Pokemon Anime: Black and White 2!


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    Pokemon Anime: Black and White 2!

    Post  KingMinun on Sat May 12, 2012 3:04 am

    Starting soon, its black and white 2, we don't have much details right now, but we have 2 big bits of info, Cynthia returns with a redesign. And the news me and hydra have been waiting for. Dawn's back too. They both appear on the new advertising campaign for BW2, which seems odd for Dawn if she's only making the usual female cameo, I think she'll become a reoccurring character since she's not at the forefront of the poster (although Piplup is). Also, Team Rocket's plans expand with the return of Giovanni as they try to capture Meloetta.
    This series airs in Japan on June 21st. Just over a month away.

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