Flannery (Main Character)


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    Flannery (Main Character)

    Post  KingMinun on Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:32 pm

    Name: Flannery  
    Hometown: Lavaridge Town
    Age: 20
    Biography:  Flannery is  the gym leader of Lavaridge town, however, she doesn't  yet feel that her time journeying across  regions is over and still wants to explore the world, she is  currently travelling the Kalos region where she met Daniel once again, after remembering  their gym battle together, she decided that she could learn more by travelling with the group. 

    Magby -
    Magby has recently hatched from an egg, its strengths aren't all known  at the moment but  it put up a fair fight in a friendly battle against Viola's Surskit
    Flannery's Torkoal is a fairly powerful Pokémon. With a powerful Overheat attack at it's disposal

    At the gym:
    Slugma and  Marcargo

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