(Ultra) Tokai - Land of Tomorrow


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    (Ultra) Tokai - Land of Tomorrow

    Post  Jet on Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:25 pm

    Welcome, to the land of Tokai, it has been 20 some years since the previous group of heroes journey began, and the passage of time has changed the world of Pokémon as we know it. However, this is not the story of the heroes of yesterday, no, it is the heroes of tomorrow, challenging the gym leaders, villains and rivals of tomorrow. Welcome, to a brand new land, a region like nothing you’ve seen before, we join our heroes as they begin their journey in Youngsprout town, as they go to meet Prof. Maple, the first stop on their way to greatness

    - This RP takes place in the future, and since these are NEW heroes, you cannot use characters you’ve used in other RPs as your main character, or as part of the group
    - This is a reboot of the previous Tokai, which has been inactive for a prolonged period
    - Your trainer is JUST starting out and they are going to Prof. Maple to get their first Pokemon, so, currently possess no Pokémon
    - No God modding, if at any time you control another person’s character without permission, you will be punished in some way for it
    - To prevent your character from lagging us back, or from just disappearing from the records, if you fail to make a post within a 4 week period, you give control of your character to me, as I will write them off in a manner that is appropriate to them, and leads the possibilities for them to return
    - Your character must be willing to lose, seeing as the league is the most difficult part when it comes to this, you MUST be willing for your character to fall to any other players main characters or rivals
    - Catching of legendaries are prohibited for the main characters and rivals, as whoever has one throws the balance off
    - In the main cast there can be no Repeats, unless there is a story behind the repeats, there are #719 Pokemon, this shouldn’t be a difficult task
    - Main characters from Tunik cannot be used as characters in this RP
    - Side Characters from Tunik cannot be used as main characters in this RP
    - Characters from Unova Journeys, New Generations, Gym Leader Academy (Any incarnation), The Unova Saga or the Resurrection of Hoenn or any related RPs cannot be used as a main character in this RP, they can only be used as side characters. As these characters are older, it makes no sense for them to be the main characters
    - An application does not equal acceptance
    - There is up to a possible 7 main characters
    - That doesn't mean 7 is the guarenteed number
    - I reserve the right to reject an application.... sorta goes with the limiting, I will give a few possibilities, either accepted, rejected or needs improvement (needs improvement means I didn't accept the character, but I like the basic idea, I feel there is a bit improvement that can be done before the character is accepted

    Name: (First is required, Last is Optional)
    Starter/Pokémon: (This Pokémon I can suggest and reject if I see fit, but just avoid legendaries, evolved Pokémon and Pokémon who seem overpowered)
    Role: (Main Character, Rival, Villain, Gym Leader, etc.)
    Specialised Type or Rank: (only include if needed)
    Family: (Optional)
    Bio: (This must be enough to get a feel of the character, not just about personality, but between this and family and role, we should be able to get at least a few little bits of details about the character, also, go all out with this if you want, I said this is going to be my pickest RP and I mean it, this may make or break acceptance, I want to see you put some thought into your character, in total, no more than 7 main characters will be accepted, myself included, plus a space for the currently active RPers from the original)
    Each trainer is required this (Gym leaders included, only replace their starter with their team,)
    Examples and Mine:

    Name: Professor Maple
    Pokémon: Starters, plus a Muk and Hitmonchan
    Role: Professor
    Family: Older Sister - Flora Maple
    Age: 30 ish
    Bio: She originally was the youngest regional professor, at the age of 19, however, it was not out of choice, as her father, the previous professor passed on and someone had to fill his boots. She is quite unorganized and is often quite clumsy, but don`t let that fool you, she is Tokai`s brightest,

    Name: Owen Hart
    Starter: Mudkip
    Role: Main Character
    Family: Older Sister – Fallon Hart
    Age: 12
    Bio: A young trainer just starting his journey, his goal is to surpass his sister, and hopefully some day become a Pokémon master, until then, he and his partner are going to just explore Tokai, learn about the world in front of them and hopefully meet new friends, Pokémon and people alike on the way. He is the son of the chief of police and an ex-museum curator,

    Name: Fallon Hart
    Pokémon: Groyvle, Kadabra
    Role: Rival
    Family: Younger Brother – Owen Hart
    Age: 14
    Bio: Has started out a few months ahead of her brother, but decided to hang around town in order to get to compete with her brother. Her goal is to become the champion of the region, and based on her brash nature, competitive spirit, and her own level of thinking she`s superior, she might have a chance

    Name: Zeke Murdock
    Pokemon: Absol, Metang
    Role: Rival
    Family: (Police officer – Father)
    Age: 14
    Bio: The youngest detective of the Police force, being a junior detective, and son of a police officer. Already a mystery solving machine, his goals include being the next head of police and to prove himself as a capable trainer to do that, so in order to do that, he decided to take part in the league, and has developed a rivalry with the chief of polices daughter

    Name: Sylvia
    Starter: Misdreavus
    Role: Rival
    Age: 12
    Bio: A modern day witch, this trainer constantly talks about the mystic world, people’s “auras” and many other mystical items. She seems to have an affinity to both the shapes of circles and stars, she likes to utilize her magic to test and practice on her rivals. She can always be seen with her broom and pointed hat. She is quite eccentric and outgoing and will challenge anyone who questions the validity of her magic

