Pokemon Unova Journeys - The Great War


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    Re: Pokemon Unova Journeys - The Great War

    Post  KingMinun on Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:25 pm


    The War was finally over, Silver was defeated, and everyone was heading back home. Daniel, Jack and Dawn were heading back to Nuvema Town. They arrived back at their house. Many months passed, the gang spent time with all their pokemon, bonding with each other and just relaxing. 
    One morning, Juniper came to visit. 
    Juniper: Good morning all. 
    Daniel: Morning Prof.
    Jack: Nice to see you
    Dawn: Its a pleasure too see you
    Minun: Mai
    Turtwig: Turtwig 
    Piplup: Pip!
    Juniper: However, I'm wondering what are you plans next? 
    Daniel: Well......haven't really planned anything, but I'm hoping to get out and travel again
    Jack: Yeah! That would be great
    Dawn: Hpmmm.....I'm not really sure. 
    Juniper: Well then. May I ask something of you? My friend in the Kalos region is awaiting data from me to update his pokedex, I'm unable to travel there as I can't leave the lab at the moment, I was wondering, would you be able to go in my place with your pokedex?
    Daniel: Kalos? 
    Minun: Mai?
    Jack: Kalos region? I've never heard of it.
    Dawn: Me neither!
    Piplup: Pip! 
    Daniel: But an adventure? There's gyms right?
    Juniper: Of course!
    Daniel: Minun, Turtwig! What do you say?
    Minun: Mai
    Turtwig: Turtwig! 
    Daniel: Then of course I'll do it
    Jack: And you won't be going without me haha
    Daniel: Wouldn't dream of it!
    Dawn: Yeah! Let's do it!
    Daniel: Alright! The 3 of us! Haha Awesome!
    Juniper: Fantastic, here! I've got your tickets for the plane! It leaves in the morning!
    Daniel: Alright! Leaving right away!
    The gang went to break the news to their mothers.
    Daniel: And so! We're going to Kalos! 
    Gaynor: Are you sure? After everything you've been through?
    Daniel: Sure I'm sure! 
    Sarah stayed quiet. 
    Daniel: It's going to be great! 
    Minun: Mai
    Turtwig: Turtwig! 
    Daniel: And the 3 of us! Together again! 
    Sarah propped up
    Sarah: Actually........
    Jack: Huh
    Sarah: No....I'm sorry but no. 
    Jack: Mum?
    Daniel: Wha?
    Sarah: I'm not having it. Jack isn't going. 
    Jack: But?
    Sarah: My little boy was captured and frozen! I don't want him to be put in that sort of situation. 
    Jack: You can't Mum! I want to go. 
    Sarah: Well tough! You can't. You were never meant to go in the first place. You went missing! Dan found you on that day many years ago, both of you 2 young boys, I'm grateful for that. And you've grown up with him and come leaps and bounds, but no. No more.
    Daniel: But...
    Sarah: I'm sorry Dan, I know Jack has been there since you started, but now, Jack's an older boy now, and Dan's a young man, but please respect my wishes. 
    Daniel: But Sarah...
    Gaynor: Dan, please respect Sarah's wishes.
    Daniel sighed, unable to do anything. 
    Jack frowned. He then ran out of the door and towards Route 1.
    Daniel: Jack! 
    Dawn: Dan! We gotta find him!
    Minun: Mai
    Turtwig: Turtwig! 
    Piplup: Piplup! 
    Daniel: Bravairy! COME ON OUT! Go find Jack! 
    Bravairy: BRAV!
    Bravairy shot off into the skies.

    Jack climbed into a team.
    Jack:....She wants to split us up Teddiursa! 
    Teddiursa: Ursa 
    Jack: Mum doesn't want us to travel anymore. Its not fair. I want to travel. I WANT TO BE WITH DAN!
    Jack began to cry.
    Jack: I want to go! I want to go! 
    He began to stamp his feet, the branch that the 2 sat on began to bend, when suddenly it snapped. 
    The branch fell to the ground below, landing on top of a Taurous. Jack and Teddiursa also landed on its back. 
    The Taurous then began to stampede through the forest. 
    Bravairy flew above. Locating Jack then following
    The Taurous ran through the forest, where it ran into a huge thick cobweb getting stuck, along with Jack and Teddiursa. 
    Braviary witnessed this, and flew back towards Dan and Dawn. 

