Alun (Main Character


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    Alun (Main Character

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    Alun is a teacher who Daniel and friends met in the Kalos region, Alun is reserved in personality, but very knowledgeable and its his knowledge which has allowed him to become a successful teacher. Alun acts as a mentor for the Kalos gang and usually helps Daniel share knowledge with the new trainers in the group. Alun was once a Pokeathlete, he used to play for the Johto regions team back in his athlete days. He is sure to be an asset to Daniel and his friends. 

    Johto Pokeathlon Captain

    On hand - 

    Hitmontop - Hitmontop started out its journey with Alun back when he started out as a new Pokeathlete. He's been by Alun's side ever since and evolved from Tyrogue to help further their careers.

    Azumarill - Azumarill was the first pokemon Alun caught, its special because of this but also because it is a shiny Azumarill, originally caught as a Azurill, it evolved into Marill and later became the Azumarill it is today.

    At School: 
    Typhlosion: A real powerhouse in Alun's party, it brought him much success back in the day, but now it resides at the Santalune school, where it is loved by the children and pupils.
    Carnivine: Carnivine was used by Alun as his jumping team member who has helped him win many Athlons. It resides at the school to entertain the children.
    Walrein: Walrein was useful due to its stamina, and now it resides at the school.
    Electrode: The electric type on his team and the speed member of his team, Electrode helped him race to success and now resides at the school.

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