    Name: Hector
    Pokémon: Combee, Beedrill, Vespiquen
    Role: Gym Leader (1)
    Type: Bug
    Age: 38
    Bio: Originally a student of GLA, he has moved to Tokai upon graduating and became Dotat Cresent`s gym leader, he is a very cold and distant man, keeping his emotions under wrapped and generally shows great distaste for the concept of romance in particular, although he refuses to say why

    Name: Robyn
    Pokemon: Fearow, Farfetch’d, Togekiss
    Role: Gym Leader (3)
    Type Flying
    Age: late 20-early 30
    Bio: A complete airhead, being oblivious to the world around her, she currently works at the casino as well as the gym. She has had family being gym leaders, and overall does have her roots in Tokai. Despite her air headedness, she does have moments of enlightened, and when it`s something of great importance, she will absorb all information about it

    Name: Nicholas
    Pokemon: Mawile, Magneton, Skarmory, and Metang
    Role: Gym Leader (5)
    Type: Steel
    Age: 15
    Bio: Orphaned at age 4, he moved into Fullchrome Isle's orphanage. He spent most of his free time catching and training his Pokemon. Eventually though, he became consumed with the orphanage and eventually was known as the "older brother" of the orphanage. Recently though, he has also been put in charge of the gym, and currently seems to have little to no spare time

    Name: Alice Frost
    Pokemon: Glaceon, Jynx, Vanilluxe, Dewgong, Delibird, Froslass
    Role: Elite Four (2)
    Type: Ice
    Age: 30ish
    Bio: Originally a student of the Gym Leader Academy, but, after some terrible behavior and being humiliated by a student named Wilma, she was expelled from the school. She began to train to become a gym leader on her own accord, but never achieve it, however, she did achieve the role of Elite Four. She now has a deep hatred for the girl who humiliated her, and tries to insult her rival every chance she gets

    Name: Rupee
    Pokémon: Persian, Starmie, Banette
    Role: Villain
    Rank: Masked Member
    Age: appears 20-30ish
    Bio: A woman shrouded in mystery, a woman who seems to be the leader of the trio of villians, over all.

    Name: Yen
    Pokémon: Skarmory, Druddigon, Hitmontop
    Role: Villain
    Rank: Masked Member
    Age: 30-40ish
    Bio: Out of the three masked trainers, the one who seems to have the greatest sense of honor, though is still dedicated to the groups cause….. whatever that might be.

    (Note, these two have stories, more just as masked their identities are secretive)

    “And….. wait….” The professor said looking at her desk “….here…. we have it, 20 years ago… the bird appeared in Johto…. And has appeared many times, the sightings in the Whirl Islands have been on the rise, and then there was that incident in the Orange Islands…” the Professor said, looking at all the pictures… of the locations “yet….. again, another one of the “Mirage” Pokemon seem to escape the gaze of any photographers…” Professor Maple said “All… on file is the artist’s drawing of it…” she took all the photos and put in an overstuffed folder, pulling out another “then there is this one…. One of the few ever captured on film… Brandon usually didn’t allow anyone to get a film from his Pokemon battles, but someone managed to sneak in a camera….” She said looking at the picture of Regirock “and…. That Birch researcher managed to find the ruins of that Pokemon…. Out at the desert luckily” she said pulling out a back of photos from the their package and added them to the overstuffed Regirock file she had

    The lab door opened

    “Oh, you must be the new tra….” She started when she saw the faces of the guests, a male and a female, each wearing a mask

    “Hand over your research on Legendary Pokemon” The woman in the middle demanded

    “I….I don’t know what you are talking about” she denied, trying to play dumb

    “Then your research into “Mirage Pokemon” as you call them" the muscle of the group elaborated

    “N….no, I refuse to give you my life’s work!” she protested

    “Play nice…..” the girl of the masked trainers reasoned, sending out her Persian “And things won’t get ugly here”

    The Professor didn’t say a word, just sending out her Hitmonchan

    “So you want to play huh? Slash it good” Rupee ordered, her Persian charging at Hitmonchan

    “Ice Punch!” The Professor countered, Hitmonchan hitting Persian’s claw, getting slashed from the attack, while the Persian’s claw was encased in ice

    “Hey…. It’s opened….” Owen said, looking at the open lab door, heading inside

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    Re: (Ultra) Tokai - Land of Tomorrow

    Post  Zigzagoole on Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:43 am

    Name: Lance Season
    Starter/Pokémon: [size=12.727272033691406]Tyrogue[/size]
    Role: Main Character
    Family: Mother: Spring Season, Father: Justin Grans, Cousin: Lilly "Kitten" Season
    Age: 13
    Bio: The Sons of top coordinator, and a talk show radio host, Lance is a strong willed and straight foreword kid. His increasing interest in sports have lead him to follow the path of a pokemon trainer. Much to his despise, he has to travel with his little cousin, Lilly. But he will not look defeat in the eye, and will keep marching on to the pokemon league.

    Name: Lilly "Kittin" Season
    Starter/Pokémon: Meowth
    Role: Main Character
    Specialized Type: Cat like pokemon
    Family: Father: Fall Season, Mother: Liavon Tiger, Cousin: Lance Season. 
    Age: 12
    Bio: Lillly goes by the nickname Kitten, given to her by a rival in school became of her cat ears and tail. Lilly is a hyper and optimistic girl, always sticking her nose were is does not belong. She was inspired by her father and mother world renown states, and plans on becoming the best her family has to offer in everything imaginable. She is starting her first juorny with her cousin Lance.


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