    Daniel: You've found him! 
    Dawn: Then let's go! 
    Daniel and Dawn followed Bravairy. 
    As they ran, something that had been playing on Dawn's mind proped up. 
    Dawn: Dan! 
    Daniel: Yeah!
    Dawn: I've been thinking.......
    Daniel stopped.
    Dawn:......I just can't.
    Daniel: Huh?
    Dawn: I just can't. 
    Daniel:.....I figured. 
    Dawn: Our mothers saw this region saluagthered. And they're devastated. They've clearly loved having us back home safe with them, I don't think I'm ready to travel again. I've spent all this time training to be a coordinator by looking after pokemon, now I've finally got people and pokemon to look after. 
    Daniel: I understand.
    Dawn: You going to be alright?
    Daniel:....Yeah, course. I've got Minun and Turtwig, it's not all bad. 
    Dawn: I'm sorry.
    Daniel: Don't apologize. Honest. Look Dawn, you saved the world. 
    Dawn: Yes I did. I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best....but you know what....I am good. 
    Daniel: Haha. Yeah, you really are. Thank you though, I never really said it, you saved me, thank you so much. 
    Dawn: My pleasure. 
    Bravairy: BRA!
    Daniel: Jack! Come on let's go! 
    The duo continued. 
    They arrived at the scene. 
    Dawn: Oh no! They're caught in a web. Sounds familiar right Piplup?
    Piplup: Pip!
    A group of Ariados and Galvantula emerged. Protecting their webs. 
    Daniel: Haha! We wouldn't be coming full circle now would we without saving Jack one last time. Minun, Turtwig ready? In fact! Emboar, Samurott, Haxorus, Braviary! Let's do it!
    Dawn: YEAH! Piplup, Mienfoo, Whismicott, Trubbish! Help out too! 
    The gang pokemon fought against the spider pokemon. Destroying the web and freeing Jack and Teddiursa. 
    The pokemon scattered. 
    Daniel approached Jack. 
    Daniel: Jack! Listen, it'll all be okay. 
    Jack: But it won't. We won't be together travelling anymore. 
    Daniel: I know. But the 2 of us have come a long way, coming with me will hold you back. Jack, you've got so much potential to do whatever you want, I can't keep holding you back, every time I've had to say goodbye to my pokemon, it was hard, but in way I guess it's been preparing me for this day. The day you and I go our seperate ways. Jack, you'll always been in my heart. You're like my little brother. We've been through so much.
    The 2 began to think of their travels together. How Daniel rescued Jack on his first day as a trainer with the help from Minun. Then how they met Kurt and Amy on their travels through Kanto, their adventures in Johto, the journey in Hoenn wtith Amy and Luke, meeting Ashley, Lucas, Sid, and Mika in Sinnoh, travelling through the Orange Islands and meeting Dawn, before moving to Unova and meeting Meryl. 
    Daniel: Many friends have come and gone, but you've always been a constant. Thanks for everything Jack. 
    Jack: *wipes away a tear from his eye*
    Dawn placed her hand on Jack's shoulder. 
    Dawn: Jack, you're not alone, I'm staying here with you too.
    Jack: Really? 
    Dawn: Yeah!
    Jack: Thank you Dawn! 
    The 3 of them headed back home.
    Daniel began to pack. 

    The next morning, the gang set out to the airport. 
    They waited to say goodbye to Dan. 
    Speakerphone: The next flight to Kalos will be boarding shortly, may all passengers please head to the boarding gate. 
    Daniel: This is it then! 
    Dawn: Here! Take this! *hands Dan a photo*
    Daniel: What is it? 
    Daniel looked at the photo, it was a collage of all of his friends he's travelled with on his journey. 
    Daniel: Thanks Dawn!
    Dawn: Jack helped me make it. 
    Daniel: Thanks guys......guess this is my time to go! 
    Dawn: Good luck
    Jack: All the best!
    The 3 of them hugged each other. 
    Minun, Turtwig, Piplup and Teddiursa also hugged. 
    Daniel, Minun and Turtwig walked through to the departure gate.
    Daniel: Thanks for everything guys! You've been the best. See you soon! 
    He then walked on through and boarded the plane. 
    Dawn and Jack stood on the side of the run way waving goodbye to Daniel's plane as it set off. 
    Daniel: Next time guys.....new beginnings.
    Minun: Mai!
    Turtwig: Turtwig!

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    Re: Pokemon Unova Journeys - The Great War

    Post  Jet on Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:58 am

    *Sid was laying in a hospital bed, getting over his injuries from the fight, Skyla sitting next to Brett’s so called protégé*
    Skyla:…. He wouldn’t be proud of what you did you know
    Sid: I know, I know…. I let me being angry cloud me judgement, heck, I let myself stay angry for so long
    Skyla: And you know you aren’t just going to walk out of here right?
    Sid: …I…. I get that, some shrink talking to me, some time away…. It’s far from ideal…. But… at this point… considering what I did…. It’s probably for the best
    Skyla: Are you over it?
    Skyla: You can’t keep living in the past… you can’t change what happened and constantly dwelling on it gets us…. Well gets you into the position you were
    Sid: I know, but it’s not easy alright? She…. She was
    Skyla: Some girl
    Sid: No she wasn’t she was so much more then that!
    Skyla: No, no she wasn’t, if she was so great, why did she break your heart then huh?
    Sid: she… she didn’t have a choice
    Skyla: That is never true, we all have choices to make, you made bad ones, Brett made odd ones at times, I made bad ones, but a choice was made. She made a decision, and you weren’t it…. But it was her choice. Same thing happened to Brett.
    Sid: ..what are you talking about?
    Skyla:…A girl he knew broke his heart. He needed to travel the world, get away from our little town, he needed to be free of the shackles our town kept on people…. A small town vs. the big open world, a small town with so many painful memories for him, of course he had to leave, and, she wouldn’t go with him. It wasn’t what he did was wrong, it’s that she made a choice to go on without him.
    Sid:…and that’s why he said he knew how I felt…
    Skyla: First few months were bitter…. But he eventually realized that on his own…
    Sid: I…
    Skyla: Sid…. Stop hating the world for her choice…. Don’t take it out on everyone else…. It was her and her alone
    Sid: I… I know
    Skyla:….And while you made a wrong decision now…. You learn something on the road and in the sky…. No matter what, each pilot or rider is an equal, I don’t know if I am better then you or worse then you, in our eyes, all we see is another pilot.
    Sid: *a faint appears on his face* thanks
    Skyla: I may see you someday on the road, as equals Sid.
    Sid:…. Thank you Skyla, Brett, Dan… everyone
    Skyla:…. You know, Brett would yell at you for being so melodramatic about it…
    Sid: Sounds about right
    Skyla: …The next little while won’t be kind to you… but you’ll make it through
    Sid: Thanks…
    Skyla: I have to head back now…. Good luck Sid *she leaned over, and kissed his forehead before leaving* goodbye


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