Back to Roots (Open Fan-fic. Post your stories from the past)


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    Back to Roots (Open Fan-fic. Post your stories from the past)

    Post  KingMinun on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:34 pm

    Feel free to post any stories you wish to share that take place in the past.
    I'm using this as a retcon for my story, Amy shall no longer be a travelling companion of Daniel's from Kanto-Sinnoh, only Hoenn-Sinnoh. 

    The newly formed team of Daniel and Jack along with Minun, Bulbasaur and Teddiursa were making their way to Viridian City.
    Daniel: Jack this is where I went to school, we used to catch a bus here to the trainer school everyday didn't we Minun
    Minun: Mai Mai! 
    Jack: I wish we could catch the bus now, its a wong way. I got wittle wegs!
    Daniel: Relax, it won't be long, in fact its just up ahead! We've passed loads of sign posts for it! Right Minun
    Minun: Mai
    The duo arrived in the huge city not long after their discussion. 
    Daniel: Now that we've got our pokedex and our badges! First thing I want to do is get myself my badge and ever since I went to school here, the school bus used to pass the Pokemon gym everyday! I know exactly where to go! Come on!
    Daniel grabbed Jack's arm and ran in the direction of the gym........

    Daniel: CLOSED! Is this true? 
    Jack: Is that what the sign says? 
    Daniel: Yeah! But how can it be closed! For the last 5 years I've been coming to this city to the school and everyday the gym has been open. But the one day I get my pokedex and can finally challenge it, its shut! That's not fair
    Bulbasaur: Bulba Bulbasaur! 
    Daniel: And I bet Kurt managed to get here a few days ago and it was open! That's so not fair I hate being the youngest! I hate it! 
    Jack: But I'm the youngest now
    Daniel: Its not the same!

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