Evan (Main Character)


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    Evan (Main Character)

    Post  KingMinun on Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:37 pm

    Name: Evan
    Hometown: Santalune City
    Age:  6 
    Biography:  Evan  met the gang when they visited his school,  Evan's  parents recently went missing and Evan was living with a teacher at the school. He formed a  strong bond  with Daniel and looked up to him, after ending up  in trouble with Team Flare, Daniel saved Evan, and since then Evan  expressed his fondness of Dan and  asked to accompany  him on the Kalos journey

    Phanpy -
    Phanpy  is Evan's partner  pokemon, its still a baby, therefore has no  battling experience, however, it  has a  strong brotherly bond with him.

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