Katie(Side Character)


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    Katie(Side Character)

    Post  DustyPumpkin on Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:41 am

    Lucas's younger sister, the same age as Jack and rarely ever seen without her headphones, Friendly, Confident and easily excited she'll help Lucas anytime he's around, She's oblivious to the fact that her pokemon are super rare shineys, she has a secret schoolgirl crush on Jack, but she'll never admit it.
    Her favorite Pokeball is a Luxery Ball, Which is the only Pokeball she's ever used.

    Cheri the Cherubi, Katie's main pokemon that she's always seen with, She's much shyer thann Katie, but other than that they have the same personality, and Cheri often incourages Katie's plans, She was accidently caught when Katie was little and was playing with one of her Mother's empty pokeballs.

    Rubi the Skorupi, Katie's 2nd Pokemon, Easily angered and quick to mis-interpet things, Katie captured him outside the Sinnoh League, looking for a new home, he quickly became cheery when he was captured and now helps Katie with her new hobby of Job jumping.

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