox....still wearing the Sunglasses*
    Katie: Wh-what is it?
    Lucas: *Checks Pokedex*
    Pokedex:.....No Data....
    O. Richard: *Who has eaten the whole contents of the Doggy Bag* This, I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!! *Faints*
    Lucas: *Crouchs down* Hey Lil guy, Can you tell me who you are?
    ???: Z...z..Zor..(I'm...I'm...Zorua.)
    Lucas: Zorua...
    *Lucas reaches into his back pack and pulls out a Sitrus Berry, then feeds it to Zorua*
    Zorua: Zo...Zo..Rua,Zorua.(Ah..Ah, that's better, I'm sorry for impersonating you, but I was sooo hungry.)
    Katie: That's Understandable I guess...But how's you manage to look like Lucas?
    Zorua: Zor.(I can create Illusions.)
    Bonsly: Bonsly!(Whoa, that sounds awesome!)
    Lucas: But where do you come from?
    Zorua: Ru...Ru...ZORUA!(Fr...Fro...ISSHU!)
    Lucas: Isshu?
    Bonsly: Bon..(That's a weird name...)
    Zorua: Zo, rua, Rua.(Ah, No, that was a sneeze, I come from Unova.)
    Lucas: Unova?
    Katie: Never heard of it...
    Bonsly: Sly!(Sounds Cool though!)
    Zorua: Zrorua, Zo, Zorua!(But that's not the bug thing, I, I need to get back, My mamma!)
    Lucas: Your Mamma?
    Katie: What Happened?
    Zorua: Zorua!(I was chased away, I hid on this big thing, I fell asleep, but after awhile I found myself coming down here!)
    Lucas: Big thing?
    Zorua: Rua! (Up there!) *looks at the sky*
    Katie: Hey, that's right, A cargo plan sometimes comes over right?
    Lucas: I've always wondered where that came from....
    Katie: So you need to get back to Unova to find your Mamma?
    Zorua: Rua!(Yeah!)
    Lucas: Mom and Dad have a Private Plane right, maybe we could use that.
    Katie: They were talking about going on vacation, Maybe they'd like to go to Unova!
    Lucas: Yeah!
    Katie: Well let's go!
    Lucas: Oh we'd better get Officer Richard and tell everybody what happened.
    Katie: I don't think anybody would belive us if we said, "It was a just now discovered pokemon with Illusions abilitys" It does sound a bit out of the blue...
    Luke: Yeah...I guess we'll tell them it was a rampaging Ditto.
    Zorua: Zor?(Ditto?)
    Bonsly: Bonsly!(Boy have you got a lot to learn!)
    Rubi: Rupi!(A Lot!)
    Katie: Well right now I have to celebrate Cheri's evolving!
    Lucas: Oh Yeah, Wartortle, you were amazing!
    Zorua: Zor...(Sorry about biting you...Cheri..)
    Cheri: Cherr~(Don't worry, It's okay, Just feel better!!)
    O. RIchard: Uh...Wh-what happened?
    *Lucas and Katie explain everything to the officer*
    O. Richard: I see, I see, Well, you kids need to get to this Unova place, let me handel the people!
    Lucas and Katie: Thanks Officer!
    *The two and the pokemon are about to run off*
    O. Richard: Oh and...Lucas..
    Lucas: Hmm? Yes?
    O. Richard: Sorry for Doubting and suspecting you before.
    Lucas: Hey it's alright!
    *The two and the pokemon run off back home*
    Kalvin: Oh?
    Liza: Your Back!
    Katie: Hey Mom, Have you ever heard of "Unova"?
    Liza:...Why....Yes! Yes I have!
    Lucas: You have?
    Kalvin: Me too, We've yet to establish a chain there.
    Lucas: Well this Zorua needs to get back to his Momma, could we go there?
    Liza: My, What a cutie!
    Kalvin: Sure, It'll be a vacation AND a chance to start up the resturant there!
    Lucas: That's great!!
    I wonder if Sid and Daniel know about Unova..
    Liza: We can pick them up if you like!
    Katie: Jack too? GREAT!
    Kalvin: Oh and uh, Lucas, me and your mother will be borrowing your pokemon while there.
    Lucas: Well I'm sure they won't mind.
    Liza: Well let's get going then!
    *The family quickly collect up the pokemon and belongings and went on there way to the Priavte Jet*
    Lucas: Let's call Daniel first!
    *On the onbord plane phone, Lucas called Proffessor Oak*
    Lucas: Moved!?
    Oak: Yes, In fact, he, Jack and Dawn are on there way to Unova right now!
    Lucas: Well I guess we better get going then, See ya, Proffessor! *hangs up*
    Liza: Hey Lucas, Is'nt that your friend Sid down there?
    *Lucas looks out the window and sees Sid*
    Lucas: Hey yeah, that's him!
    Kalvin: Let's land this birdie!
    *Kalvin gently touches down the Plane*
    *Wind from a Plane swept at Sid's face, a familiar voice came down to greet him*
    ???: Hey Sid, Short time, No see!
    If your headed to Unova, best get on now!

