Seth Fumikuzi (Side Character)


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    Seth Fumikuzi (Side Character)

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    A rather average kid in the Kanoko Town High School, Seth is cool and collected despite being a small-time prankster. He is not a fan of Pokemon battling, but his close friends Amelia and Emilia Rakuen are trying to convince him to join them on their journey.

    There is actually a very closely guarded reason why Seth is hesitant to go on a Pokemon journey. Ironically, he is a Pokemon himself. A Zorua in disguise, to be precise. His mere existance is all for a single experiment. Seeing as some Pokemon exhibit human intelligence and even the ability to speak on rare occasion, Seth was born as one of those Pokemon and ordered to live among ordinary humans as a schoolchild. Because Zorua are masters of deception, this was rather easy for him, and for the next few years, he was just another student save for his great secret. At first he was scared of this new world, but eventually got used to it and even began to love it.

    When Amelia first asked if Seth was going on a Pokemon journey, things went downhill from there. The project was canceled and Seth was to be shipped away to another lab for genetics experiments after it was revealed that Seth became far too human. He would not go down without a fight. In a single Night Burst that made a Zoroark look weak, the lab was turned into scrap metal. His former owners were vaporized. After surveying the destruction he had caused, he did not feel guilt. Rather, he felt free, and decided to live out the freedom that he was denied. His celebration was cut short when the police came running, and he transformed into a Pidove to get away.

    The next day, he took Ameila and Emilia to an abandoned warehouse, where he revealed he was a Zorua. Shocking both of them, he agreed to go on a Pokemon journey with them, as their starter Pokemon. He had single-handedly killed fifty scientists anyway, and he needed somewhere to escape so he would not be imprisoned again. Where better than a Pokeball?

    After Amelia and Emilia got their starter Pokemon, a Snivy and a Tepig respectively, both female, Seth was given the honor to name them, and gave them the names Ettarre and Gwladys. At first, it was a little rough living with the two starters; Ettarre always tried to be dominant over him, only to find herself on the recieving end of Foul Play. Gwladys was abnormally shy, and sometimes would retreat back into her Pokeball. The three of them began to get along however. Seth's future is currently unknown, but it is clear that he will be facing the Pokemon League eventually.

    Seth takes a variety of human forms instead of the single one he had before he rebelled. His schoolkid form has black hair and radiant blue eyes, and he wears a schoolboy suit. If he has to hide his identity altogether, such as when entering a town where the police are on the hunt for him, he'll shift form into a triplet of Amelia and Emilia. Since the two look exactly the same save for eye color, he looks just like them, except his eyes are red to tell the difference. In this form, he takes the name Cecilia Rakuen, if only to complete the naming scheme.

    Seth's known moves are Night Burst, Foul Play, and Dark Pulse. His ability is Illusion. Seth sometimes does his own thing if he deems one of Amelia or Emilia's commands a bad move by using the appropriate attack instead, oftentimes Dark Pulse, which asserts his humanity. If he's cornered, he will not hesitate to use his deadly Night Burst, resulting in a pretty large crater and a defeated enemy. Because of his earlier rebellion, Seth has made sure to hold back on Night Burst.

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