Eos: The Darkness' Crawling


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    Eos: The Darkness' Crawling

    Post  Jet on Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:23 pm

    In the land of Eos, a crime war has begun, as many factions fight for the region, some playing a passive roles, others, trying to eliminate the other threats. Our heroes are not concerned with Badges and Contests, as the region is on the verge of collapse, no, our heroes embrace their role, they must now stop the war before it tears the region apart


    - If you join, you have the option to create a villain faction
    - Your application can be rejected, if it is wished by the owners
    - No Godmodding/Mary Sueing
    - It’s not too picky, just put in a bit of effort

    Name: (First is required, Last is Optional)
    Starter/Pokémon: (This Pokémon I can suggest and reject if I see fit, but just avoid legendaries,)
    Role: (Main Character, Rival, Villain, Gym Leader, etc.)
    Specialized Type or Rank: (only include if needed)
    Family: (Optional)

    Villain Team Profile Application:

    Team Name:
    Leader Description:
    Leaders Pokemon:
    Note Worthy Members: (Name, Description, Rank, and Pokemon)
    Grunts: (Physical Description, and Pokemon possibilities, theme type wise, or Pokemon they likely possess
    Team Goals

    My Characters/Teams

    Name: Victoria Falcone
    Starter/Pokémon: Houndour, Sandshrew
    Role: Main Character
    Age: 17
    Description: A wanderer, who, seems to keep a lot of her personal life to herself. She knows the region quite well, and is currently on a quest to put an end to Neo, doing whatever it takes to do so. She wears a green skirt, red boots the go half way to the knees, a white blouse, and a pink denim jacket over that

    Team Name: Neo
    Leader: Neo-1
    Leader Description: A man in a purple rope, covering him from his head to his toes, his face, is covered in a white demon mask, with gold accents added to the Mask, his past remains covered in mystery
    Leaders Pokemon: Gyarados, Houndoom, Crobat, Weavile
    Age: roughly 30
    Note Worthy Members:
    Name: Neo-2
    Description: A youngish woman, with Pink hair, tied in three Ponytails, wearing the same Purple robe as the rest of the gang. She started off as a lonely grunt but has made her way up and has proven herself to be the most loyal and willing member of the organization
    Rank: Second-in-Command
    Pokemon: Hippowdon, Brozong and Golbat
    Age: 24

    Grunts: They all wear a deep purple robe, hoods up, with a yellow }, with the point pointing down sort of design on their backs, besides that though, they are all extreme followers of Neo-1, following his words to a T
    Pokemon: A variety of types, not specializing on anything specifically
    Team Goals: The goal of the cult is to destroy the old world and replace it with a new, pure world, free and devoid of the corrupt humans of the current one

    Team Name: Blitz Crew

    Leader: Norton
    Leader Description: A big muscle bound man, wearing a grey jacket, black undershirt, blue jeans, with a pair of go-goggles on his head, with short, messy dusty coloured hair. He is a man trying to gather and claim as many Pokemon as possible, for mainly his own personal gain
    Leaders Pokemon: Mightyena, Marowak, Drapion, Skarmory, Rhyperior
    Age: 24
    Note Worthy Members:
    Name: Terra
    Description: A young Silver-haired girl, loyal, with an aim for the top, she was recruited with a few other younger people, and has stuck with it and while not climbing the ladder, the person Norton believes is the most likely to succeed him as the Team’s leader. She wears the usual grunt affair, just adding a hat and pair of go-goggles to it
    Rank: Grunt
    Pokemon: Phanpy, Purrloin
    Age: 18

    Name: Walton “Alligator” Davidson
    Description: An ex-prison inmate, not having the huge build of his leader, he is still quite strong in his own right. Having been in jail, he has attained a lot of respect, and leadership skills, as well as having filed his teeth into sharp teeth, now wearing brown biker gear. He is a born leader, but quick to violence and easy to agitate
    Rank: Admin
    Pokemon: Krookodile, Krokorok x2
    Age: 28

    Name: Harley Ridley
    Description: The smart, analytical one, coming up with most of the details in the plans, is also a very capable fighter, however, he has a hard time getting the respect of the other members of his team. As a show of disrespect, everyone calls him by his last name, even the lower levels of the organization. Despite the disrespect he gets from the other members, he is one of the most valuable members to the organization
    Rank: Admin
    Pokemon: Bisharp, Gliscor, and Durant
    Age: 22

    Grunt Description: They tend to wear black jackets and jeans. Overall, they are individualistic and are helping out because they agree with the goal, but, when a better option arises, will backstab on a moments notice
    Pokemon: Ground, Steel and Dark types


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    Re: Eos: The Darkness' Crawling

    Post  Zigzagoole on Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:23 am

    Name: Shawn Sharkem
    Starter/Pokémon: Squirtle, Woobat
    Role: Main Character
    Age: 19
    Description: He stands at about 7'2", with long bleach white hair that runs down to his shoulders. He wears a white over jacket, with a black shirt. white jean, and black shoes. he has gray eyes, hidden behind black rimed, white sunglasses. His past is unknown, and he really talks to anyone. He is abusive in battle, pushing his Pokemon past there limits, and unforgiving to anyone who gets in his way.

    Villain Team Profile Application:

    Team Name: Conquest
    Leader: General Eisenhower
    Leader Description: he is a tall lanky man, in clean army uniform. He keeps his bleach white hair comeb back, and under his hat.
    Leaders Pokemon: Noctowl, Absol, Heatmor, Octillery
    Note Worthy Members:
    Name: Sargent Roosevelt
    Discerption: A Man about 30 years old. He has a wight tank top and cargo pants, and wide brim Sargent hat.
    Rank: Second in command.
    Team: Forretress, Wobbuffet, Ninjask
    Name: Major Washington
    Discerption: A young girl about Shawns age. She is very well skilled, and has become leaded of a strike team of the grunts. She wears a black suit and Tie, and is always smiling.
    Rank: Strike team leader
    Team: Lopunny, Mismagius, Petilil
    Grunts: The grunts wear a heavy suit that holds there equpment and things they need for missions. They Travle in large number, coming from secert bases over the region. They wear black boots, cargog pants, thick jackets, and green helments.
    Team Goals: There more of a gun for hire. However, they have worked on there own with ideas of there own. They will work for the biggest bidder from time for time. It all about the green.
    Poke: Dark, Electric, and Fire types.


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