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Jet on Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:47 pm

    Sid: *turns to face Lucas* Lucas! Ya, nice guess I guess *Sid boarded the plane with his backpack*

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Gligarz on Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:36 am

    Cilan: Well...
    Cress: Here is...
    Chili: The Trio Badge! *Dento gave Meryl her badge*
    Meryl: Badge Number 1, Success! *spun her Drilbur in the air*

    Meryl: Well, we should get going. Gotta gurry to Nacrene City!
    Cilan: Aha! The Normal Type user, Lenora is your next step I assume?
    Meryl: Of course! Rising to fame is one of my biggest dreams! Well, let's get going Bud, Bye! *Meryl and Drilbur walked away, waving goodbye at the three waiters*

    Only a couple minutes of walking, Meryl's Cross Transiever went off.
    Meryl: Hello? *a woman appeared on her screen* Mom!
    Lyn: Hey! Hows my girl doing!
    Meryl: Well...Nothing much...I only got...THIS! *Meryl excitedly held up the badge to the screen*
    Lyn: Your first badge already! I know he will be proud when he hears this! But honey, I'd like you to take a stop home, we have new neighbors coming very soon, it would be nice of you to greet them.
    Meryl: Back to Nuvema? Alright!

    Meryl turned around and began to run, not knowing her huge journey to come.

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  DustyPumpkin on Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:41 pm

    *Here We go to a new trainer, Her name is Alesha, being droped off near Accumula Town by her Pap, along with her starter, Minccino*
    Alesha: Thanks Papa!
    Minccino: Cino!
    Papa: Now you be a good girl. ya hear?
    Call Often and Have plenty of supplies and that.
    Alesha: I promise Papa!
    *Alesha Hugs her Papa*
    Papa: I'll be off now, baby girl, Remember to visit in Driftveil!
    Alesha: I will, I will!
    Off ya go now Papa, you have to take care of your place!
    Papa: Ay, Yer right, I'll be off now.
    *And with the, Her Papa was off*

    Alesha: Well Minccino.
    We certainly can't challenge the gym on our ownsom now, Can we?
    Minccino: Ccino...
    Alesha: Right!
    So let's get us a New friend!
    *Alesha and Mincinno wandered the forest util she came across a small pond*
    Alesha: Hmmm...Aha-ha!*Her fang gleamed as she got an idea*
    Minccino: Minc?
    Alesha: Doubleslap the Water!
    *Minccino obliged and slapped the water, out pooped a small pokemon*
    Alesha: It's a Tympole!
    Papa will be so proud I got a Ground type!
    *Tympole shot bubbles at Minccino*
    Alesha: Oh yeah right!
    Minccino Double Slap again!
    *Minccino rapidly slapped Tympole*
    Tympole: TYYYYMMM!
    *Tympole let outa large ringing sound*
    Alesha: Yeow, How noisey!
    Minccino Pound!
    *Minccino slamed hard on Tympole, Tympole was knocked back*
    Alesha: Now's my chance, I'll use Papa's special Pokeball!
    Go NET BALL!
    *Alesha threw the Net Ball, A Net Came out and captured Tympole*
    Minccino: CCINO!!
    Alesha: Now let's get to Striation, and challenge that leader!!
    Minccino: Minc! *Minccino hopped on her shoulder*
    *Alesha ran through the Woods until she saw light*
    Alesha: Alright! Let's
    *Alesha ran out of the woods....And off a cliff*
    Minccino: MIIINNNNN!!!!
    *They fell*

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    Ashley's Stories!

