Chris (main character for Another Journey)


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    Chris (main character for Another Journey)

    Post  Lillie~ on Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:07 am

    Chris is a reknowned trainer from Pallet Town and has travelled through the Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions over his years as a Pokemon trainer. Chris has also captured many Pokemon along the way and has collected many gym badges.
    Johto League-top 32
    Hoenn League-top 16
    Sinnoh League-Top 8
    Pokemon on Hand:
    Nidoran Male

    Nidoran is a new Pokemon that Chris captured on his was back from Sinnoh after his loss in the Sinnoh League as he arrived back in Kanto.

    Chris captured Piplup early in his journey in Sinnoh and decided to keep it as his only Pokemon in his team after the Sinnoh League for a fresh start as he decided to challenge the Kanto gyms.

    Pokemon at Oak's Lab:

    Charizard is Chris's 1st Pokemon and has been used in many important battles including some major battles in the leagues.

    Pikachu is the 1st Pokemon that Chris's ever captured while making his way to the Johto region to begin his Pokemon journey there.

    Staraptor is 1 of Chris's Pokemon that he captured as a Starly in the Sinnoh region during his journey there.

    Aggron was captured as an Aron in Hoenn and was used in many major battles in the leagues also.

    Quagsire is Chris's 3rd Pokemon catch as a Wooper and was badly injured when they 1st met by an attack of wild Beedrill.

    Pidgeot was captured as a Pidgey by Chris on the outskirts of New Bark Town in Johto as Chris began his journey from there.

    Mightyena was captured in Hoenn as a Poochyena while Chris was traveling towards Petalburg City. It was a leader of a pack of other Poochyena that attacked travelers that came near their territory.

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