Pokemon: Spectre Knights: The Greenveil Conspiracy


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    Pokemon: Spectre Knights: The Greenveil Conspiracy

    Post  Jet on Thu May 11, 2017 6:52 pm

    A few months have transpired since the events of Tokai and Tunik, and in that time, a group has formed under the name of the Spectre Knights. The Spectre Knights is a group of trainers who have banded together after seeing the rise of criminal and disruptive activities and have decided to band together to put a stop to it. The Organisation is small in number at the moment with only a few members, and with the constant problems arising both within the group and outside the group, the members are constantly being split up and sent on quests to help bring balance to the lands. This is one such group's mission

    West of Aspertia City, hidden in the depths of the Unova region lies Greenveil town, a small town built in the trees, taking heavy inspiration from Fortree City of Hoenn. In this hidden town lies a long line of Ninjas, steeped in tradition, it's citizens were trained in the art of stealth and speed to help better both themselves and their Pokemon. However with recent learnings of Mega Evolution and the evolution of science in the world, the tradition of the Ninja seemed to fade, as the town lost more and more people, as the ways of the Ninja of Unova were thought to be lost. One day however, one of 3 children thought to have been lost in a fire decades ago returned, and began rebuilding the Ninja town from the ground up. Little did the people of the town know though, that the three children had long since been adopted by Ghetsis, and that this member of his fabled Shadow Triad was going to use the reconstructed Ninja Clan to break Ghetsis out of prison so Team Plasma could rise once again.

    RP Notes: 
    - The Spectre Knights Series is not a journey series, instead it tells more structured stories, with less focus on gym battles and more with villains and the like
    - Characters will be dealing with bigger threats than base level goons, it is strongly recommended that you do not use a new trainer if you want to help with the villains, however, if that is what you want, feel free, just remember, these are not grunts
    - characters from any RP are allowed, as this falls outside the current stories, it is them slightly down the line from their current selves
    - this is more of an anthology like story, so while the Greenveil is one chapter, others will also happen, sometimes at the same time, some times one after another, if you are ok with creating more characters, or just want to do a once in a while story, that's fine, the in and out nature of the story should allow for more flexibility with characters presence compared to a normal Journey RP

    RP Rules:
    - This RP takes place after the current string of RPs, take that into account when choosing if/with whom you want to participate
    - Please no Godmodding
    - Avoid having your characters having legendaries on their team
    - Feel free to create one-off or NPC style characters to help tell the story
    - Before posting, inquire whether you can hop in, (will likely say yes, but warning is necessary just so we can create an organic environment for letting your character(s) in)

    Application: If you wish to join, either just ask via the chat box, via pm or via a post reply to this topic, below is both the application, and questions I will ask you about your character so they fit in the narrative , if an existing character the application is not a necessity, it is for new characters to the story

    Age (rough is acceptable):
    Hometown/Region (optional):
    Pokemon: (as many as you want, though try to avoid a large one for new character, keeping it close to 6 helps with the style of story telling)
    Role: (Combination of goal (Trainer, Coordinator Breeder and the like) and other speciality skills the individual might have (Cook, Ninja, Coach)
    Personalty Description:
    Physical Description:

    Name: Kadiri Jiraya
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Hometown/Region (optional): Greenveil Town, Unova
    Pokemon: Toxicroak, Seismitoad and Greninja
    Role: Trainer/Ninja
    Personalty Description:
     A girl from a long line of Ninja, she is both really well versed and respectful of her people's ways. At a young age she started to follow in her family's own personal style of Ninjitsu and as such has alot of respect for her family, to the point of viewing her school as superior compared to others. However, in recent years, with the trouble facing the outside world, and feeling her school and training put her above the rest of her people, she decided to leave the town to help the outside world. Upon entering the outside world, she was quickly faced with the reality that the training was not the best and as such has used her time to develop her ways. Along the way though she has loosened up a bit, especially with her fellow Knights, having seen the value of using others strengths and the value in not always hiding her thoughts and emotions
    Physical Description:
    A woman standing 5'8 in a dark blue Ninja garb covering her from head to toe. She is often mistaken for a boy as a combination of her baggy outfit, and by the fact that she constantly covers her face with the face mask and hood. She herself wears a pair of black gloves, which have their middle fingers coloured a bright red. Here eyes a deep brown, her hair, when not covered by her hood, a jet black, reaching just past her neck with a red streak going down the middle of it, unkempt and wild otherwise.


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