Pokenic League - Season 1


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    Pokenic League - Season 1

    Post  Jet on Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:16 pm

    This is an open round-robin Pokemon battle season open to anyone on the site which will lead into a 4 person tournament. Note, that this is very much a casual battling environment at least for the opening season, and as such we would like to ask you to only bring your in game teams to this event, and do not use IV bred or properly EV trained Pokemon to help skew the battles in your favor. In order to compete, just post here, and say you would like to participate, cut off will be February 1st to allow for battles to begin as early as February 2nd.

    Jet (W0, L0, T0)

    Cookie (W0, L0, T0)

    Zigzag (W0, L0, T0)


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