    Post  KingMinun on Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:27 am

    Ashley and Lisa were both down to their final pokemon.
    Slaking Vs Blastoise!
    Ashley: You are tough, I'll give you that!
    Lisa: You're not half bad yourself! Now Blastoise! Hydro Cannon!
    Ashley: Slaking stop it and use Protect!
    Slaking protected itself!
    A large explosion came from outside.
    Ashley: Huh? What's going on?
    Lisa: Blastoise! Return!
    Blastoise was returned.
    Ashley, Lisa and Scott ran outside.
    In front of them was a large Tyranitar who was of an Orange Colour, fighting against a group of smaller pokemon who were trying to take it down.
    Ashley: What's going on here?
    Lisa: It looks like the small local pokemon are ganging up on Tyranitar! But why?
    Ashley: That Tyranirar is of a different colour. Hold on a second! Sid's Dad had pokemon like this Tyranitar! Its a Delta species Tyranitar.
    Lisa: A Delta Species? Huh? What's that?
    Ashley: This pokemon has come from an island, on that Island, the pokemon are infected by some sort of radioactive virus that makes the pokemon change colour and type. This Tyranitar should be a Rock/Dark type, but it is infact a Fire type.
    Lisa: I wonder what it is doing here?
    Ashley: Me too, it worries me how it got here, but I am interested in the island in which it has come from and I wish to travel there one day, except this Battle facility holds me back right now.
    Lisa: You can go there! I'll look after the battle lab if you want
    Ashley: Really? You'd look after this place?
    Lisa: Sure, and the pokemon here too!
    Ashley: You hear that guys, we'll be able to check out the island of Delta pokemon!
    Infernape: Apa! Infer! Ape!
    Nuzleaf: Nuz!
    Riolu: Ri! Ri!
    Houndoom: Dooooom
    Slaking: Sla....King.... *sleeps*
    Sceptile: Tile!
    Gliscor: Scor?
    Gyrados: RAGHH!
    Totodile: Tootoototo
    Ashley: Thanks Lisa! I have a phone call to make then!

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

    Post  Zigzagoole on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:33 pm

    Tyler ‘Ty’ Snapshot walked into his house. “Hay Adeline, I’m home!” He hugged his sister.
    “Hello big brother!” She smiled sweetly.
    Tyler stopped and held her tight. “Looker, your disguises are good, but Adeline never calls me big brother.” He pulled on the fabric, which uncovered the global trotting elite of the international police.
    “Your senses are as sharp as ever.” Looker laughed lightly.
    “So where is Adeline anyway?” Ty sat at the table, ready to see what rare mission he had. He was a freelancer photographer, and his favorite jobs were with the International Police. “Who do you need me to spy on?”
    “There is a group called Team Plasma working in the Unova region.” Looker told him. “Yet we don’t know much about them. They keep talking about librating Pokémon fromm trainers, yet they use Pokémon themselves.”
    “So you need me to find out what their motives are?” Ty smiled. “Sounds simple enough.”
    “You need to get it all on film as well.” Looker told him.
    “That is what I’m best at.” Ty got up, and began to pack. “Two quick questions. One, why don’t you do it? Two: Where is Adeline.”
    “First, I have some things to do in the Sinnoh region. Team Galactic grunts are still making a mess here and there. And as for you sister, she let me in, and said she had a race in Nimbasa City.”
    “She going all the way there form Accumula Town?” Ty shook his head. “That's one bike we will never see again.”
    “Yet you haven’t been able to hold on to one of yours for one year.” Looker chuckled. “You’re just as bad as she is.”
    “Its not my fault,” Ty whinned. “The last one I had randomly caught on fire.”

    As Ty left the city, he saw the speech in the town squire. “That is odd.” He looked at the pictures he took, and in then he saw a green haired man. “Odd. Don’t see hair color like that every day. I thought that was Cilan thing.” He walked around a little, and saw the boy again, talking to a group of trainers. “Ohh, he is a trainer. That makes sense.” He walks away fromm them, never being noticed.

    He left Accumula town, not a lot happening, and camped outside the town before he went to Striaton, making sure to feed his Pokémon, Tirtouga.

    He stayed for a day in Striatan City, not seeing any activity form Team Plasma, and he left for the next city. “It is a lovely day!” he looked around, and heared a rustle from the bushes. ‘Huh?” he looked over, and saw a Trubbish walk out. “Wow!” he pulled out his camera, and started to take pictures.
    The Trubbish walked up to him and his bike, and opened its mouth, and took a large bite on to it. “NO!’’ Ty started to try and pull his bike of it’s mouth. “LET GO OF IT!”

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    Re: Pokemon: Tales of old friends!

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