Aerial O'Brian (GLA character)


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    Aerial O'Brian (GLA character)

    Post  Jet on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:32 pm

    Aerial is the by-the-book teacher at the school. She was once a student at the GLA and was a straight A student. She always had a fascination with teaching, that in her last year, she helped out her math teacher. She decided after graduating not to pursue a career in being a gym leader and quickly entered the teaching field. She never explains why she is such a stickler for detail, but it seems to be a very touchy subject for her. After she left GLA, she married, had a child, and a divorce. She seems slightly depressed, (according to her students). She teaches Pokemon grooming/nourishment and Mathematics. As well as being the female teacher in charge of the Green Dorm

    Aerial’s main Pokemon, she is often used as an example in Aerial’s Pokemon classes. Although, the extend of her battling ability is unknown

    A Pokemon often scene in her math class, keeping a watchful eye on the students to make sure there are no cheaters

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