Bjorn Wright (GLA Character)


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    Bjorn Wright (GLA Character)

    Post  Jet on Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:08 am

    Bjorn was a graduate of the Gym Leader Academy, and during his studies he met Aerial O'Brain. After graduating, he headed off to Unova. In Unova, he met 2 other gym leaders, and together they founded the Striaton City gym. The gym was widely known as one of the toughest in the region. But, the life of a gym leader seemed to wear him down, so in his spare time he studied teaching, and after graduating that program, he joined the GLA as a teacher. He is viewed by other teachers as too laid back, and he often accepts that there are some flaws with how the system is run, but will grudgingly follows them. He teaches both History and Pokémon Training, and he is the male teacher in charge of the Red Dorm.

    Bjorn’s main Pokemon often seen at demonstrations or at any school event. Many students have challenged Arcainine to a battle, but so far none have succeeded

    The secondary Pokemon of Bjorn, used on the first day of class as a demonstation. Although not often seen battling, it is known around the school that it packs a punch

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